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  1. Tawok

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    I saw a thread on reddit that went over pretty well so:

    What was your [CLAN] tag on SOCOM, and what did it mean?

    In SOCOM 1 I ran with ECE - East Coast Elite. Red Squirrel was the leader I think. Maybe Gray Squirrel? Long time ago man. That was back when I played as TwistedPlayer761. Stupid name but I was 14

    SOCOM 2 I ran E~H for elite hellspawn. We had a core of real life buddies and family and even met in Appleton for a weekend of paintballing and SOCOM. Great fuckin memory right there. All of us clan members had names that were initials followed by an identifier. JPSnake, JONinja, MSTiger, KTEagle are the names I remember off the top of my head.

    SOCOM 3 and beyond I didn't have clans because those games sucked balls and I wasn't interested in waring.
  2. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    In socom 1 we played in Italia
    My first clan was usual suspects, then we all joined zion
    I was ZionGambit
    Our clan leader was zionmonchu
    he was a doosh so I left in s2
    Joined BR1 in s3 and some of ca
    Played as Gambit and Ditch throughout s2-s3 and Ca
  3. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    *USSF* (and later USF) was US Special Forces. Clan leader was McGradyOwNz (still keep in touch with him to this day). At some point in S2, that morphed into Walt Disney Assassins [WDä] and we all had Disney names (more or less used as a way to get rid of the people who came to suck balls and held back our clan on GB). And then I had a bunch of different clans and names (but mainly played on 2 of them) on S2 due to GB.

    S3 and CA was just [1MM] which was One Man Militia. It was basically me, my friend, his brother, and one of the people who stuck around from the USSF clan. We played with one big group that ended up splitting into two different clans, but everyone still played together. We got familiar with them because me and my boy started a TK war with the entire fucking clan and sought them out when we jumped on. At some point a truce was called between us.
  4. Perhaps it's because I am really high but I can't remember my clans tag we used on the PS2 SOCOM's :(

    On S1 I only tried it after I liked S2 so never played enough to warrant a clan.
    On S2 I started getting good and bounced around various clans. Never did any battles aside from making a room and accepting challenging clans. Made a few friends who were fun to play with but we all lost contact.

    On S3/CA I was solo until I got picked up by a Clan run by Pit Viper, and had a few guys I remember like Yogurt_Slinger, Solitude I think. We we're pretty unstoppable, and my first true Clan experience. We all lost contact briefly when we made the switch to Confrontation as I went and they stayed behind.

    I met up with a new clan called BsS (Shout out to Pec who still hangs around on here sometimes) and loved it. The clan was much more laid back then my more competitive one, and when they made the jump over, sadly we had a fall out as they expected me to leave to re-join my old one, and I chose to stay with my new clan.

    We played for years, sometimes spending hours in a party just talking and not even playing, other times playing all night. Surprisingly we were pretty good, and we all seemed to be the 'Stoner' type so we got along pretty well. When they shut the shit down it sucked and I lost contact with nearly all of them.

    This thread is making me sad, I miss this game :(
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  5. Swill

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    (*l*) The Takeover, all day!

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Our clan tag was W4O (War 4 Oil)

    We were a really good clan. But we just didn't feel the competition was good enough for us.

    Then we heard about a place.....

    A place where only the best of the best played.....

    A place where we could test our finger speed and reflexes against the best the Socom world had to offer.....

    That place was called..........Gamebattles.

    Once we started playing on Gamebattles we became aware of just how good we were. Only the best play on Gamebattles.

    And thats all I can say about it because we all took an oath. An oath so powerful that only the best of the best were eligible. Only those whos finger speed and reflexes were worthy to take this oath. An oath between the sooper leet h4xxor5 from Gamebattles. And that oath was that we would only ever talk about Gamebattles with other Gambattles players. Only the best of the best can truly understand.
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  7. oni64

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    God, its been so long since Socom 1 and 2. Just the sheer numbers of players playing online at any given time was in the thousandths. It was ridiculous. I remember I once joined a clan in S2 that had people with MS-13 killers as their names lmao good times. Lastly, the drama that would split the clans in S1 and S2, clan hopping at best lol

    PAUL-AWOL- Desert Glory

    Yeah my Clan is deader than door nail stuck in a 90 year old crack house.

