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  1. ChemoFreak7

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    This one landed on my radar when Bigfry covered it a few months back, it just released last week on steam early access. This is how early access is done right! I love pirate games, mostly due to the general fuckery that people engage in. Ship to ship combat games are fantastic for people who like team work to win and with Sea of Thieves coming out this year i'm gearing up to cover this type of stuff more in the future. Anyone who wants to play add me on steam under EQOAnostalgia.

  2. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I am so very glad you decided to set up the video for us to consume. While I HATED AC: Pirate Booty, I DO love me some ship to ship nonsense and fuckery.

    Consider me clicked and consumed. 1:12? Yeah go on 'witcher bad self acting like the ship's Hullmaid.

    Now if only @stormer1092 would just realize some of us ain't gonna click or say shit when he be link dropping like that. I thought Smokey took care of him the last time around, but I guess dude don't give a shit.
  3. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    As Ski mentioned, continued thanks for giving some actual text with a video unlike @stormer1092. You'd think his topics with ZERO replies would be a hint.
  4. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Actually liked Black Flag. Someone made a game pretty much entirely around the ship combat in Black Flag called Man O' War. It's actually a Warhammer game...

    Wasn't Celerity bitched out for the same exact shit? I think he left some text though... You'll also notice i actually talk to people. That's how you can tell the difference in someone who gives a fuck about engaging fellow gamers and people just fishing for a few extra views.

    It's honestly pointless to post here for traffic. If it isn't engaging in conversation, or something i know our demographic would enjoy, i don't even bother. EDIT: I see he posted Wildlands stuff, now he just needs to talk to people, or attempt to pretend to give a shit at least lol. Decent video though.
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  5. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Didn't notice this bullshit at first, I see all those eggs are rotting your brain.
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  6. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I KNOW I am in the minority with that. LOL!

    I actually played and almost 100% the previous one (III?) JUST before my son was born and completed it almost immediately before my wife went into labor. Yeah, after that I couldn't DO another AC because I was just plain full and if you remember they broke out Black Flag from III's smallish ship portion and made a whole game out it pretty damn quick.

    It felt rushed, copied and pasted and I then switched over to sleeping every two hours and dealing with multiple hospitals and life and death touch and go shit for months. So yeah, fuck another AC and the movie deal it rode in on.

    Don't think I will play another Assassin's Creed again. They were good, but I'm done. No MORE!
  7. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Some random person on youtube i can't recall said it best. Assassins Creed Black Flag is a fantastic game... when it's avoiding the "Assassins Creed" parts.
  8. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    Saw Summit1G play this the other night, looked like a blast.
  9. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Oh it's fuckin epic lol. Frequent moments of genuine lols. Never dull since there is always something that needs to be done. Community is pretty chill for the most part as well. We gathered both factions on an island long enough to snap some pics before we started to murder eachother accordingly.
  10. Murphdawg1

    Murphdawg1 Requiem

    Black Flag was already in development. Just because Ubisoft had been releasing AC titles on a yearly basis doesn't mean it only took a year to make the next one.
  11. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    AC games were on a 3 year development cycle. There were three different lead teams and then a bunch of support studios that would rotate between the one closest to releasing.
  12. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Good to know. I was playing III and squashed it only to find an entirely NEW game built off the little "side missions" three had right around the damn corner.

    I wasn't REMOTELY interested after playing III to go play another one the next week this time "Pirate Themed" when I just played a "Colonial GW themed" one. If you couldn't tell, I also played III just before Black Flag dropped so it FELT that way even though there may have been simultaneous efforts ongoing, they seemed perfectly fine to sort of rinse and repeat with something and expound on it.

    I had enough by that point and will probably never return to another AC game.
  13. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    I know I've told you this before, but just to reiterate: If you miss Black Flag you're probably missing the best AC game made. The ship battles are fun as fuck. The locations are beautiful and fun to navigate. If you liked 3, 4 will blow you away.
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  14. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    You're likely looking at it backwards. AC3 was the test environment for Black Flag, not the other way around. It's easier to drop a mission or two into AC3 to see how people are going to respond to it than try to create Black Flag from scratch in the span of like 8 months or less.
  15. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Worth looking into if you are a Black Flag fan. They are using the same style ship combat. Only with fuckin Warhammer badassery all over it! It's still early though.

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