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    Beyond-Human is an amazing combination of platformer and hack and slash, set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, inspired by Metroid, Megaman and Devil May Cry. Players control Adam, a silent protagonist that wakes up in the year 2099 from a coma and suffers from amnesia. Beyond-Human builds upon the classic open-world Metroidvania style of games by mixing a deep hack and slash combat system and stunning visuals.

    It's designed by our very own @domino99 and his team as a response to the current lack of games in this niche genre such as Megaman and Metroid that were hugely influential for many of us in our early years as gamers. The Kickstarter will last until September 6th and if it looks like something you would like to play or you just want to throw down a pledge to support one of our community members you can do so at the Kickstarter page here:

  2. Ditch

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    Some parts reminded me of The old Strider and Bionic commando, like when Hitler was in the glass tube. Looks fun,
    Kinda like shadow complex on the Xbox 360,
  3. domino99

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    Thanks Animal Didn't want to bother the socom community with my little indie game. Have to work on something small before I can go big;)
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    Wow man, this looks pretty slick from the gifs I see on the page. While I've only ever pledged to... one... Kickstarter project, I do keep tabs, on games like Bloodstained. While I've played a choice few Metroidvania games, I do enjoy the genre and I'll add this one to the list!
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    Game looks great but the default controls just don't seem right. I don't know how old the demo is that was posted but I hope in a future build you can remap the controls. I also couldn't seem to get a controller to work, but I really doubt it's the game's fault, I tend to have issues due to having a bunch of shit plugged in at once.

    For instance A is jump, really should be space.

    That is really my only issue.

    The jump pack is kinda cool.
  6. Animal-_-

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  7. Tawok

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    I happily donated to this project. Metroidvania is right up my alley.
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    Does this play like Mighty No. 9?
  9. domino99

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    The full game will have fully remappable controls, haven't received any complaints that the controller support isn't working.

    Thanks man greatly appreciated.
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  10. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Strider is EXACTLY what I got from this. Strider and Metroid. Looks really cool @domino99
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  11. HarryDanglers

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    Very cool @domino99! Love me some side-scrollers! What engine you guys using?
  12. domino99

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    We use Game Maker Studio it's perfect for making platformers and fast prototyping.
  13. RaidenXS

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    I'm kinda disappointed this didn't get funded. I'll admit it fell off my radar. Are there any plans currently now that it wasn't funded? A review of the campaign itself maybe?
  14. Bigfry

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    Holy fuck.
    I missed this.....
    I feel so shitty right now.

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