Alien Civilization Found?

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    The Drake equation relies on what ever you put into it, pick a number.
    The most advanced civilizations control the energy, etc of an entire universe.
    Travel for them is not hard, sorry.

    To say the Fermi Paradox is "debunked" is laughable at best. So where are they ? The most logical reason is not because they are playing peek-a-boo with us etc., it's that they are not there, facts is what I love.
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    As for Mack's comment
    "The Fermi Paradox relies on "hey, if they were out there, they would have already contacted us!"

    Fermi Paradox:
    • The Sun is a typical star, and there are billions of stars in the galaxy that are billions of years older.[2][3]
    • With high probability, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets,[4][5] and if the earth is typical, some might develop intelligent life.
    • Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the Milky Way galaxy could be completely traversed in about a million years.[6]

    It says there should be life everywhere and the fact we see and hear nothing = not good.
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    Mack , the guy that is always talking about subgroups of humans, killing off big chunks of humanity, etc.
    Mack needs a hug, or a straight jacket, then you can hug yourself because it sounds like you have a few neurons misfiring.
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    A question I have is ( a bit off topic ) is Earth had life on it almost right when conditions allowed it, so why was there only one "genesis"? Why not a multi "genesis" right here on Earth?
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    Neither is a fact APOC. We don't know 100% that there is no life out there, just as we do not 100% know that there is. As you mention, the most advanced civilizations would have control over the energy, making FTL travel easy for them. Why then would it be so difficult to mask the fact that they exist?

    The Fermi Paradox is not fact, nor is The Drake Equation. We simply do not know. You mention logic, and your point is very logical, but it is also logical to think that with all of the celestial bodies out there that there has to be more than one, tiny insignificant planet containing sentient life.
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    100% fact is we have seen or heard nothing, 100% fact that I said the most logical thing is they are not playing peek a boo that they are not there not that the Fermi Paradox was fact, I said the Fermi Paradox is what I believe.

    Here is the thing about it, if there are them aliens then numbers say there should be aliens in all different stages of advancement and we should be able to pick it up etc, the fact that we see and hear nothing is bad news in my opinion. Then I look at us and see where we are in our advancement and as I said we can destroy the earth many times over though we have yet to go to our neighbor planet Mars (which in space/time terms is not even a crawl) so I tend to think that intelligent beings destroy themselves before they get to travel deep into space/time or in logic they should be everywhere.
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    I actually love to know science though I still believe in a "creator".
    The laws of our existence are so finely tuned it's incredible to think in my opinion a non-creator.
    The laws of our existence are so finely tuned that science had to make infinity to account for how finely tuned they are because the probability of everything coming together is beyond belief.

    At the end of the day nothing plus nothing equals nothing.
    Something plus nothing equals something.
    Though I also believe that saying a "Creator" made it can very well interrupt science and progress in a sense that if you say "well a Creator made it" then it's a kind a give up even Sir I. Newton made that mistake and he was top 3 smartest people of all time in my opinion.

    As for aliens I believe the numbers say they should be every where and the fact we don't see or hear anything is not good in my opinion, then as I said I look at us (the only example I have to go on) and see that we can destroy ourselves, though we haven't been to our neighbor planet is not a good sign for us. So the logical assumption I make is they destroy themselves (if there are any out in space/time as I said life began basically right when Earth allowed it which was really quick so why only one genesis?)

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    People dont.realize how mind numbingly vast and empty space is. Travelling to meet other civilizations is pretty much impossible without being able to warp spacetime.

    Communication alone would be impossible. Even if civilization A showed up on our doorstep, once the message they sent back to their home planet arrived, the planet might not even be there anymore and anyone involved with the project would be centuries dead.

    Heres an accurate distance map of just our solar system to give you an idea of how insane and unfathomable the distances we are talking about are. And this is just our solar system.
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    Mach lol, first is space/time is not "empty".
    Second please read up on something called quantum entanglement. Communication is not " pretty much impossible"
    We are exploring it right now and we are very young.
    Third, traveling is not impossible either, think long term a million years, if we don't destroy ourselves we will be everywhere in a million years.

    The one thing I agree with you is the size of the universe. Very big, and that's just what we can see.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Space is empty.

    Yea yea, quantum entanglement. Heisenberg limit. Its still not possible to use it to transmit information at faster than light speeds so nothing you said refutes any of my points.
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    Great points here. Without waxing religious here, which I am actually trying to avoid, I think your genesis theory poses a good question. Without going into or inviting a religious debate from anyone, I am just going to respond based on what you have brought to the table here...

    What if there was more than one genesis? Life began here on Earth when it did, but that doesn't mean all life began at that time. Perhaps the "creator" conducted multiple geneses, creating each species "in his own image" as there is no set image.

