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  1. DumbDeafandBLIND
    Knee deep in the shit.
  2. Gallahman
  3. stixx
    stixx hexum
    Hi not sure how pm works on this site...but I was interested in the cards.
  4. Bushigan
    Bushigan Harry62
    Can you start a private conversation whit me ? i'm something to ask but don't known how start pm
  5. Bushigan
    Bushigan 1UP
    Hello, i don't known how to send private message here.
    Do you have SC2 (ntsc) online dump to compare whit my old online dump (pal) or some files like TRIDENT0.ZDB for SCCA etc.
  6. texaco
    texaco Swill
    you know of any way for that to work? I've searched a lot for past couple days and doesn't seem to be a solution. Wireless computer plus Ps2 plug into router doesn't seem to be a possibility. Have you heard if a USB Ethernet will work ? I also believe both of them are running windows 10
  7. texaco
    texaco Swill
    I've been back on socom for a month or so and had no issues getting back on. I've got two former clan mates that are also ready to fire back up S2. There issues are the laptops they have do not have any Ethernet ports.
  8. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns dizee
    not sure how to PM people. But please link me the iso with the patch on it. Thanks
  9. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Can you link me a working patched ISO?
  10. TommyTangerine
  11. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Background screen of the main menu is also black and I'm not able to play single player. I get a black screen when I try to start a mission
  12. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Got my hands on a PS2. I used open ps2 loader with a premade iso file i found on here. It loads but it still shows r0001 patch?
  13. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Appreciate it. Gonna see if i can't find another 3.55 that's backward compatible
  14. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Yo harry, I'm also on PS3. I'm on a cfw PS3 with cobra.. I've gotten socom 2 to load, but when i go into lan/online it gives me the error that no network adapter is detected. Do i need a certain iso to get around this?
    1. Harry62
      You have to have a first generation PS3 for it to work. All models past the first generation can not emulate the ps2 network adapter.
      Jul 24, 2017
  15. texaco
    Killin mofos since 02
  16. uni-terror
    uni-terror Harry62
    no idea how to pm on this, but just happened to see some old videos on youtube on your account. saw you guys are still hacking socom 2- that's amazing
  17. uni-terror
  18. redbeard990
    redbeard990 Harry62
    Hello Harry, could you pm me?
  19. WAR_PIG
    WAR_PIG Bigfry
    Won't let let start a conversation so just posting here...

    I know you won't care much but I will be unfollowing your twitch channel. There are a lot of good guys here at TRS. We are not a cancer. Is unfair to lump everyone into that label. It's a shame as I enjoyed your streams but can't follow someone that has nothing but hate for me and the community I belong to.

    Just thought you'd like to know.
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    2. Bigfry
      Sorry you feel that way, but I say what I feel, and what I want. If you want to fall on the sword for the few people I do have issues with here, so be it.
      Jul 6, 2017
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  20. Pacman
    Pacman Harry62