Calling All SOCOM Streamers!

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    Do you have a Twitch channel that you stream on regularly? Do you like to feature PS2 SOCOMs on XLink for CM nights/speedruns/etc., SOCOM indie projects, or tactical shooters that SOCOM fans would enjoy?

    If so, please post a link to your channel and a brief schedule of when you create content that SOCOM fnas would enjoy. TRS would like to feature your streams when you are live to help boost your viewers, and to introduce our members to awesome SOCOM content.

    If you are interested in featuring your Twitch channel here at TRS, just let us know!
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  2. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

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  3. Animal-_-

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    Got you added to our embed list. Do you have a Twitter or some other social media you post notices on so we can know that you've gone live?
  4. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    No I don't use any of that.


    So, how does the embed work if multiple streams that are coded in are going simultaneously? It would be cool to, if you can't have it give you a selection, show whatever one it chooses with a "Also check out..." sidebar with all the whitelisted channels. Hell, even put a little green up/red down symbol next to their names to denote online and offline streams.
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  6. dizee

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    I will be streaming Socom 2 every Wed/Fri nights, maybe some other days sprinkled in from time to time. I also plan on playing some classic Metal Gear Solid and classic Resident Evils sometime down the road and you may see some EASHL NHL gameplay from time to time. By and large however, the channel is like 95% Socom 2.

    Again, like it is stated in my profile, this is a mature stream with mature language so if you are easily offended, DONT WATCH.

    My twitter is but its mostly used for sports and political use. again, dont follow if you are easily offended.
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  7. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    I lied to you and I am a terrible person for doing so. I do actually have a twitter apparently.
    I'll probably be using that along side what I post here for any projects / streams that I will be doing in the future

  8. SkiMask

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    The follow at Twitch helps me most of all so please if you haven't.
    In the same vein it would also be kind of cool if it just looked like a Simpsons TV or AtomFilms style with a couple buttons that selected alternate streams and SOCOM content. Could pipe in that SOCOM TV at some point, but I would think not until you had options to toggle the stream on/off though otherwise it might be overkill.

    As far as Twitch is concerned, I'd like to get back into streaming when I play SOCOM 2 (which is generally all I ever want to stream, but could also be whatever I'm playing at the time. Wished Twitch was better at allowing for "rules" or something.) But yeah, once I get another PS2, I am looking to play a lot more again with this new momentum we're experiencing. It's been exciting to watch all the various efforts and clans popping up. Thanks!

    Also, does the website (or ANY for that matter) allow for action? Still wanna see a war from the spectators box with mixed and mingled chats and possibly a shouter too. Think it'd be cool.
  9. MvKkilla

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