    Right now, unless we find a way to bend spacetime and develop FTL travel, as Mack pointed out we will never be able to go out and make contact until then. Yeah we might be listening for radio signals and coming up empty, but again, civilizations advanced enough to create this hypothetical Dyson structure should also be smart enough to know that there are others out there, and if they don't want us to know about them, they could very easily mask their communications emissions to make it sound like random "space noise".

    Right now we can destroy ourselves but not get to Mars, and that is a great point. But to me, it's because of how we have applied our knowledge. If we can get past our own idiocies and apply what we know, we can get to Mars if we wanted to, but we are too busy trying to kill each others. The EU landed a spacecraft on a comet...we can land on Mars if we wanted to.

    I am enjoying this discussion. Very well thought out hypotheses and opinions...
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    If there was more then one "geneses" then we would have found it in the fossil records.
    Why do you think there is only the super highly intelligent aliens out there, masking there stuff etc.?
    You can't have it both ways, run the numbers there should be all different kinds of aliens in all different kinds of advancement not just level 4 civilizations. You can't just have the super high level ones and not the others.
    The fact that we see and hear zero is astounding to say the least and again why I think any intelligent species that reaches where we are ends up destroying themselves before they reach into deep space, because again it they didn't they should be everywhere.
    Why do you think we have to reach the speed of light to do anything, first there are ways around the speed of light and to travel into deep space we don't have to even travel "warp drive speed" we can travel with modern tech and with enough time and people we would colonize the Milky Way pretty fast in the grand scheme of things, a million years is nothing, not even a blink of an eye in the big picture of things. Do you guys think we are only looking for aliens with radio signals only, if you do you're wrong, light is so much more then a radio signal people.

    Mach space is not empty, aside from things called "virtual particles" or how the quarks themselves make a field of energy, I could also talk about simple things like the solar wind and or the intergalactic wind that has all sorts of particles and radiation, lol.
    Yea, yea ? That sounds like you just don't want to hear you being wrong friend. Quantum Entanglement is faster then light communication so yea, yea. Remember again we are very young.

    As for religion I don't really believe in it, though I do believe in a Creator.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Were it not for the bottom feeders and sub human scum who are net drain on the productive portion of humanity to the tune of 100 Trillion+ dollars over the past 50 years or so, we would have already colonized Mars.

    Because natural selection has been circumvented with the welfare state, and sub 90 IQ scum are allowed to reproduce at will due to the resources taken from the productive members of society, that money and effort can never he used to advance civilization. Until some type of eugenics can be implemented, humanity will be at the mercy of it lowest representatives and never be able to fully achieve what we would be capable of if freed from the anchor of our lowest being allowed to continue to reproduce at the expense of our best.
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    Mach lost his mind and is in need of a straightjacket a.s.a.p.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Theres a reason its called "space". If you calculated the mass of everything that existed in the universe and then compared it to the size of the universe you might understand what im talking about. the 100th power of space is empty.

    If you want to get into dark matter and singularities or what ever else, its irrelevant. Even with all that considered, the VAST, OVERWHELMING majority of space, is just that. Space.

    As far as quantum entanglement and information traveling at faster than light speeds, why dont you take it from someone who actually knows what the fuck they are talking about, rather than an episode of ancient aliens you watched last week.
  17. APOC

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    lol Mach irrelevant is almost everything you say bud, it's almost complete nonsense.
    "its called space"? so by this logic the milky way is made from a milky way.
    If I want to talk about dark matter and dark energy or virtual particles, or the field of energy that the quark itself makes, etc., irrelevant? hahahahahha what world do you live on friend?

    Please just stop you sound pretty dumb taking about ancient alien episodes, maybe you sound go back to talking about the sub humans lol.

    Would you like me to present you with countless articles and presentations on quantum entanglement that again proves you wrong friend? I really don't know why I continue with you it's like talking to Hitler. A bunch of bs is your main product.
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    See green...

    As I have said, you make great points, and I am not saying that you are wrong, nor am I right. I believe there are explanations as to why we have not been contacted openly yet, and a lot of them have to do with a point you keep bringing up: we are young, and we are immature as a species.

    You definitely bring things to the discussion that bear heeding...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    "We" couldnt destroy the Earth if we tried. "We" could have every scientist on the planet working on ways to destroy the Earth 24 hours a day and they would never be able to destroy the Earth.

    Kill off all human life? Absolutely, although even that would be tough as there would be pockets that could probably manage to survive, but to actually destroy the planet? Nope.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    God youre dumb.

    Only on TRS could I be arguing with a guy trying to tell me the VAST majority of space isnt, in fact, space, but rather made up of quantifiable mass.

    I get it. You read some articles about quantum entanglement. Good for you. Come back and add something to the conversation when you actually understand more than 10% of what you read.

    If you are going to sit here and take the position that the overwhelming and immeasurable majority of space, isnt in fact, space, than you are too ignorant to take seriously.
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