A look back at s1 and s2 from the gb players perspective

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  1. Amplify

    Amplify Butterstick

    Top 10 Snipers:
    1. [dp]DeeP - No question, if you have an argument here, you don't know what your talking about, at all. Simple.
    2. [LiQ]CptKeane
    3. [dp][G][LiQ] HaTa
    4. [FU]<^>PROV<^>
    6. [;D]IntangibleFate
    7. [G]ImDat*****
    8. [ST6]deathtopigs
    9. [xX][;D]PiE
    10. [G]Point.Blank
    Honorable mentions: [dsR] Cman, Dr.No...., [LiQ]TREV006

    Top 10 Gunners:
    1. [LiQ][G][dp] HaTa
    2. [xX] jpX
    3. [LiQ]J.C
    4. [G] Imdat*****
    5. [FU] Raider
    6. [;D] -Deadlock-
    7. [LiQ] Licks
    8. [LiQ]BOnD
    9. [LiQ]CyGaRs
    10. [G][LiQ]@rtifact
    Honorable mentions: KyledaKilla, WaRloCk, Spank!e

    Top 10 Leaders:
    1.Hexum [LiQ]
    2. Fishbulb [dp], [dpX]
    3. Shin-Ron ;D @ me
    4. nRVaNa [G]
    5. ClemTiger <^>FU<^>
    6. WRECKA [dsR]
    7. [xX] U_GoD
    8. Zombie [uKe], and many, many others.
    8. DarkBlade [TW]
    9. UnRiVaLeD [LH]
    10. Rskillz [dp]
    Honorable mentions: A-Hizzle [h2o], NUTTYB/SmOcOm [KoNa], Raider

    Top 10 Most Underated:
    1. [LiQ] Licks
    2. [FU] <^>PROV<^>
    3. [LiQ] HeXuM
    4. [FU] <^>KG<^>
    5. [dp] Fishbulb
    6. [eX-] Mo Clucka
    7. [xX] Tekdiggity
    8. [Killaz] PuN
    9. [LH] Sako
    10. [dp] Rskillz

    Top 10 Clans that make you think of Socom One:
    1. (AnD)
    2. c[~] Last Call
    3. The Boondock SAINTs
    4. |BBT| Bringing Bithces to Town
    5. :LH:-Lion Hearts
    6. <^>FU<^>
    7. [LiQ] LiQUiD ZeRo
    8. [G]-Ghost
    9. [=U*Ke=]
    10. <3 Ice Cream Men

    Top 5 most entertaining players:
    1. CyGaRs - If you didnt get to hear this mofo sing, you missed out.
    2. Fishbulb - The man everyone loved to hate
    3. WaRLoCK - One of the best voices and best tantrums ever
    4. TREV006 - Socom Rap, haha
    5. jpX - ha

    Top 10 Clans of Socom 2.
    1. [LiQ] - Undisputed, no one should have a question with this. Most dominating clan during their time then any clan in the history of socom.

    2. [dp]/[dpX] - These could be put into 2 different positions, but let's just put them in one spot.

    3. [G] - Again, kinda obvious.

    4. [;D] - One of the most consistant clans of socom 2. Little to no drama, a lot of sleepers in this clan and played anyone at anytime, but when they had 8 of their main players in at the same time, watch out.

    5.[dsR] - They did their thing at the start of s2. Then came back and did some damage later on as well.

    6.[FU] - Kinda the same story as ;D @ me. When they had the right 8 in, they could easily beat anyone.

    7. - They didnt come around until a little later on, but arguably the most talent in one clan, ever.

    8. [xX] - One of the most underrated clans, ever. Tons of underated/no names finally got some attention in this clan.. ugod, mcfly, surv, poseidon, pie, mainevent, tekdiggity, oface, jpx, danny, mcfly.. just to name a few...

    9. [h2o] - Don't think they ever really got the credit they deserved, they were good, really good.
    10. [K*]oNa - CSM, Smocom, Nuttyb, KoreanKid, thats enough to put the in the top 10 right thur.
    Honorable mentions - [LH], [ST6], [eX-]

    Top 25 All-Around Players of Socom 2.
    1. HaTa
    2. HeLL
    3. J.C.
    4. jpX
    5. Licks
    7. ImDat*****
    8. Midnightrage
    9. -DeadLock-
    10. CptKeane
    11. <^>PROV<^>
    12. deathtopigs / ST6-IGNORAMOUS
    13. DeeP
    14. UnRiVaLeD
    15. Point.Blank
    16. KyleDaKilla
    17. U_GoD
    18. @rtifact
    19 Yo5Hi..... R.I.P...crazy bastard. Literally
    20. Raider
    21. <^>KG<^>
    22. Spank!e
    23. CSM33
    24. PiE
    25. IntangibleFate
    Honorable Mentions: BOnD, Fishbulb, Shinobi, Dr. No..., Anthraxx, NiHoN, Cornbread, DarkCheese, ...lost, Cman, Xplicit

    This is not my list but an opinion of a longtime gb socom player.
    I know some of you may not care but i thought some of you guys might find it interesting.

    I'm sure a lot of you guys don't know much about the gb side as we no next to nothing about socom.com and your community because we do stay in our little shell.

    Id like to hear about some of your top players/clans that you guys have admired. I hope you guys enjoy!
  2. aYPeEooTReK

    aYPeEooTReK Butterstick

    I actually know ugod in person. Hes a cool dude. Went to school with my little brother. Him and inspectah d. But both were bad ass players. Schooled the shit out of me lol. Only person I know though.

