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    ATTENTION: With the release of the updated 2017 guide for Xlink, I've merged the 3 old guide threads into this one to keep the clutter down and so new users will be less likely to be confused as to which guide they should follow. -Animal

    People are saying this guide works for all the other SOCOM titles on ps2 so feel free to follow this guide for the other SOCOMs.

    (NOTICE!) - Before following this guide please delete any SOCOM 2 data from your memory card. The reason for doing this is because of pre-exsisting patch data located within the saved data. If you do not delete your patch data you will be incompatible with most rooms hosted on xlink. (I have not tested this on the other SOCOMs besides SOCOM 2 so research before you delete. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!).

    (Why can't someone just upload the patch so I can download it?)

    The reason why you can't just go download the patch is because when the person that originally downloaded the patch to their PS2 (via the official SOCOM servers), the patch they downloaded was given an ID that was for that specific console. Because of this it will not work on a different console! To get past this whole problem the xlink community has decided to just have a mandatory rule to have everyone just delete their patch data in order to rid the community of incompatibilities.

    (What if I don't delete my patch?)

    If you don't delete your data you will be causing yourself a disservice and the community a disservice! If you do not delete your patch, every time you try to join a room you will be booted back out to the LAN screen and you will be booting people from the room itself! So please get rid of your patch data! NOTE - You can make a backup of your data on another memory card if you just can't part with it.

    For more information on this please visit dominator94s thread link below.

    Step One -

    Go to Xlink Website and press the download tab and download Xlink.

    Step Two -

    Install xLink. NOTE: If you are running Vista or Win 7 locate the xLink.exe files in you program files and right click and hit properties. Once in properties hit the compatibility tab and set the program to run under windows XP SP2, and check run as admin. This will let you boot up the program without errors.

    Step Three -

    Make an Xlink account - Xlink Website.

    NOTICE!! XLink is very picky with what type of email you use and does not use the normal ones. Use this link Temporary email to make a temporary email to confirm your account.

    Step Four -

    Login to your account on their site by visiting this link. Xlink Website.

    Step Five -

    Boot up your PS2, and find the consoles MAC Address. This can be accessed by pressing Triangle at the main screen of your PS2 to view version information.

    Step Six -

    Use your MAC address at this link IP Generator to generate an IP address.

    NOTE: Only the last 4 digits are needed for the generator.

    Step Seven -

    Boot your PS2 up with SOCOM 2 inside and click the online button. Once you hit the first blue screen hit edit network configuration to be sent to the network setup. Once your there delete the old network setting you used in the glory days and add a new setting.

    (Select manual ip and input these numbers.)

    Console IP: (use the IP that you generated from the URL above)
    Subnet Mask:
    Router IP/Gateway:

    After that just click DNS: Automatic. and name your connection xLink and test it.

    Step Eight -

    Go to your PC and click "start user interface" under start menu/allprograms/xLink Kia.

    DO NOT CLICK "Start kai or Configure Kai", These will both send you to a crappy browser ran interface that sucks, just take my word it sucks lol.

    Step Nine -

    Login to LAN on SOCOM 2 then go to xLink and click the folder icon in the upper left corner to verify if your PS2 is connected. Once you have verified, hit the Arena mode button (Globe Button) in the upper left. Navigate to PS2 system/ SOCOM 2/ SOCOM 2 NSTC or PAL.

    Step Ten -

    Create a private server by clicking the other (globe button) and name it what you want and passwords are optional.(If you want your room to be public don't put a pass.)

    Step Eleven -

    Once your server is up make a game in LAN just like you would on the original servers. If your lucky like me that should be all you need, if not refer to the additional steps below.

    Additional steps -

    If you still cant connect after completing these steps you might need to forward a specific port for your ps2.

    Forward port 30000 to your PC's IP address, via your Router's administration panel. (Every router has a different way accessing the admin panel research how to access yours on google.)

    The Configuration of xLink should already be set for the port I have specified, but if you want to check your self, you can access the configuration for xLink by right clicking the xLink icon in your toolbar when its running. The one you want to right click is on the far right on windows.

