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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by PRE_-CISION-_, Jul 6, 2017.

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    I played it today and it wasnt bad. it felt slower and less run and gun than all the other shooters out today, it had kind of a socom/rb6 feel to it to me. the only things I really didnt like was the revive and having to ziptie my kills, that and the controls felt a little wonky, I cant put my finger on it but they felt like they had a delay or something. i thought it was the movement speed so i played around with that but that wasnt it. other than that i thought it was a pretty solid game. i loved the bare bones no perks style thing they got going there.
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    I only ziptie half of my kills if it strategically makes sense. (like a 1v4 to play shadow games and thin them out or stopping an escort mission)

    The others are bait to bring in more kills, or even wait for the enemy to revive that noob so I can kill him again, and his backup, and wait for another victim to revive. I have had 6 kill rounds in a 4v4 lol.
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    yeah i was doing that as well. kill a guy and wait for his buddy to revive him them drop both of them.

    i liked most of the maps i played but some of the maps are really small, my favorite tactic from socom was to sneak around the outside of the map and get behind the enemy then move with them taking them out as i went. that is hard to do on these maps, its nearly impossible finding a route around them. oh and you were right, the map i was watching was crossfire. that ended up being one of my favorite maps.
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    I actually couldn't figure out the mic system. Was it PTT or was it open? For FPS it wasn't the worst. One life is always fun and gets the blood pumping.
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    It's open when people are actually using them.
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    This is how the mics work....

    All open mics, all the time. Mics in general can be turned off and on in the audio settings. I think if people do not hook up a mic that it turns this off by default on PS4. I might be wrong though.

    In the open lobby, you hear everyone's mics. Once in the game, you only hear your teammates mics. While alive, you only hear those alive, but the dead can hear everyone on their team, living and dead. The dead can just communicate with other dead though.

    Sometimes this can be annoying if the dead are having a conversation. You wind up having two communication channels happening at once.

    At the end of each round, there is 15 seconds of open mics from both sides for all players.
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    The majority of the maps your flanking route is going to come down to situational awareness. Each level essentially has three or four traffic lanes. Something is going to be open at some point. Off the bat you can get some awesome flanks if you run the route with the least amount of traffic and win that first gunfight and keep going.

    Crossfire is such a weirdly designed map. I've never seen a level so stupidly tiny have so many playstyle options. It's pretty much the frostfire of AA.
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    usually for me the best way to flank on that map was to run right through the middle. I would start, run about 30 feet, dive into the corner and aim down the main opening. usually i could get 1-2 kills right there, then wait a few seconds and run right through it into their spawn. from there I would pick a direction and just walk up behind them.
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    This worked well for me the one night I played, VERY limited sample, but it worked. The sand map with the blowing sand, I'd run up the middle, get up on top the ruins, kill the 1-2 who came looking for me, and then keep moving forward and then come up from behind them.

    After about 6 rounds and a good 12 kills, one or two finally caught on.
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    I never got to play that map, they kept voting for crossfire, the hospital, and a very green map with some ruins in it. crossfire was fun, the hospial sucked, and the other map was fun once i learned the routes. what guns did you use? the m4 was decent but the lack of optics made it hard to use for me, the m16 with the acog was great for long distance but sucked face to face, and the m14 was a complete joke. i also tried one of the machine guns but it didnt seem to do much damage.
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    I just used the M4, which is why I said recoil basically doesn't exist.
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    Here it is. Skip past the 4 1/2 minutes of matchmaking. The dust was pretty hectic and I was agro as hell.
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    New patch hit today, haven't tried it yet. However if you been trying to play since last Friday you know matchmaking broke again. Dedicated servers and ect busted. This should fix that. The problem is the absurd amount of people trying to play. The debs refuse to give exact numbers but they mentioned pulling in an average of 20k new users a day... this genre is totally dead right Sony
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    Sony; the friggin buttholes
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    Probably my last montage, enjoyyyyy.

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    Still enjoying it, but the game splitting my clan up on different sides is starting to wear thin.

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    AA is really getting harder to play these days. I guess word got out that it was a free shooter on PS4 and all of the COD kiddos have arrived. Lately, most rooms are filled with 12 year olds who don't have a clue about how to play a tactical shooter. This is what I have been dealing with lately....

