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    To me there is a distinct difference between a teenage kid who was using codes on Socom to fuck up rooms, fly around the map, shoot rapid fire rockets and have some laughs and grown ass men who used (and still use) cheats to try to gain a competitive advantage while trying to avoid detection in order to win games and pad their stats.

    There were plenty of times during the S2 heyday when I would T-Bone into walls or glitch into boxes and shit in order to either have some laughs, fuck with the other team if they were assholes or were cheating themselves or just to blow up the game and fuck with people. I think there are degrees to the shit and certainly dont think someone who was a smart ass teenager when S2 was at its height and did smart ass teenager shit is now irredeemable as an adult who plays the game legit.
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  2. 1UP

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    It says nothing about a person. If you are forming an opinion of a person over shit that happened back when someone was a kid then that means you have some serious problems.

    If anything that makes you a piece of shit.

    I mean shit, I can only imagine what happens if you had a puppy and it shit on your floor and 5 years later you probably want to kick it because it did that.
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  3. dizee

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    now now gentlemen, he did say end of discussion and clearly the guy with some sort of random cheater tourettes syndrome has final say over discussions that he initiates.
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    In my opinion, there is a big difference between getting into a wall glitch and taking the time to load up codes. Its all good, I don't even play so my opinion is pretty much null and void anyway.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I agree, but I was already an adult when Socom was at its peak. Being of less than sterling moral character to begin with, if I was to imagine my teenage self playing Socom, I think I might have engaged in those type of shenanigans.

    You agree theres a difference between just glitching within the game vs loading up codes, would you agree that there is also a difference between a punk teenager loading codes vs a middle aged man loading codes to cheat on Socom? lol

    And to go even deeper, what about a grown man loading codes to cheat on Socom when it was actually the number one online game with 30,000 players vs those now middle aged men who still cheat on the same game 15 years later when the player base is around 100? LMAO
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    Is there a possibility he's out grown that sort of behavior? Sure and maybe he has. I don't know the guy, but you seem to think hes alright, so that is a positive in my book.

    I simply believe that anyone willing to go that far out of their way to cheat is more than likely going to continue doing the same thing in the future. For that reason, I choose not to associate with people like that. It has a lot less to do with being mad and more to do with not having much respect for someone who does that sort of thing.
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    Fair enough, I just think there is a tangible and important difference between "cheating" in the sense of applying certain things like 1 shot kills, invincibility, E-tags in a deliberate and purposeful attempt to gain an advantage in competitive matches while trying to disguise it, vs teenage hijinks and stupidity like hovering in the sky, RPGs from automatic rifles, etc in public rooms that arent a part of any type of "competitive" setting.

    One is an act of deception and cheating, and the other is just being an idiot.
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    I always knew there were cheaters since Socom 1 but I never knew there were so many different ways of passively cheating and it was as prevalent as it was until I started reading these forums...

    As a player who prided myself on fair play I still had to learn some soft spots and glitches just to counteract the blatant cheaters and to goad the passive aggressive ones.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    It kind of became necessary to learn a lot of the cheats and glitches simply to defend yourself against teams who started doing it to you. Like you I was a legit player by default, but sometimes games just turned into total shitshows and knowing some cheats of your own to fight back against the cheaters had to be done.
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    CaZ, I think you're one of the few awesome guys here. Have said that, I have to stand behind Dizee.

    Dizee has been an absolute stand up guy since Day 1. He took his own time to stream on Friday nights when things fell apart, at no benefit to him. I've played with him a ridiculous amount of times, and I can tell you with absolute 100% certainty that he doesn't cheat. Or, if he does, he's an absolute genius at hiding hiding it.

    In all my 6 years on this site, I'm willing to stake my faith in Dizee. He's not perfect, and there's times where he's pissed me off. But, there's absolutely 0% chance of him cheating in S2 today. If he had been, I would have absolutely zero problems with calling him out on it.
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