    Here's our forum I created years ago that says a lot about us. We all still miss Socom and some went to Xbox, my long time gaming buddy met a woman and left gaming to be a Vegan then got all tatted up "no bullshit and I don't know what the fok that has to do with gaming" and most just quit all together.
  9. Bacterin

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    I wonder why that Reddit isn't more popping.
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  10. SkiMask

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    Dude, you built a WEBSITE for your clan. WOW. I wished I met some of you's years ago. I always struggled with getting other people to do ANYTHING. I would've been right at home with most of you that actually did stuff to further your gaming experience with the clan management stuff.

    I was in the Marine Corps. when SOCOM I & II came out and we didn't organize much other than LAN gaming in the barracks when we could. Played when I could and mostly during the day when we hid in our barracks rooms since we didn't have a 'shop' and our MOS was a combat one so there wasn't much to do other than train. That game birthed my online persona in SkiMask. Everyone called the pollock in the Marines "Ski". It was a natural fit.

    SOCOM 3 came out and I was already out of the Corps and purchased my first home. I remember vividly setting up my "home theater" for this game and that consisted of a 36" CRT with an S video cable. I met up with some like-minded folks and we were in the [IX] clan and it stood for Infinity Extreme and the leader was a gentleman by the name of Groove or GrooveStyle. We also had a great group of about 20 and usually played in a room and played kick ball style with one captain on the Terrorist side and all the others on Seals. After deciding who went first (usually previous winning) and picked teams one by one. It was great! We also played GameBattles and I was known as Ski{}Mask on there. Clan was mediocre.

    Combined Assault came along and I again found my mates. Drinking got pretty heavy for me back then so I don't remember a ton from this iteration. I just know that there still resides a small'ish stain that no one can see but me on the floor from all the Cpt. Cokes I drank and spilled. Buddy all but said I ruined Co-op.

    February 14th 2009 came along and I awarded myself a present for staying clean 30 days. You guessed it, I bought a PS3 and all the fixings. I was pretty serious about staying off the sauce that I put up all the switching costs upfront and made the jump to the PS3 and spent about $3,700 upgrading. All completely worth it. I grabbed Confrontation and GTAIV. Those two things alone would have to guarantee my sobriety in sheer hours played, I thought. I was right.

    Confrontation had me at hello. Didn't care about all the troubles, I was sober and chain smoking. Perfect combination to deal with the frustration. That and the camaraderie. Closest thing I could find since leaving the Marines. Started a clan on there [ACE] and was the German Faction with the Gmp. LOVED that thing. So underrated.

    Then after some time I, against my better judgement, started another clan [1%] and it blew up. As the leader, it was a tough sell to those who ALWAYS wanted to play with the IW since I picked the Germans again. After reaching top 20 in the leader boards for 4v4 and 8v8, we had a falling out. I then surrendered control and disbanded it after a settlement was reached. Then went on to join another clan [AWP] Ass whoopin professionals and still am with them today. We have been reduced to a Facebook group status, but we are always on the hunt for the next fix.

    As Frosty stated, I too, am getting sad thinking about it all seeing as how I loved Confrontation and SOCOM so much.
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    I spent time in various clans but the one I spent most years with for Socom 1 and 2 was MMO (Mighty Military Outlaws). It was run by a guy with the tag Latin Knight. My brother was in it under the tag Killinger. The most consistent guys on each night besides me and my bro were the leader Latin Knight, a guy Superman, Big Dog, Ripsta, Stugatz, Peanut. We had sister rosters to but sadly I can't even remember the names anymore of the guys outside our main roster, and even some of the main roster guys I can't think of their screen names anymore. I still remember their voices on the mic but can't remember all the names.