    1. No one is using mics for teamwork. When someone does hop on, it's a 12 year old just wanting to play chatroulette. I find myself muting to the point where I am all alone. I can't stand 6+ open mic channels with so much white noise coming through non-stop that I can't even hear enemy footsteps anymore.

    2.) This happened last night in three separate rooms. I am a decent rank, and lately it seems I am in full of rooms of nothing but privates very new to the game. 3-5, 6-4, 8-8 are the room averages, and here I am going 22-3 with several rounds to go. All of a sudden, my own teammates start shooting me in the back at the beginning of rounds. Why? Because they want more kills and think that being the "MVP" actually means something in this game. They are literally trying to handicap me because they think I am taking too many points for myself, thus, holding my team back. One even started flash-banging me to prevent objectives from being completed. You know, because "someone should get a chance to get those points. You've won enough already." Are you serious?

    3.) I am starting to see more and more peeps have more secures than actual kills. What does this mean? This means players are not ranking up fast enough by their own merits. They aren't getting enough kills on their own, they are unable to complete objectives before their teammates or enemies, or they just keep dying early in rounds and never get revived. So what do they do? They will follow around the top killers on their team and steal secures for points. So while you are reloading that clip in case back up is around, or taking a quick glance to check your back, a little buzzard that's 0-5 comes swooping in to secure those three kills you just smashed. No revives. No looking around to cover the squad. Nothing. Just a beeline to some free points that someone else caught for them. You should hear their reactions when it happens or when they are called out for it. Even politely mentioning it will get you team-killed. I still keep some flexibility when this happens, but I have decided to start team-killing the blatant buzzards. They do nothing to help their team, and just follow you around trying to mooch. If they revive teammates and make attempts at kills, I will leave them be.

    4.) No revives from teammates. They are the first to complain about how their death is somehow your fault for not reviving them. Next round, they don't revive anyone. Just one-sided selfish thinking. "Everyone should revive me", yet they rarely, rarely revive anyone themselves.

    5.) "Fuck you" revives - "I could careless that the enemy still has his crosshairs on your dead body. I want some points for a revive. So, I will prone behind this corner, revive you, and watch you get shot in less than a second. An extra death on your KDR was well worth the 10 points I just got in-game." This selfish bullshit drives me up the wall. Lately, I have literally been asking the room not to revive me, no matter what. Then go on to break 20 kills as the MVP.

    6.) Absolutely clueless - It is as if, they have never played a shooter. Much less, a tactical shooter. They don't pay attention to the red arcs indicating direction of fire. Then spin around in circles looking for an enemy, or just turn their back and keep walking along like 3 enemies didn't just mow down the VIP 10 feet behind them. They have no concept of game objectives and just go for kill counts. They are the first to grab the bomb and never travel anywhere close to the bomb site. When the bomb is planted, an icon pops up on the screen stating so, and a loud audio cue and countdown timer kicks in, but yet they remain prone in that bush in the corner of the map knowing they are seconds away from clutching another epic headshot. I question if some of these players even pay attention to what game mode is currently being played.

    7.) The overly critical kid - He's 12 years old. He is currently 0-3. You are currently 12-1 and almost clutched a 4v1 round solo. As soon as you get to the lobby, you get to hear captain gummi bear deliver a 3 minute dissertation on how you didn't revive him, cost your team the round, and what you could have done better. When asked why they keep dying so early every round, you are met with teamkills, called an old man, and absolute team sabotage right before they just bail out of the room without any penalties.

    8.) Spastic room hoppers - Imagine a free game where the servers are struggling due to popularity. Then imagine 50k spastic teenagers leaving a room and re-searching a server every 30 seconds? You know why? They die first round, leave the room, and rejoin a server. I have been a room before, and in less than 3 rounds, BOTH SIDES were replaced 3x fold. I literally had 3 different sets of teammates before I could finish half of a map. No wonder the servers are overloaded. This equates to 30+ players filtering in and out of one room in less than 5 minutes. Multiple that times how many servers the game has available and you have yourself quite the shitshow on room stability and match-making. You'd think the devs would do something to combat this.

