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Dec 30, 2017
Dec 29, 2011
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Dec 30, 2017
    1. DoubleTap
      I don't know how to PM you. Making bootable DVD.....need a hand if you have a minute. Thanks, Double All done just missing the last piece.
    2. Bushigan
      Can you start a private conversation whit me ? i'm something to ask but don't known how start pm
    3. BismoFunyuns
      Can you link me a working patched ISO?
      1. DoubleTap likes this.
    4. BismoFunyuns
      Background screen of the main menu is also black and I'm not able to play single player. I get a black screen when I try to start a mission
    5. BismoFunyuns
      Got my hands on a PS2. I used open ps2 loader with a premade iso file i found on here. It loads but it still shows r0001 patch?
    6. BismoFunyuns
      Appreciate it. Gonna see if i can't find another 3.55 that's backward compatible
    7. BismoFunyuns
      Yo harry, I'm also on PS3. I'm on a cfw PS3 with cobra.. I've gotten socom 2 to load, but when i go into lan/online it gives me the error that no network adapter is detected. Do i need a certain iso to get around this?
      1. Harry62
        You have to have a first generation PS3 for it to work. All models past the first generation can not emulate the ps2 network adapter.
        Jul 24, 2017
    8. uni-terror
      no idea how to pm on this, but just happened to see some old videos on youtube on your account. saw you guys are still hacking socom 2- that's amazing
    9. uni-terror
    10. redbeard990
      Hello Harry, could you pm me?
    11. Pacman
    12. SILENT-J
      Hey Harry I am from gamehacking.org as well but I was wondering if we could hop on skype and you could help me setup my psx2 and let me pick your brain about MiPS? Or whenever you are free! Thank you again sir! my skype is s3recap if you have any time at all to add me
    13. DarkRosh
      Hey Harry i cant run r0005 with esr and i try with OPL but dont run . What I can do?
      1. Harry62
        The patch thread goes over ESR and how it is not supported in the current patch. How are you running it with OPL? Someone else uses OPL. They have the patch file in the socom ISO or else where. Choose the game, select "run custom elf" and find the patch. It should work that way.
        Jun 1, 2017
      2. brad2192
    14. MasturbaterNV
      Hi Harry, what would be a good place to privately chat with you in regards to a personal project regarding S2? Can't PM you. Just want to keep my options open.
    15. Plierr
      Can you please ask Sir Tortis. I can not find him, I am about to come to tears play S2 compared to S1...
    16. Plierr
      Hello Harry, I wanted to ask how is the Socom 1 server coming. I really want to play my favorite game of all time again...
      1. Harry62
        I'm not sure. You'll have to ask Sir Tortis.
        Sep 15, 2016
    17. thaAMAZNblue
      Harry, is there any plans of a Socom CA memory card with cheat detection and clan tags? If so make a gofundme ill donate.
      1. Harry62
        PCSX2 does not run CA very well so writing a patch for it would be difficult atm.
        Sep 6, 2016
      2. SHUDRSKI
        Is this still difficult? anything anyone on the CA community could do to help make this possible?
        Jun 26, 2017
    18. iKarimster
      Hi Harry, I would like to talk to you about one of your patches and get some information that can be useful but I'm not able to PM you as I don't have enough posts. Is it okay if you could start a conversation with me and maybe discuss about it? It would be appreciated.
    19. redbeard990
      Could you please send me a link to the socom demo elf?
    20. brad2192
      Hey harry, not sure how to PM you if you could kindly respond I have an issue I want to discuss with you, btw it's Breadstick from X-Link
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