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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Theres no crying in Gamebattles.........

    You have been kicked out of the clan.
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    Everyones around but either playing different games or waiting for a new socom. I honestly haven't really gamed myself since SCON , been hard to stay in touch. I played with shellshocked on s4 think hes an xboxer though, do you remmber exalt ?
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    Yep shell was one of the few who liked playing smalls with me whenever he was on. I remember exalt but it's really fuzzy and can't think of any details. The sites unsurprisingly down I tried to check to jog my memory lol.
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    Ive been involved in many clans in Socom. I also ran with a group in which we would change clan names for whatever reason. We use to play in US EAST 5. I remember the first clain I joined with my neighbor was call (US) clan. Cant recall what the US stands for. I do remember that few of the players from US deserted and we decided to built our own clan.

    Clan names S1-S3

    (BX)-Boricua Xtrememist.This lasted not long but it was my first created clan. Despite the Puerto Rican reference it consist of many latino players who we recruited in US East and ESPANA Server.
    (CPD)-Camden Police Department..I personally not part of CPD but it seems that there was some people in our clan who were. This last not long. This was a mix of my BX clan and other players.
    (ECK) East Coast Killers- This consist of some the same players that we played in different clans(BX,CPD) and new players we came across in US East 5 primarily Philly. This was gear towards east coast players for waring purposes.
    (ICU) ICU was a merged with ECK and new clan which I forgot the name but it was a clan that had players from city of Philadelphia. This was the longest running clan i participated and we even had our own clan web site.

    No clans in Socon/s4 they games sucked the air out of clans
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    Not the usual clan memories but I'll share my experiences with hacking clans:

    SOCOM Hacking Origins
    by Harry62

    SOCOM 1

    My first encounter with a cheater was a guy named SextonHardcastle(aka Wescyde). I saw him walk up a wall near the bomb building on Blizzard. He introduced me to several socom hacking sites such as gamehax and accessforums. I wouldn't meet him again until 2004.

    Clan: AfterMath =AM=
    Description: The name was based on the aftermath record label.

    I joined this clan in SOCOM 1 before the leaderboard shutdown/gamehax takeover. I had just learned about gameshark a couple weeks earlier and was fascinated by the codes they had. We'd join code games and they would dominate(for those that don't know code rooms were glitch/code games where anything goes, this was also before boot codes were released). I was a new member of the clan(and a complete noob to hacking) so I wasn't given any good codes besides some of the basic stuff.

    =AM= players had dominated the top ten prior to 2003, however in early 2003 with the leaderboards revival it became clear that Gamehax had taken over with the use of the rating points code. I don't remember this part clearly but at some point gamehax members were calling =AM= members out for something or another so =AM= multiplied their member count in order to retaliate(internet nerd fight). I think at one point there were 50 members or so, most of which I didn't know.

    Not long after this a hacker by the name of uni-terror released the vote=boot code. With this code came the end of code games and the beginning of rooms being booted just because someone suspected someone else was cheating. Not much changed from this point until SOCOM 2 released.

    SOCOM II is released and rumors start about players banned for using codes. The rumors are true. An exploit is found by one of the =AM= members named RAZOR. One of the older versions of gameshark would go undetected if the memory card was pulled out during the DNAS connecting screen. At the time this exploit was kept secret until someone else outside the clan figured it out.

    The clan started to fizzle out.

    At this point the clan was down to just a few members. All known cheating exploits were patched so the clan resorted to glitching which I had no interest in.

    Clan: Console Codes
    Tag: [CC]
    Description: This team ran a private forum dedicated to socom and ps2 hacking. Many of the members were originally from gamehax or had some special skill that secured them a spot on this team.

    I joined a socom codes site called consolecodes. The entirety of the site was considered one big codes clan(80 of us at the most). At this point I learned how to hack. When I was in =AM= I never learned how to hack other than disabling something and making easy codes like "infinite ammo". To be part of [CC] you had to contribute to the community in some way so I taught myself to hack.

