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    Or as its also known "Ten episodes of office politics, glacial plot advancement, and the most filler of any show this side of The Walking Dead in an attempt to drag out as many episodes as possible and continue to cash in on the Breaking Bad crowd by offering them a show which promises to deliver interesting and poignant back stories of some of the characters from Breaking Bad but instead has you watching the inner workings of a law firm in New Mexico for an hour every week while throwing in ineffective attempts at tension and danger to the main characters that don't work because its a prequel and we already know the bullshit "danger" the writers are putting them in wont amount to anything because they are alive in Breaking Bad which happens after Better Call Saul so nobody gives a fuck, the show".

    So get ready guys! No more insomnia on Monday nights now that Better call Saul is back! We'll all be fast asleep by 10:30 every Monday night for the next 10 weeks!
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  2. SkiMask

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    TLDR: I am so happy season 2 available on Netflix now.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Shit works better than heroin if youre trying to nod out.

    I highly recommend if you have to get to sleep quickly.
  4. SkiMask

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    Shiiiiiiiit that was The Expanse for me. Really hoping I don't go through that with ANY show here on out. Hate that.
  5. Tawok

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    Lmfao, man I've been trying to work my way through season 2 with the wife. It gets fucking brutal sitting through 50 minute episodes for 2 minutes of actual content. I can't help but lose energy the moment they start embroiling themselves in 10 minute long lawyer discussions about lawyering. It's almost to a pavlovian response, the moment I hear "Sandpiper", "Davis & Main" or "HHM" I start nodding off.

    I absolutely love the Breaking Bad universe and the stories that Gilligan weaves. But he really needs to find a way to make more than 5% of an episode exciting/interesting.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Season 3 is definitely moving along more quickly. Season 2 does get pretty good in the final few episodes.

    Mikes scenes are pure Kino but the Jimmy arc is just tedious office politics and blatant dragging to stretch episodes. Seasons 1 and 2 could have been edited down into 8 excellent 1 hour episodes, but instead in classic AMC fashion they just have to try and milk their audience for every nickel.

    The other thing that is really annoying to me about the show is that present day Cinnabun manager Saul is barely even shown. If they are looking for filler they could cut the Jimmy bullshit in half and write a decent arc for Cinnabun Saul.

    And why is he even in hiding? He didnt rat on anybody and everyone involved with the Gus Fring operation is dead. I see no need for him to be hiding in Nebraska.

    I lost a lot of respect for Gilligan after season 4 of BB when he admitted they put the flash forward scene of Walt buying an M60 in episode 1 of season 5 because it "looked cool" and had absolutely no idea where they were going with it. Then they had to scramble to come up with why that happened and wrote themselves into a corner which is why the second half of season 5 is so rushed and the Nazis just show up out of nowhere purely for plot convenience.
  7. SkiMask

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    Still though, happy as all get out to start season 2 and binge if I like finally. I like the slow pace of shows sometimes and despite that there might be a bunch of reality bleeding into or being pigeonholed into the programming I still appreciate character acting and Bob Odenkirk and am glad the man finally got his due.

    Seemed he been in comedy forever and Better Call Saul was his moment to shine and I loved that character on Breaking Bad and Bob played a feckless scumbag lawyer to a T in my opinion. BUT YEAH I get what your saying especially when you hear Marvel AOS quote Elizabeth Warren in an episode and it be deliberate as all fuck. Hate that shit from either side.
    I bet people feel that way when they see my walls of text. Probably why I love all that dry shit. Same with shows like the Good Wife and Law & Order. Something about the slow pace of procedurals. But this is definitely slow and Mike doesn't help, but then again, I love all the man's facial nuances and I think he plays a great character too. So only am 1.5 eps in and am happy. Ya'll making me wonder though.

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