A Letter to Sony (Article)

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    The only problem I have with his article is that if Sony was to look at what he was saying as like "the pulse of the community" and what the community thinks, based on what he said we'd likely get something close to Socom 4 then the original Socoms if that was interpreted to be what the fans were thinking. Reading his article reminds me of the out of touch Zipper employees when they were trying to make excuses for why their games we failing harder and harder with each new iteration.

    He talks as though all the Socoms were just as well received by people into Socom and that the only reason for the drop off was marketing. The fact is though no matter how much you marketed a game like Socom 4, it would never be a hit with most Socom fans, if it did sell good through better marketing it would be some other fanbase playing it, not Socom fans, in which case it would not matter if they made Socom or not because most Socom fans wouldn't have a game to play whether it was because no Socom was made or one was made in the same vein as Socom 4.

    To me the single biggest problem with every Socom game was that Sony ignored all feedback on the previous version. When they would get unanimous complaints on a certain feature change they would not go back to what worked and would insist they had to keep the feature the way it was for the imaginary broader audience they thought was out there. With each new game they would ignore any feedback on features from the previous game fans didn't like or thought was a bad change and on top of that they would change more features that the fans didn't want touched. Keep the changes the fans complained about most while finding other things to change that fans loved about socom seemed to be their business model in every game from S3 on. While S3 fans would tell us that the changes didn't hurt the game mostly because they started with S3 or later games, they kind of actually prove our point with the way most of them felt about S4. To fans who started with S1, S3 was S4 for many of us. Socom 3 and later fans got to see with S4 what happens when a dev changes for the sake of change without caring about what the fans wanted. That was not something new that started with S4, it was what had been going on steadily after Socom 2 as far as massively overhauling the game and telling the fans tough shit if they didn't like it. So it should be no shock that Zipper is out of business to anyone. "The customer is always wrong and we are always right so we must ignore all their feedback" has never been a business model for success in any industry.
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    From the article:
    Correction: 2002. Seriously though, good effort.
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    He neglects Uncharted as a shooter. And each subsequent Uncharted has earned more revenue than the last.
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    I can definitely agree with every point in here so far. I do like the fact however, that he at least mentions SOCOM needs to come back.

    Not saying this to rebut anything you guys are saying. I'm on board with it all.

    Still an enjoyable read and a pro-SOCOM article at it's core to generate some discussion.
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    Good article. There's no question whatsoever that he's spot on about marketing. Yes, the changes to the series affected things a little, but the major issue in the decline, as has been proven and as is obvious, was the introduction of more competition and a lack of promotion of SOCOM.
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    Good shit, but some peopl are not ready for new socom, they Will cry if things are deferent, they Just want socom 2 but they dont realise and say all what come after socom 2 is not socom, fuck Sony for not making New socom and closing server but i understand them at same time. You cant make socom 5 or anything with People like that but yea trs is Just 1% of socom community . Would you accept somthing like confrontation or combined assaut or anything else? If not you are part of those im talking about . And if you want to know what i think ,socom confrontation is the Last socom and all others are good i dont make deference betwen them.
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    This article is far superior to the one in the OP.
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    I can't believe you don't consider Socom4 a real Socom. Not ready for a new Socom?
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    I have a strong sense of Deja Vu for some reason.
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    Here we go lol, one trap whos next
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    You got me Elmer.
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    By not ready i mean, you dont want New socom like i said, when you realise that ,accept change and consider all socom as socom you Will be. When they release socom 5 , if that happen one Day you Will be ther on forum to cry about while us Will be playing Because yea you think they Will copy /paste socom 2 ? Event if they do that and Just change hud you Will lol you are game fan and i am serie fan its the diference betwen us.
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    As long as it is still Socom, no fucks given about "changes." You make a lot of assumptions about what I would do and what I would like. Have we met there Socom Fireteam Bravo dude?
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    Define "it is still socom " ? maybe not you i dont remember but i already talk about the subject so i know what they are waiting for i ask them for exemple would you, like ,play or accept New socom similar to confrontation or you prefer nothing guess what they choose
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    All the marketing in the world would not have caused Socom fans to say "Well gee, I thought in the beta Socom 4 sucked but now that I saw this cool commercial on TV I love this game" lol. Ignoring the fans had a much bigger affect on driving fans away then lack of commercials. Tell you what though, go ahead and make a super epic Socom 4 commercial and then do a survey on how many Socom fans now can't wait to get their hands on Socom 4. Let us know how that works out for you lol.

    With Socom 4 they went as far as to hire two popular guys from IGN to be their PR people on Sony's forums and their blog pages on Socom and that did little to change the perception in Socom fan's minds that the game was anything other then a steaming pile of shit based on gameplay footage and the eventual beta release. COD releases each game to a huge marketing campaign, in recent years the game has been selling shitty by COD standards. That's because the fans don't like the futuristic and space age direction the game was going and were very vocal about it. They don't give a shit about commercials, they know what they want.

    Now you could argue with better marketing they could have had a bigger audience, but again, that wouldn't have been a Socom audience so it wouldn't have mattered much or helped to keep the franchise alive for this particular fanbase. Fans know what they want. That's why when people do go through the trouble of logging on xlink most socom players are found on the S2 tab rather then the CA tab. Because that was the formula fans liked the most, Despite talk of how CA runs smoother on xlink, people would still rather put up with the laggier S2 play because it has the gameplay formula they like, 8 vs 8 full maps instead of cookie cutter maps, maps built around game modes, no encumbrance, no vehciles, etc. etc.
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    I love seeing articles like this. Even if the author is pretty generalized with SOCOM it is still a fun read.
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    you know, every time i post something i laugh to my self thinking about how my lack of punctuation and capitalization drives you up the wall...
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