    Some time in 2004 an early version of PCSX2(PS2 emulator for Windows) allowed us to successfully create a memory dump of SOCOM 2 r0004 patch. With this we were able to create codes for SOCOM 2 but we still could not get online. A few months later there are reports of cheaters on the international SOCOM 2 server baring a [cMf] clan tag. They claim to have a new cheat device which ends up being labled "code 9". In reality this cheat device was known as "rk swapper" and was not created by the [cMf] clan.

    A [cMf] member leaked the rk swapper cheat device on the socom codes forum. I was able to copy it before the link was removed by a mod. I shared it with [CC] members. We found that "rk swapper" only worked on the international server and was detected on the north america server. After a few months [CC] member blu3man created a bypass code in order to run rk swapper on the NA server. This was the start of the bulk of SOCOM 2 hacking. The bypass code was leaked which resulted in the demise of SOCOM 2 online. Within a few months cheating was was bad as SOCOM 1.

    I became a lot better at hacking during this year, though still a noob.

    SOCOM 3:
    During the beta I found that the save file on the memory card was not encrypted. The only thing that I could edit that other players could see was my name. With this exploit we were able to have no name or long names.

    Codemajic is released. With codemajic released we are able to cheat in SOCOM 3 as we did in SOCOM 2. No great codes are created until blu3man finds vehicle dynamics.

    I don't remember much else for SOCOM 3.

    This game was fun to hack. One of my favorite memories was when [CC] member uni-terror found out the game did not have a jump button. He left the game for 10 minutes only to return with a new jump code which allowed him to jump as a high as he wanted. At the time this was a great code. He also made a code where you could zoom in with your rifle and teleport to wherever your cross hairs touched.

    I met a lot of great hackers outside of the [CC] family, some who ended up joining us and some who I still talk to today.

    SOCOM CA is released. Same ol' thing happens except I lost interest in the hacking aspect of it. Maps are much better than SOCOM 3.

    This game took everything that was right in FTB and made it slightly worse. It was still fun to hack.

    SOCOM 2(again):
    Revisited SOCOM 2 for some legit play and to hack it some more. Nothing has changed since 2005 except rank up was a huge part of the community. A [CC] member by the name of Robby23 created a rating points code one day. Ended up pushing all of the top ten rank up players off the leader board. Good times.

    Never really enjoyed this game, stop playing after a year or so.

    SOCOM 4:
    This game had the ultimate cheat protection. The game was so bad that hackers actively refused to hack it.

    [CC] is no longer active.

    SOCOM 2(again):
    I'm online before the servers shutdown to check out the codes that people have come up with over the years. They are mostly boot codes or some variation of invisibility. Most of these cheaters are peons and their codes were easily bypassed. I ended up meeting a guy from the [Fatality] clan who was a much better hacker than the others on SOCOM 2.

    Clan: Fatality
    Tag: [FaTaLiTy]
    Description: Originally SOCOM 3/CA hackers and glitchers. Now the only socom hacking clan left.

    I joined [FaTaLiTy] in 2012. We still create codes for SOCOM 2 and several other PS2 games.

    tldr: I was in these clans: =AM=, [CC], [FaTaLiTy].
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  6. Holy shit I forgot to add one of my darker days..

    I was briefly one of the core members of the Barcode clan and my job was to compile code lists..

    We froze peoples shit, terrorized lobbies, I could imitate any name.

    I still really hate that I got caught up with them as I hate hackers and cheaters now. To those I pissed off I am sorry.

    P.S I was #21 if anyone is familiar
  7. Harry62

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    I don't remember that clan. Did anyone in that clan hack or were they just cheaters?

    No need to apologize for your past actions since you recognize they were wrong. The real cheaters of SOCOM are the ones who used undetectable codes in game such as: 5 extra bullets, 10% extra health, 10% tighter bullet spread, slightly faster player movement, etags, etc. Those people were the real scum.
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    S1 and S2 played for [TW] Team Warp.