    There also might be issues if your ps2 is using wireless a few people are having trouble with it. Your best bet is to be hard wired in.

    Re-login steps -

    When I tried to re-login to xLink this morning I figured out that xLink acts really wonky when you try to re-login.

    To re-login first go to Xlink Website and check to see if your still logged in then open a new tab and click "start kai" under start menu/allprograms/xLink Kia. This will take you to the web browser and ask you to login to xLink. Login to it. Once you are logged in go back and click "start user interface" under start menu/allprograms/xLink Kia.(Same thing as step eight). Once the User interface boots up and logs in your good to go. You can then close all the tabs you have open and just use the UI application. I hope this helps.

    (IMPORTANT!)Setting up your firewall correctly -

    (Steps for Windows 7)
    After you install xlink go to your control panel and put in the control panel search box "firewall".(Control Panel is located on the first menu you see when you click the start button on your windows desktop.) Once you have done the steps above you should see the search engine pull up "Windows Firewall" with two options below, Allow a program through Windows firewall and check firewall status. Click "Allow a program through Windows firewall". Once your at the next menu you should see a list of programs. First click change settings, then scroll to the bottom of the list and look for "Xlink Kai Engine". Once you have found it look to the right of it at the two check boxes, "Home/work(private)" and "Public". Both of these boxes should be checked ,if not, check them both and then click ok on the bottom bar to apply your new setting. By doing this you will allow a lot more people to connect to your servers.

    Advanced Features -

    Changing your orbital link server -

    Thanks to COCOPOPs research on this matter he found a great link on how to change what server you join when logging into xlink. Follow this Xlink Server setup link for instructions on how to do it. I recommend using the Arizona server since that is what most people play on.


    This tutorial will work for you but for some reason mac does not provide the UI app that the windows version does. So you will have to use the browser application instead.

    I hope this will help it worked for me I hope it will work for you.

    (PS2 FAT and PS2 Slim Network setup)(1/1/2013)

    Just recently my friend bought a PS2 slim in order to play some SOCOM 2 on xlink. We decided to just leave his PS2 slim at my place and keep it connected to my xlink network. I had trouble setting up two ps2 consoles on one network, it took me a few hours until I got it working. In the end for me all I had to do was just setup my PS2 FAT using this guide and setup the PS2 slim using just the auto features on the original SOCOM 2 network setup application. After doing this xlink identified both PS2s and we went on to play SOCOM 2.

    NOTICE - I do not recommend this but if you can't the guide above to work for you, just try automatic settings on your PS2 network configuration it might work.

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Can't Find my MAC address, I have the old fat PS2 with network adapter, all its lists when i hit triangle is

    Playstation Drive
    DVD Player
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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    I think you can find your consoles mac an alternate way by looking on the back of your console for the mac address
  4. Drum

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Thanks, NBA_FAN. Two kudos.

    COCOPOP iDub Scrub

    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    thanks it helped solve my cant see room prob
  6. HorizonSky

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Dude...i looked everywhere on the back of my fat ps2 and i cant find no mac address....
  7. NBA_FAN

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    The menu you mentioned above should have you consoles mac address at the bottom of the list. If not I don't know what to do to find it. The only other option is hacking to find it. I know that there is an .ELF program that lets you change your mac and shows your current one, but that would require hacking and a lot of effort on your part.
  8. cspot

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    For those having problems finding your MAC address...I had the same problem. I couldnt find it until i put in a game and tested my connection with a game. Once you do a test connection under the network configuration, it will show your MAC.

    Go through the process of naming your connection, etc etc, then finish with a "test connection" and once it passes, it should include a results screen that includes your MAC.
  9. zAssassino

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    And this works? You actually can play like normal ?
  10. NBA_FAN

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Yep its just via LAN instead of the online option.
  11. MSR--914

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Does that reduce lag by any chance? Whats the numbers like there?
  12. [wC©]SQuaLLz

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    It's not laggy at all.. it loads much better than a lot of regular rooms that used to be hosted online..I've seen 50 different persons.when I was online and there's probably way more.. but the problem is... there's a lot of people still trying to figure this Out.. it's gonna take a little while until our socom community grows stronger than ever before..I'm very glad someone actually invented this LAN emulation for us gamers.. I must say that this xlink kai works perfectly as long as u follow every step carefully what NBA fan posted.. we were playing yesterday and today and headsets work just fine.. and there's no more cheating yaaaay which is great..thank you very much NBA FAn for this thread!! Long live socom 2/3/CA and FTB2 +3 !!!!