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  3. rev

    rev picard is lord

    memories right here... good times <3
  4. xChristopher

    xChristopher Navy SEAL

    Crazyeyez not in Top 10 for sniping? YOU ARE CRAZYY

    Alleyboyz was on/off top 10 in s2 so I can understand that not being in there, but they don't remind you of Socom I? Whattttt who hasn't heard of 83rd?

    I don't like these list because there are different time frames in Socom II where different clans started to rule over. Pre-patch, post-patch...yada yada.

    With a code free Socom II, those list would change in an instant.

    SNIPERofDEATH Strafe Artist

    Nice list but their was a lot of amazing players that were not involved in GB's. But you have a solid list right there.
  6. Hell-RaizeR

    Hell-RaizeR "Raizing HeLL since 1981"

    Nice to see the passion people have for this game right before my very eyes.. I never went on GB but knew about it. I do wanna mention a couple of peoples names that I thought kicked ass on SOCOM 2.. Now we use to only stick in breach medley. Occasionally we'd go into other games but breach was our drug. I don't remember the names quit perfectly but I'll give it a shot..

    Top 5 players in Breach Medley SOCOM 2 (From my perspective and too lazy to do 10)
    1. KingYO$hi- this dude straight murdered people awesome player.

    2. Nattielight- really cool dude awesome player (but don't let the kindness fool you!)

    3. SHOWTIME- Nattielight's brother. I didn't see him as much as the others but when he was on.. Dayum.

    4. JhonnyRingo- Unbelievable gunning skills.

    5. LooNey- All around skill player give him anything and he can demolish people with it.

    Anyways there are lots more but like I said above too lazy and a lot of lost memories.

    Good post btw SOCOM was awesome man.

    It would be awesome to hear from these guys again I know for a fact that if a new awesome SOCOM came out I would. Just standing by hoping gentlemen.
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  7. Amplify

    Amplify Butterstick

    like i said, this list was not my list and i do not agree with everything on there. but alot of it is accurate

    xPREDICTIONx Requiem

    Pretty damn good memory, holy shit, do you have an archive or something?
  9. Amplify

    Amplify Butterstick

    yes, there is a way to go back and look at most all of the gb archives. We also have a forum up with about 500 replies debating different players and such. Waybacktimemachine.com is a way you can look at old ladders
  10. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    Hey, Raizer. Drumcat here. I think I played Breach Medley with you as recently as 2010. You may also remember these guys:

    Soul Doctor
    *=Lynch Hung=*

    All excellent breach players. All are still playing S2.

    You may also recall these Breach addicts who don't play anymore:


    I do remember playing with NattieLight. Wasn't he in KAISERSOSAY's clan?

    Man, where do the years go...
  11. Hell-RaizeR

    Hell-RaizeR "Raizing HeLL since 1981"

    Ha! That's awesome! Yeah the years slip away fast man.. I was on around that time man shit cool you remembered. And yes I do remember all those names! Kaisers clan name was =D= Tha Dyanasty clan. I was in it with them for some time. I wish I could be playing right now but of course my ps3 just took a shit 5 days ago.. Anywyas I have to do something to get back on. It's cool to hear from someone that was around all that because not a lot of people played breach like WE all did. Where's the damn rewind button!!!
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    NORTHWICK Night Stalker

    GB was full of cheaters....who cares!
  13. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    back in s1 9,5 years ago I was in Bird's the USUAL SUSPECTS clan, US GAMBIT and , ZIONGAMBIT, in monchu's zion clan
    in S3 I WAS BR1 6AMBIT and DITCH
    ALAINA ,snakeindagrass,DCSniper,MALPHAS, WINPROBE, HARRYSACK, just a few from back in the day.

    either way, Drumcat and I will be on socom 2 tonight, playing the hdd maps, after hours, last bastion and liberation if anyone wants to join us.I am thinking BOZ!, DAS BOOT, 3D_ICON, NOFX, pdub25, elite bull, 2crash1 along with many others might also be there
    we have a great group of guys in our friday night password protected socom 2 games

    people should join, especially if your wanting to get ready for your 1 last time event, I plan to be playing a minimum of 1 map per night for these last 26 days we have left......
    1 last time- what the fuck is that anyway??!!
    confrontation has cheaters too and ya'll have to password the community con games too, I just dont get how you play con on sat nights in the pw room but and talk about how great socom 1/2 are when you could actually be playing them in pw rooms too on fridays......1 last time..fuck that..many times til the end if you really love it
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  14. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    That's my SOCRACK drill sergeant right there! :p
    My clan did GameBattles from the beginning, and the closest things to cheating I remember were the naturally laggy Mexican and Peurto Rican clans, and general lag-tweakers. The lag-switchers and glitchers were very rare, mostly because it was grounds for forfeiture/DQ. Our clan stopped S2 warring when S3 came out, so we never had to deal with the hacker-cheaters.
  15. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    Sadly didn't GB much on socom 2. Didn't start doing GB until cod4 and then i carried it to CON. I missed out in those days i was a puppy allstar lol.
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  16. rev

    rev picard is lord

    What GB clans were you in on Con?
  17. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    My main one that i was in for a long time was :4: CaUse :4: Concern. We were always top 5 but we struggled against the top two gb clans. I can't even remember the names of those clans. Was it Se7ven or rewind idk i forget but they were damn good and it got my blood pumping everytime we faced them, good times.
  18. rev

    rev picard is lord

    rewind, I'm an original member...
  19. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    I hate you..:dodgy:
  20. Amplify

    Amplify Butterstick

    rev was actually a leader of rewind lol. Its ok I hate rev also. He laid in a bush during a s4 war in the beta

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