Abel Green H-Hour Rant

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by LUKENBACHER, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Ayeeeeeeee I think everyonee is just hype for the game man.
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    hLx sTReeTMarinee Grenade Spammer

    Players goin play play play and haters goin hate hate hate

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    And delusional people will be..... Delusional..............


    I think you're being delirious if you think what I said was saying you got paid to make a statement. What I will say though is that when someone is simply speaking their mind they don't need cue cards. It's not like you were presenting a three page speech in that vid.
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    Because SOF is a bullshit company.

    Why do you like it so much? You haven't even seen a single second of the game working lol.
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    Because a old GB player told him it was the bees knees lol.
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    everyone tries something new to see how it goes, it's always good to try a different strategy on things and look at it in a different perspective. It is how you grow. Ill get better as I go along, but I am not much of a public speaker and am trying to overcome that barrier.
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    Exactly dude, and Turban knew that was a part of it but we all know he hoped everything was legit with David at the helm. I knew as soon as Turban posted that video they were scared of a backlash from him. I kept thinking... if they fuck this up he's going to slaughter them for our entertainment. Well with the NDA he can't do shit now at least until it lifts i think but he seems to be very busy these days so who knows. If this ship does sink... i hope he makes some videos... now i want to rewatch some of his early rants lol.

    Dude there are other games on PC worth getting a PC for man.
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    Ok, it's been a while, what's this about cause the other site's not saying shit.
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    I appreciate you not using delusional..
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    So the CPU got smarter, well that sucks, are the terminators comming out soon too?
  14. /SS/ PEIPER

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    That's not true, they're saying it's a personal issue that has nothing to do with the game.
    We'll know soon enough.
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    So if it's personal, why did Abel say the commuinity's getting the same plate of shit he's getting?
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    If they cared about their product, they would have delayed the alpha. #FullSteamAhead

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Fuck you. Why dont you ask this shit on SOFs forum, you wormy little bitch?

    Oh wait, I know why. Because you can't and they will delete your question and maybe ban you.

    But its ok for you to talk shit about us over there though right?

    But now when you want to actually discuss the issues and get some real information you come over here expecting us to answer your questions.

    Go ask Tom you dick riding scumbag. See what he tells you. Start holding your breath right after you post your question and don't exhale till he answers.
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    below you will find direct quotes from 7seals from this website, odds are he is deleting them at a furious pace as we speak to cover his tracks. just a reminder, 7seals is the very same piece of dog shit that was spreading rumors about TRS on reddit, sofs, and who knows what other sites.

    I have invested my money too but you don't see me demanding answers for every single step of the project. We are DONATORS not investors. Big difference. There are parts of the project that need to remain confidential. Tom and David stated a million times that YES the game will be released and YES it will come to PS4. Yet you guys continue to doubt the project and try and pick away at any angle you can find.

    Unless Tom/David drives to your house and tells you in person that this game will be completed exactly the way you want it, then you guys will never be happy. They have delivered all the information that we need, but you pretend that they are lying or act like it doesn't even exist.

    While you're asking questions that don't have answers, I would like to ask Tom/David if God is real and what the meaning of life is. If I ask politely maybe they will answer.

    See lukenbacher, this is what you get when you spread bullshit. Your members follow suit, and also spread the same bullshit.

    This is the exact reason why I took the jab on TRS in the first place. You are a bunch of H-Hour haters and would love to see the project die. You guys acted pretty decent until now. The true colors show.

    AKA, you wasted your time typing a detailed message that fit the exact TRS stereotype that I have been talking about all along. TRS = The Real Speculators

    I am not speculating anything. I know that they are funded up to a Steam Early Access release, and that is all that matters to me. If an investor stepped in, or Tom took his kids college funds is not our business. What does matter is that they are listening to the community and building game mechanics around early Socom games.
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    I can't believe you are entertaining that fucking tool fellas. are you bored?

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