CA Wednesdays, S2 Fridays - Community Night

Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink For The PS2' started by Tawok, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Thank you guys for at least trying out my map styles. Although we didn’t get past the second map I am confident we would have had a good time on some of them. It’s a shame as I realized something last night when I made the room early on. The other players on CA are very particular in what they play.

    Most came into the room confused and didn’t stay long. I find it also very telling. All they want to play is small maps demo and suppression only. Rooms where you need actual skill and teamwork no one is really interested in. They just want their kills and to be MVP every round. Just my observation.

    Any ways, I won’t give up. I would really like to see more TRS on for CA nights. Hopefully we can make it happen...
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    We just need more TRS boyos. If we could make our own little 4v4 with just our guys, the XLINK regulars would play with us. The lobby shitting the bed and then the layover of getting a new one going was too much and killed interest last night. Classic XLINK.

    Next Wednesday, we got this shit. We'll play some deep maps and get some more boyos out. We could even talk about doing a rare CA Friday if we can't get Wednesday to work out.
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    I agree. It would be fun to do something like CA Fridays S2 Saturdays or vice-versa. Im sure we would be able to pull some good numbers!!
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    Again, it's up to EVERYONE HERE to get these things rolling. Serious.

    Want Combined Assault Saturdays? Advertise it and start a campaign to get the word out and grow it. If I have learned anything about XLink is that you have to take it upon yourself to create events and throw a "SOCOM party" eg, get the beer (room) and hard liquor (maps) and then send out invites (arena chat, twitter, TRS, etc)

    CA only had 16 users to S2's 40 last night. That's ALWAYS gonna be a challenge. Recruit other like minded people. Chat with the XLink folks. Serious talk. No one wants to hear that, but its what it takes.

    If you wont or cannot engage the players in the arena there, don't expect to get people to follow your lead. It takes more than just talking to folks in-game. There is ALWAYS a ton sitting on the sidelines. A ton sitting there not even logged into SOCOM, but Kai. Bring that hype and tickle them balls.