    I still remember the detective work that went on in Confrontation when you got back into the pregame lobby.

    "Alright, supaleetkilla, that was a bit suspect, we're gonna need you to meet us at the gazebo and we'll see how many shots it takes for you to kill me."

    Same shit happened in Red Dead Redemption. Everyone that modded in that game piggybacked on some mod menu a guy made that gave you all the gold weapons, including a golden knife, which was impossible to obtain normally. So when you suspected a guy, you asked him to show you his knife, and I swear, every fucking time I did, it was that shitty made-of-butter texture and the guy was a tagger.
  10. Harry62

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    The only good part of a mod menu like that is it would be very easy to auto-boot or auto-freeze a mod menu user. Take the golden knife for instance. You could create a hack of your own that scanned the other players inventories for that golden knife which would have a weapon pointer or a weapon ID at the very least. If you found it in a players inventory then you could have your hack boot or freeze the individual player. Cheaters wouldn't even get the chance to spawn in before freezing.

    I'd like to do the same with socom 2 via the patch but only certain codes are detectable.
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    Some of the best times I ever had in the Socom series was fucking with the cheaters back in the early days of Socom 1.

    When a guy would come in the room zooming around team killing everyone my clan and I would all run to the nearest ladder and do the ladder glitch to get underneath the map. Once we were there all you had to do was run and keep jumping and it would act like an invisible staircase. You could climb the "stairs" so high up into the sky that you couldn't see the map below you anymore.
    The cheaters had no chance of finding us and eventually they would get pissed off and just leave. But once they patched the ladder glitch we were screwed (or if the map didn't have any ladders).
  12. Harry62

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    You're thinking of SOCOM 1. I remember getting behind trees or ladders at the edge of the map with the sniper rifle, tap R1 for gun hot and it would push you in to the wall. In SOCOM 2 the area outside of the map did not update like it did in SOCOM 1 and would freeze your player movement instantly if you managed to break a proxy barrier.
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    This is not a brag post, just my story of my competitive Socom FTB/ FTB2 Career (For any interested, It's a long rant I just feel like talking about since it's been so long yet feels like yesterday). Sorry if the English isn't perfect I am typing at work.

    I played both Socom 2 and Socom FTB for PSP and the communities were almost identical, For Socom 2 you knew who the good players were for the most case, you knew the top clans because they were always the most popular rooms to try to enter on US EAST. Back when I started and was a noob I think it was this way for both S2 and FTB, but even if you were good, extremely good, the new guy never really fit in with the top crowd or competitive scene. I can't tell you how many times I was ignored when I tried to even talk to someone from the top clans, let alone ask for a tryout. I think that is what I enjoyed the most when I first started. I always knew I could keep up with maybe not the top players but I could definitely hold my own if not dominant against the casuals even when I first started, and I wanted to make it in with the competitive scene which almost seemed impossible. As I said, I always figured you go into the clan's room, play extremely well, ask for a tryout and if you were good you'd get an invite. Little did I know as a new member to the Socom community, these top clans had 100s of people a day asking for tryouts (I would later realize this myself as a leader) It always motivated me more and I think I finally realized how the community worked when I would see a random player join the clan room with no clan tag (Of which this player was a very popular and "known" player) just say hey I wanna join and even though I have invested hours of showing this clan I had what it take and being ignored, this player joins and instantly gets an invite. It was then I realized that name recognition was everything in the community.

    This story will be about my FTB/ FTB2 story mainly since that was the game I ended up playing in the best clans in my eyes. it even explains my weird name on this forum.

    So starting out on PSP I had the most casual looking name, I was a sophmore in highschool at the time and my name was "Ur_Killa47" I am not totally sure how I came up with that name just at the time my nerdy self thought it sounded badass. It was not. But I remember playing PSP 24/7, I was legit addicted. I was really good and I knew it, I remember I would get grounded and have my PSP taken and pay one of my friends 5$ a day to borrow his and sneak around my parents, again badass.

