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  1. Friskydrisky
    Friskydrisky dizee
    I'm getting the setup for socom today. Can I get a discord invite @Friskydrisky
  2. RaVeN-III
    RaVeN-III domino99
    i have insufficient permissions to make posts or reply. i'm new to xlink and have some questions and want to be a part of the community..
  3. RED DOG
    I was a huge clan hopn Hoe If you remember me HMU
  4. RED DOG
    RED DOG Here! Just to give alil history. i used to run with ZING BARCODE, and some others.miss the RANK UP ROOMS with the controllers fromGS
  5. Clayton
    Clayton brad2192
    I wanted to know if you had time to help me install socom on my computer, I tried to use your guide but I was unsure as to what files I needed to download and what not to. I installed the socom on pc file but it wouldn't boot the game. I deleted all the files and figured i'd start from scratch if I could have your help.
    1. brad2192
      Oct 3, 2017
  6. DoubleTap
    DoubleTap Harry62
    I don't know how to PM you. Making bootable DVD.....need a hand if you have a minute. Thanks, Double All done just missing the last piece.
  7. Zimbabwe-3
    Zimbabwe-3 hexum
    whats sup i need two cards
    1. hexum
      check out your private message
      Sep 8, 2017
  8. Socomknight
    KOL(Killers on the Loose) I'm the leader of the clan. Since 2002.
  9. MvKkilla
    MvKkilla domino99
    Hey man I'm trying to post my project on the forums but I have insufficient permissions and also need to run it by someone, can you help me out?
  10. Rogred
    Rogred Modios
    Hey! I hope you're still alive, lmao

    We gotta do some Socom co-op again some day.
  11. DumbDeafandBLIND
    Knee deep in the shit.
  12. Gallahman
    MAAFA 21 trailer
  13. stixx
    stixx hexum
    Hi not sure how pm works on this site...but I was interested in the cards.
  14. Bushigan
    Bushigan Harry62
    Can you start a private conversation whit me ? i'm something to ask but don't known how start pm
  15. Bushigan
    Bushigan 1UP
    Hello, i don't known how to send private message here.
    Do you have SC2 (ntsc) online dump to compare whit my old online dump (pal) or some files like TRIDENT0.ZDB for SCCA etc.
  16. texaco
    texaco Swill
    you know of any way for that to work? I've searched a lot for past couple days and doesn't seem to be a solution. Wireless computer plus Ps2 plug into router doesn't seem to be a possibility. Have you heard if a USB Ethernet will work ? I also believe both of them are running windows 10
  17. texaco
    texaco Swill
    I've been back on socom for a month or so and had no issues getting back on. I've got two former clan mates that are also ready to fire back up S2. There issues are the laptops they have do not have any Ethernet ports.
  18. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns dizee
    not sure how to PM people. But please link me the iso with the patch on it. Thanks
  19. BismoFunyuns
    BismoFunyuns Harry62
    Can you link me a working patched ISO?
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  20. TommyTangerine