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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by SkiMask, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I remember these books from childhood. I'll admit it was tough not to "read ahead" on some of them, but I was quite the reader as a lad. Nothing more frustrating than "dying" in the first couple minutes of a BOOK.

    Interactive Crime Film Late Shift Coming to PS4 This April
    "Make more than 180 decisions to guide this underworld thriller towards one of seven endings."

    "The game features more than 180 decisions in total, and however big or small they may seem, any one of them could be the turning point, sending you off on a different branch of the story. Some players may reveal harder to reach endings, some may make friends or enemies along the way, and some may even play different chapters because of a series of choices which are evaluated at key points in the game. You’ll have mere seconds to make your decisions as the film seamlessly continues to roll with no pauses and no looping footage."

    Wow, the game or "film" seems interesting if it is done right and the story is compelling. I am skeptical. Thoughts?
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    Looks like we can expect a live action Heavy Rain kind of game, though with less sick QTEs.
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    hopefully your decisions have more impact than mass effect 3 or the walking dead games decisions had.
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    Yeah this definitely seems to have a seriousness to it that I would hope that the decisions you make have a real impact and I am sure timing will play a role in how you make a choice, but I am wondering with only 7 endings if there is enough replay value to sustain a base of players/watchers or if this will be some one trick $29.99 5GB pony.

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    I used to read all the Dungeons & Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure books. Had like 50 of them shits at one point.....
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    Never really took you for one of them types. I did have a bunch, but I remember them all not having anything really to do with anything other than being a young man, presumably rich heading to boarding school or a Grandparents for the summer. Plane crashes and wait, that might've been The Hatchet. Even still, premise for them was much the same of that and the Hardy Boys type of pre-teen books. I think the girls got stuck with the Babysitters Club or some shit.

    At least that's what I remember. Never even knew they had D&D ones, but it only makes sense.

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