Any Foreteam Bravo 1 fans here?

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  1. Is there any Fireteam Bravo 1 fans here? Just out of curiosity (also a future project for FTB1). For people that never played the Fireteam Bravo games those games play well on the emulator call PPSSPP which is on the Google Play store.
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  3. dizee

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    Cant you also play this game online via adhoc party using a PS3?
  4. You can, but that is lock to PS3 platform only which limits it as many people probably don't have a PSP and PS3. It also follow the same rules as XLink you need the PS3 hook up by Ethernet for AdHoc party to work.
  5. -4KiLLEr7-

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    Yupp used to run the Socom arena world on FTB1 and 2, nice to hear people still found a way to play. Hacks forever ruined the game however. Used to be plenty of top notch players but after hacking took over a lot of the good competition quit
  6. That won't be a problem with SVDL.
  7. Harry62

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    Rolling stock and thin ice all day! That game would have been so much better had they introduced it on the psvita with the extra analog stick.

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