    COCOPOP iDub Scrub

    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    i agree xlink works rather well and i connecting from europe to NA players, i was told i have a bit of lag now and again but it wasnt a prob because they played a lot worse on the original servers, i said i would leave if it was bad but i was told im ok, i just glad im playing these games again, the numbers on xlink are growing and i still in shock that i played the olds maps again. its might be a slight annoying to set up but once you get it working its well worth it.


    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Alright, I've signed me up for it, and I'm just getting a feel for the navigator now. We should all share Kaitags for the sake of convenience.

    EDIT: Just occurred to me to take my own advice. Kaitag is MisterBlonde. Now I just need the PS2 and I'm set. Er... probably should have gotten that first.
  15. NBA_FAN

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Add me on xLink my tag is NBA_FAN_2003 its the same name ive had since the start of SOCOM 2.
  16. Luffy

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    having trouble setting this up still... When i go to Lan i dont see any games even tho i have the ip and other setting correct.
  17. Ratscab

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    Alright, I followed all of this but I could not find my old ps2 memory card. My ps2 was detected and configured right, but someone asked me what patch I was running, game wise. I suspect it is not the correct patch. Is there any way that I can get the patches for the game again now that the servers are down. I am looking forward to playing again, but hopefully I don't end up screwed by this. Thx.
  18. [wC©]SQuaLLz

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    You don't need any patches for xlink kai to work..all u have to do is sign up first and install xlink kai..launch xlink kai and sign in.. as soon as u see yourself in the general chat arena.. u wanna go to your ps2 and .n start socom 2 in the main menu go to LAN and connect with your name as if u were going to login on socom 2 online..once you're at the LAN briefing leave your ps2 and go 2 xlink and click on game arenas and go to socom 2 ntsc arena and as soon as you're there.. click on your green globe next to the navigation and a window will pop up and hit save and it should connect u to the arenas and now check your metrics and make sure it says reachable yes and also make sure it found your ps2 console ..once that's completed and then you're successfully connected ..thats all xlink needs from u to do ..and u can either join any room or a host a if u want to join a rooms that's being hosted by another socom2 kai player u should click on the green globe everytime and hit save and it should say you joined the host's room..and if u want to host a room u click on the green pencil on the top right inside of the arena and it will ask u to name the room n make a password and also the number of people whom can join your arena on xlink. Hit OK and your private arena will be created and once again u click on the green globe and hit save always and it should say that you created the private arena successfully and that anyone will be able to see n going your room and After that u change your status to hosting and now u go to ps2 n make the room and you're done.. u can either IM your kai friends or wait until they join your room..
    I tested this with xlink web user interface and it worked's very easy and simple.. my kai name BTW is [wC]SQuaLLzz.. I'll be hosting all weapons rooms during the evenings and no sp10/model 18 pistols only rooms during the afternoons pretty much weekly. Until socom 2 HD or socom trilogy HD is released.. I'm true socom 1/2/3/CA diehard fan..especially socom 2..foxhunt all

    COCOPOP iDub Scrub

    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    well i heard socom 2 you definitively need patch to play other that are running patch, you can play if you playing people without patch, i will test this later, i know you dont need the patch for CA as i played people last night that were running patch which i dont have, i suggest you try CA and see if you can see rooms. if you still cant you still might not have it setup right.
  20. xStartThMachinex

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    RE: How to install xLink For SOCOM 2 Guide

    I am trying to play SOCOM 2. I did steps one through eight perfectly. I am having trouble with step nine. I don't see a folder in the left corner when I boot up xLink. Anyone have any ideas?
    Nevermind. I figured it out. Need to click on "Start Kai" in my program files to log in first then go to "Start User Interface"

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