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    Clan Name: Clan mXm ( mXm Gaming / mXmbers )
    Clan Tag: [mXm]


    Website: ||
    Age of Clan: Est. January 1st, 2004 (9 Years)

    [mXm] BalzOnYer4Head
    [mXm] kotaco (formerly SOCOM Unit 1)

    About / History:
    What would become the Clan mXm you know today was actually founded over 8 years ago by [mXm] Juggernaut on the 1st of January 2004. Under the original name, the Maine X-Men, [mXm] Juggernaut set out to lead a group of friends during their time playing a game that would impact us all: SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs. However, none of the original members could ever imagine what the future had in store for their small gaming clan. Clan mXm's original name, the Maine X-Men, was derived from the founders residence being in the state of Maine as well as the more obvious X-Men theme the clan was born with. [mXm] Juggernaut was also known to have said he liked the way the clan tag [mXm] resembled fists centered around the prominent capital X. However, all this would change over time as the clan and it's name developed into something bigger than itself and important to many.

    Created by Juggernaut in partnership with some local friends, mXm was originally a small group but that would change fast. Utilizing the old forums as the primary method of communication at the time, the clan would expand and grow in size beyond the borders of Maine into states all across the United States. As a result of the rapid growth, the "e" in Maine would be dropped re-branding the clan for the first of a few times as simply: the Main X-Men. It didn't take long for members to contribute to the clan either, and soon a free clan website was up and running along with our own forums to keep the social interaction of the clan at it's maximum. Soon after our official website was launched at


    The next year would build the clan up tremendously, we would reach over 200 community members, many of them active and the clan would grow into such size that multiple rosters were organized. mXm became active on competitive gaming circuits such as the original Gamebattles and Urgent Fury tournaments. The clan even took up a sponsorship/ affiliation with a small, independent company known as SOCOMCONTROL who specialized in custom modifications to PS2 controllers specifically for SOCOM gaming. Along with the clan's growth came the final re-branding, no longer would mXm stand for the Main X-Men, instead mXm would stand for something much deeper, mXm would stand for the ideals and virtues of our members. It would become an adjective describing our members as the elite, tight-knit family we are. When asked what mXm stands for, the simplest answer would be "us" and it is an ideology we live by and honor today. But despite the immense initial success of our clan, the story wouldn't be complete without some obstacles that the clan would have to be overcome..

    In February 2005, the founder and original mXmber Juggernaut had decided to resign from mXm to pursue a career with a fellow clan known as the Sea Snipers [SS], a small relatively unknown clan at the time as opposed to their fame in the gaming community today. mXm had always been close with [SS] before they had reached such notoriety, but the loss of Juggernaut to them was still a painful blow. With the loss of the original leader, the clan's executive officer (XO) and second in command was promoted to take the reigns.

    As time went on, younger members moved away to college, older members became busy with their day to day jobs and families, the clan forums became deserted and visitors were few and far between. To make things that much worse, two of our members we're displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The remaining mXmbers, as well as other friends and even a few former clan members banded together to create a relief package, staying to true to the family aspect of the clan. However, the loss of them from an active role on the forums and in game was very significant. It only got harder to stay united in November 2006 with the release of the Playstation 3 and effectively the death of SOCOM II. However, regardless of the eerie quiet that had taken hold of the clan and it's web presence, the website was always renewed and kept open as a beacon of hope that thing's would get better. That mXm was not dead. That mXm would live on.

    The saving grace the clan had hoped for would come two years later in the form of SOCOM: Confrontation. In October 2008 Confrontation was released and mXm was ready. Finally the forums once again had some activity, and more importantly, friends were gaming together. Old "legacy" members were contacted to notify them of the return of the clan, and new members were recruited into the family as well. Another clan merge with a group of former friends and SOCOM 2 vets would bring invite a small group of even more members into the family. All the time keeping true to the original values of the clan being about fun, friends, and family. Recruiting remains focused not on skill or kill/death ratio, but more importantly personality; all member's bringing something special and unique to the clan. During this phase in the clan's development a motto of "Aeterna Est Fides" translating to: Loyalty is Forever, was adopted as it reflected our core values and beliefs quite well. It was also around this time that our 3 core virtues were officially adopted: Altruism. Honor. & Commitment. It would be these virtues that all mXmbers would be expected to adhere to, that all aspiring members possess and these virtues that would be absolutely required to achieve a "core member" status within the clan.

    Today Clan mXm remains active and we are proud to have a core group of individuals we are proud to clan mXmbers. Whatever the future has in store for the clan, we stand ready to face any challenges and willing to welcome in any new friends who arrive at our door. We are a society of gamers, a family of friends, brought together by a clan. We are mXm.

    "Aeterna Est Fides"
    Altruism. Honor. Commitment.

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