    I needed some sort of break, back then I did research on where clans played eachother, how did matches work? And like gamebattles for S2, there was a forum called "" for FTB which EVERY clan played on. I know Gamebattles had a huge disconnect with the community of S2 and while some claimed that only the best played on gamebattles which I don't believe to be true, literally every clan played on Socomarena.

    So I started looking for a clan, I emailed all of the top clans asking if I could get in for a try out and no one ever responded, so I figured I would just have to work from the bottom and figure it out that way. I joined a lot of random clans where the teams sucked but I always seemed to carry our shitty team against other shitty teams. One thing about Socomarena, was that when you were a top team you rarely played against shit teams because the points you get that went towards your ranking were so tiny it wasn't worth you warring small clans. So basically I was stuck in a shitty clan playing against other shitty clans and I always seemed to be the MVP. I still remember my big break perfectly.

    I was in this clan that the tag was [>_=] (Clan name was Knock Out), we were a rank 200+ clan not very good overall. We destroyed this clan in a war who also was very bad and low ranked, I remember later that day I joined a room created by that clan we destroyed to talk my usual shit talk, and as I played against them in this room a group of other players joined the game on my team with the exact same clan tag as myself. They weren't in my clan however. We were in the lobby and they overheard the other clan talking shit to me and when we finally got in the game they asked me what was the deal with the other clan why were they talking shit, I told them well we just destroyed them in a socomarena match and they were just upset about it. So my teammates were like well lets fuck them up in their own lobby, should be fun. As I was playing with these guys they kept joking how I need to drop my clan tag since it was their clan's we were imposters, and these guys were pretty damn good. As we were destroying these enemy clan they started realizing how good I was and were like damn dude you should drop your tag and just join up with us. Well it turned out they were a top 20 clan, all because my shitty clan had the same exact tag as them I was able to joke around with the guys about it and actually have a good time gaming. I didn't know they were a top 20 clan at the time I just noticed how good they were and thought to myself, this clan could actually go somewhere might as well give it a try. So I clan hopped. First thing they told me was dude your name is casual as fuck you need to change it, make it look more cool. So I decided to make it "-_4KiLLEr7_-". We played a lot of normal rooms together for awhile and I think I started slowly gaining their respect. After about a week of nonstop playing with these guys I asked them, hey do you guys do clan wars? "Of course we do, we are ranked 20th on socom arena" no clue so I instantly checked them out. I tell you guys I did so much research of good clans on socomarena i have no idea how I missed them, but their record was 20-1 that one loss being against the rank 5 team. Holy cow, I had a shot. In FTB and sort of in Socom 2 every socomarena clan had a "Starting Line Up" you had to bench players all the time, most games were 5v5 or 6v6 and clans would have 10+ people on all the time. I remember after a week of playing with these guys we finally started to look for clan wars again. (I believe our leader had some serious IRL stuff going on when I first joined so for that week they didn't clan war). I remember I sat in the lobby as we were deciding who the lineup of teammates who would be playing would be. This war was against the ranked 18th clan, so the first good clan I would ever encounter in a war. I was used to playing ranked 200-400th clans. (Yes there were that many active clans)
    I offered to sit out the war bench me, the leader said no 4killer, we want you in. You need to prove to us you belong here. I have never been more focused in my life. First map was rough we lost it I played poorly. They asked me if I wanted to sit the next map I said no I am ready for this keep me in. I was the MVP. It was a close game and I made the game swinging clutch that gave us the lead and victory of that map. Man the adrenaline was insane, I remember all of the clan screaming in excitement. The Tie breaker I also performed out of my mind and we won as a team. It was then I think they started taking me seriously. I sat a couple wars after that as I still wasn't a permanent starter, but the wars I was put in I made sure to make the most of the opportunity. Eventually after several wins in wars they told me they wanted me to be a permanent starter. I was too good to sit on the bench, we played some of the top clans and struggled against some and won against some others. Our clan got to a peak of rank 15. Rank 15 out of atleast 500 clans. The leader had an announcement after we got to 15 that he wanted to make me and another member Co-Leaders of the clan which was when I knew things would start looking up. The other Co-Leader's name was -KupA- and he was the reason my rise to being in the 5 clans happened. Kupa was the guy who had all of the connections to the inner circles Our leader was cool but Kupa was close with all of the top guys in the top clans, and me and Kupa were super close. We kept struggling against top teams but me and Kupa always performed really well. As I stated we never got past rank 15, Kupa was a lot like me and aspired to be one of the top clans in all of FTB. So me and him talked about it and we decided we needed to branch off and start our own clan. I was the leader he was the Co, he told me he didn't want to have to deal with leader responsibilities but he trusted I could do it. Our clan was called [>vM] Violent Mafia. We held a recruiting lobby and were pretty strict with who got in. Kupa had brought over some buddies from other top clans but overall we picked up a bunch of random people who were like me. My name was sort of becoming known at this point but still not a known player so I couldn't recruit the known players at that point. But I think me and Kupa both had an eye for talent at that point. Once we set up our clan we held endless practices, we set up strategies we set up counter strates we learned all of the top grenade spots. Weeks of work I put in trying to train this group of random guys. We finally started warring against bad clans and went 20-0 against bad clans. As I said before since they were bad we were still ranked pretty low (around 70). I wanted to gauge which members worked well with eachother and who my starting lineup would be before we played serious competition. After awhile we started climbing playing harder competition we cracked top 20.

