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Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by SHUDRSKI, Jun 26, 2017.


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    Is it possible for anyone here to make a Combined Assault patch so we can get Clan Tags and anti cheat detection like S2 has? I do believe I have a Memory Card available that has an original patch from back in the day. Any ideas if this can be done. I'm not super tech savvy or I'd try myself.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. thaAMAZNblue

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    I have the final path from 2008 on my memory card along with a USB drive with the original map pack downloads. Even though the map pack note doesn't matter lol
  3. 1UP

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    Your best bet would be to ask @Harry62 however I don't think he cares much for anything that isn't S1 or S2.

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