    We used to tend to play with guys a lot from a clan with the tag ALR but the only screen name of theirs I remember was a guy with the tag "Sir". He stands out cause he was one of the better snipers I ever played with and against. Didn't matter if you were playing Frostfire, he would always find spots on each map where he could snipe and usually put up big scores even on maps not known to be sniper maps.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Well I'm sure he was pretty good, but all the best snipers played on Gamebattles. Only the best played on Gamebattles.
  13. xSneak

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    Was your name zX-_MaCK___X--- ? :eek:
  14. ChalkLineArtist

    ChalkLineArtist Navy SEAL

    TNU- threat neutralizing unit. After getting bored with ca I fell out of contact with all of them last I heard they were playing destiny or something
  15. Medux

    Medux Requiem

    I was in TNU at the start of SCON. Did a lot of website tournaments , fun group of guys to play with .

    I have Shadow, RBtintar and PJW on facebook if you want to get intouch with them.
  16. ChalkLineArtist

    ChalkLineArtist Navy SEAL

    That's awesome, I grew up in the same area as pj, every once in a while I hit him up about games haha. I had shitty DSL and would play Socom the whole weekend at his place. ive played offline since s1 but he got me into playing s2 online. If I ever get back into consoles I'll definitely reach out, but for now I'm sucked in league. I briefly played scon with all them, probably you as well lol, but I was more concerned with getting high/money to get back into things. Think my psb was drabbitt . Is tnu still around?
    Edit: shadow and the rest were awesome to play with, was nice t have an alternative to gb. I joined up when I was 16 during s3 and the older guys/girl put up with my annoying ass for some reason
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  17. MR.BLUE

    MR.BLUE SOCOM II Clan Founder

    Three childhood friends and I created a clan in the month SOCOM 2 released. Our tag was originally [AOD] which stood for the "Art of Death."

    Playing on the film Reservoir Dogs and long before uniformed names were a thing, we chose color names and then made them look like crayons (they looked exactly like crayons in the server). People fucking loved it.

    (( MR.BLUE ((>
    (( MR.YELLOW ((>
    (( MR.GREEN ((>
    (( MR.ORANGE ((>

    Then we recruited our first member, (( MR.AQUA ((>, to be followed shortly by (( MR.COPPER ((> and we grew into a leathal operation.

    Sometime thereafter, there was a fight between one of my childhood friends and I over power. In the end, I decided to resign, deleted everyone on my friends list, and created "The Division" with a [ D ] clan tag.

    Within a few weeks everyone, including my childhood friend, tracked me down in the server and demanded entry into the Division.

    Essentially, it wound up being an elaborate name change because in short order everyone reunited under the [ D ] tag. Shortly after that, we built a warring machine comprised of 180 members or so and became the number #1 Fishook clan in SOCOM 2, terrorist or SEAL.

    At the end of SOCOM 2, our war map was Death Trap - SEALs.

    God I miss those fucking days.

  18. Holy shit I played against you guys before. You sounded like good guys but I was chirping at you to get you guys going because that's what I did when I faced clans lol
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  19. MR.BLUE

    MR.BLUE SOCOM II Clan Founder

    Ha! Yeah man, that was our thing. After the war specs were negotiated and we entered the passcoded waroom, we didn't say a word and greened up at once via our lobby chat countdown.

    Win or lose and at the end of every war, we qued the mics from highest to lowest on the lobby roster, said "Good game," and dipped out one by one.

    We won a ton of respect for our gameplay and cadence. If I had $10 for every time we heard, "Who the fuck picks Death Trap SEALs as thier war map!?" and $5 for all of the snickering and laughter that immediately followed, I could have funded H-Hour myself.

    After a while, it became harder and harder to find clans that wanted to war us. They weren't laughing anymore.

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  20. Swill

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    Man this had me dyin laughin in tears lol

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