    9.) Random team-killing is getting out of control. We just established that the rooms are constantly turning over new room joiners. What happens when 1 out of 20 just randomly start slaying their teammates, then immediately bail out? The game has a feature to curb TKs, but it can be exploited pretty easily. Also, one person can wipe out half of their team at the start of a round before they are kicked or insta-killed. In some cases, I have seen someone take out 3 peeps, be insta-killed by the game, just to respawn next round and do it all over again. Most team-killers don't even say anything. They just randomdly start shooting or grenading you at the start of the round after you've had a nice start to the map. I heard a kid last night talk about how he just surfed the servers for an hour randomly team-killing just to just what would happen in different scenarios. Some kids chimed in talking about how they do the same thing when they get bored, or are just having an off night. What the hell AA? You won't let us vote people out, so.... why is this allowed to run rampart?

    10.) Follow the leader - The better I do at finding nice flanking routes and racking up kills, the more some of my teammates want to follow. Not to help. Not to revive me or cover my back. Not to help exploit some field position the enemies seem to continue to ignore. Nope. Just because they think they deserve the same success I have. They jam my routes with early grenades and flashbangs. Shoot me in the back when they decide I am rushing beyond their skill and see me engage an enemy in CQC. Take my secures while I reload or heal myself, never allowing me to cash in on my own kills, or MOST IMPORTANTLY, a chance to use that dead body as bait. They just completely clog my route regardless of what I do. I have tried to work with them since they tagged along. But they undermine the entire purpose of a quick flank to begin with. I'll change routes, let them take over my honey pot, just to watch them fail. Then my new route I picked bears fruit and they follow me again. The only time they won't follow is if I decide to watch and help the VIP. Then they disappear because what's the fun in that on an escort mission?

    This game makes me question if the newer generations of gamers would be interested, or could even handle a tactical shooter. Something like SOCOM would go right over their heads and a majority of the community would be a source of frustration for us rather than a welcoming of new players. I keep trying to play this game everyday because I actually enjoy the gameplay. What is killing it for me right now, is the clueless, selfish, trolling, shit-talking kids that are plaguing the servers. Every now and then, my patience allows me to have a breakthrough talking to one of these kids filled with so much spite and anger. And almost every time this happens, I get the same answers. "I'm this way because of how people treat me online."

    What a vicious circle of stupidity, and AA is allowing it to happen. Add some extra time or hoops to jump through when changing rooms to prevent server surfing. Make teamkilling more strict. Give us a chance to vote players out of a room if the entire team decides to. Add more penalties for "pop-shots" on teammates. 1 or 2 people SHOULD NOT be able to drain half the health of a teammate unchecked every round. If you have something in place already, then beef it up because it is not working like it should. Force more tutorials or even restrict new players to just noob servers for a temporary time so they can learn how to play. Do something. Because as is, I won't be able to stand this game much longer.

    Oh, and fix your shotguns. You shouldn't be able to snip with them. I also have rooms where I can mow down 4 enemies with 4 shots. And other rooms where one enemy survives 4 shotgun blasts. Where's the consistency? Either the shotgun is broken or it is simply spotlighting a bullet detection issue when it comes to pings.
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    You're not wrong, I'm also getting frustrated by the player population on this game. It's a good question to ask if AA suffers from these issues, would SOCOM? I'm falling on the side of the fence where it's a generational issue. The PS3 launched in what, 2007? It started off with tactical shooters and soon as COD 4 dropped they ended. We've had a handful (that's being very generous) of games in this style since. We're looking at a decade of gaming culture on console that focused on the direct opposite of tactical shooter. I've even noticed these behaviors on Battlefield the more and more it got mainstream. Even Siege suffers from these issues in a casual setting. Gamers simply have been conditioned in the opposite of what we grew fond of.

    The devs promised to look into health chipping/team killing solutions but honestly I don't expect anything. I'm getting frustrated by the lack of progress at this point. Still to this day I can't even play with more than one friend without the party system breaking. Servers really have all of the attention and it's hurting the long term health of this game. I know the devs are frustrated just as much as we are. At least the popularity of the game is a good problem even though it hampers a ton of other aspects. I'm still rooting for the team but I find myself playing less. I actually got the devs to nerf aim assist with the latest patch, so baby steps are being made... they just don't have the team size to progress fast enough and it sucks
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    sounds like modern games have trained them well. they are probably posting on the devs forum and asking when killstreaks, minimap that shows enemy location or a seeing through walls ability is being implemented.

    if you can get 5 people together, you should really try siege. its alot better than AA IMO. Dont bother solo playing that game though, total nightmare. I still have it but no longer play it because my friends dont due to so many broken patches they released.

    thats why you dont solo queue on siege, total morons.
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    Ain't Millenials great? :)

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