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    1. Advent
      Hello. are there still people playing socom 2?
    2. CiSC0_GUY
      Hello. I just pulled out the ole PS2 and Socom Combined Assault after I just recently found out people were still playing and about this website. I have tried to use two methods to get connected but both have failed. Xlink keeps requerying orbital mesh forever so I tried XBSlink. I got got connected but there were no clouds to connect to. Are people still playing or am I too late. Thanks.
    3. Gordon H Clark Apologete
      Gordon H Clark Apologete
      sorry for posting a bunch of periods. I was trying to get to the number of posts I have to in order to start a thread. I had forgot that my posting would make those threads, some of them old, jump up to first place. haven't been on forums in a while.
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    4. [VE] WatchinU
      [VE] WatchinU
      Is there a post requirement that needs to be meant before one can start a thread?
    5. dwilt4rville
      Hey, I'd like to put a post up about a Socom 2 LAN Party in San Diego. I checked the rules of the forums and it said to check with the staff first if I was interested in posting about an event. Thanks!
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    6. Jester
    7. LuNiTuNz1
      Can you help me please?
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