    This is my huge moment that made my name known, finally with the top crowd. Once we hit 20 we were like F it let's play a top 5 clan. We played the #3 overall clan that was 62-3 record their clan name was [VEN] Vengence. Something felt right though I think I thought we were actually prepared, I played against this clan learned their playstyle and felt like we had a shot. Little did I know we would dominate them. Socom was always a best of 3 war, we beat them 2-0 convincingly on both maps (this was also before hacking became a thing) Me and Kupa did a lot of carrying but our randoms all played insane. So good that members of that clan realized, half the clan left and wanted to join ours. I took in a few and other top clans started to take notice. I had top players leaving top clans to come join me because we were the hot team everyone heard about how we dominated this rank 3 clan. I finally got in with the competitive crowd. We kept everything the same I accepted a lot of the top players but still held them all accountable to making our practices and strats. I gained more knowledge about other top clans from all the new people joining. My team ended up becoming the rank 2 clan in Socomarena behind the greatest team in probably FTB history known as [iS*] iNsAnE SolDja$

    that was towards the end of FTB1, then FTB2 came out and we all moved over. The clan went seperate ways as some people didn't play FTB2 or they wanted to join some of their own friends. Kupa had retired, he would come back every so often on FTB2 say hey to me long time than disappear again. But since that clan I could always go to other top players and try to get in with their clans. But most things about FTB2 were the same, the crowd of people was mostly the same in FTB2. Since I had made a name for myself I since found it pretty easy to get with competitive teams going forward.

    I was in numerous ranked 1 clans going forward in FTB2 and there are still millions of stories that go on from there with clan drama but I think my first big break was still my favorite memory of socom.

    Sorry for the long rant guys, for those who stayed and read it thanks I don't expect many people to read but it's crazy how socom is really the only game where these memories are ingrained in my head. This happened 10 years ago and I still remember a lot of specifics.

    A couple of guys from the old socom I still play with on PS4 but in general the community is gone. Glad this one is up for the few that still remain to protect this great game.
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    That beats anything Tombstone has ever written
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    I have no regerts
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    I had to make sure I got home all nice and cozy before I gave it a go. Got my duggie right here and here goes nothing!

    Edit: Perfectly fine read. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'll be honest it will probably disappoint, but open to criticism!

    Edit: thanks! killed an hour at work and made me reminisce
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I don't remember you from Gamebattles. Only the best played on Gamebattles. Unless you can prove your rank from Gamebattles I cant truly recognize you as one of the best.

    Only the best played on Gamebattles.
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    Socomarena > life

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