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Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by NBA_FAN, Sep 1, 2012.

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    We'll be here for you. That's great news. Peruse the site and drop a comment wherever you feel and once you get to 20 you can make a thread of your own if you wish. Plenty of places around here so get in where you fit in.

    You follow that step by step I linked you and you shouldn't have too much trouble. It should be updated and someone will step up to the plate at some point and make a new Youtube explaining.

    Biggest advice I can give is to familiarize yourself with your system tray (by the clock on the lower right of your desktop) and is usually represented by a tiny up arrow. Go in there to "change orbs" which consists of right clicking on the icon there and selecting "Team X-Link HQ". Once that is achieved you'll log back in and then fire up the PS2. Oh yeah and don't go "online" you'll be selecting the "LAN" from now on.

    I'm excited for you and will be holding it down tonight so check out Twitch and watch me get murdered.
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    Hi all,

    Curious can I do this setup on my PS3 or do i need a PS2? I already have Socom 2 (had it since back in the day). Haven't used a console in many years so little rusty on compatibility, etc.

    Anyone here remember back when socom 1 and 2 just released? That's me :)

    This may ring a bell -

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    A backwards compatible PS3 that played the PS2 games works just fine. Start here and welcome to the site.
  4. You can use your PS2 console. You will need XLink kai setup and running on a computer every time you want to play and you need to make sure you click LAN and not online. Some common ways to setup below:

    • PS2 and computer both wired to router by Ethernet
    • Computer Wireless and PS2 wired to computer by Ethernet.
    Not you can also use a PS3. Note with PS3 you will need to select WiFe, or Ethernet in the PS3 network settings. You can use WiFi with the PS3 if you have it wirelessly connecting to the computer, but this will require the computer to have two WiFi adapters, or be wired by Ethernet and have one WiFi connection. If you go the Ethernet route with the PS3 make sure you have Ethernet selected in the PS3 network settings.
    1. I will recommend using the WebUI, but if you want to use that click start Kai (In the start menu located in the XLink Kai folder)first then go to this link after xlink is running. Then once that loads under User Interface select Standard UI then click save. After this you should be able to click start Kai and have it start the Standard User Interface.
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    Trying this shat again after two years ago. I heard rumors it's easy peasy now on a Mac. So I have my PS2 directly connected to my XFinity modem/router which is where my Mac is plugged into also. I did steps 1 through 8 no problem but after that makes no sense to me. Does anyone have some instructions for Mac specific. I watched the youtube vid, spent 2 and 1/2 hours on this today trying to get this to work to no avail. I would really like to get this working. Spent $31 on a 100ft ethernet cable today. Help please.
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    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Look who it fucking is! WAR PIG!

    What's up dude :)
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    Can't wait to see you in there. Dominator94 ?
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    If the mac version of Kai is giving you issues, maybe try the windows version in VirtualBox, or another program like it

    That might be the easiest solution

    Edit: I should probably add that this is a dirty, cheap workaround for the older releases of Kai. (more of a 'last resort' type of thing)

    It would seem the latest releases have simplified the process quite a bit, and no longer require additional programs or terminal commands to get it up and running.
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    Yo guys... sorry for the late response. I didn't see anything on Saturday after posting and forgot to check back. Thanks so much for this help. I will try this out again and hopefully be gaming back this weekend with you all.
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    @Modios mind making a nice, new Setup X-Link on Mac thread and dropping this vid in? I am assuming the setup is the same settings as the Playstation 2. I'd hate for it to be different. I also couldn't help but see the usual comments and the same types of questions. Might be a great thread to kick off the new account? I know it would really help with the effort.

    Here is another helpful part:
    @Animal-_- mind helping with prune and sticky?

    Thank you
  12. @SkiMask @WAR_PIG You guys are making it more complicated. Just download the latest version of XLink Kai and you won't need to worry any extra programs, or using terminal. XLink Kai version 7.4.29 and greater include a orbital changer so you can just right click the XLink Kai icon to change orbital if needed.
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    Ok I guess I am confused where exactly that is located because it makes it very clear its only for windows.
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    Hi guys,
    Ok... I will make this as detailed as I can so we can maybe trouble shoot this further. First I have my PS2 set to have two online settings, one was done manually, the other is set to auto. Both test out as successful. I have my PS2 directly plugged into my Xfinity modem/router. The Xfinity modem is set open. I had to open all ports with someone at Sony when I bought my PS4. Modem should NOT be an issue.

    I am running an ALL in One Mac with OS X version 10.9.5. That is also plugged directly into my Xfinity modem/router. I have my firewall set at the lowest setting and have added/allowed Kai permission to adjust my computer. I had the firewall off but found it should be on and allow Kai access is better.

    I have the latest version of Kai that downloaded no problem at all. It starts up and pulls up the window in Chrome and has no issues I see. I can login and see everyone but can't get a ping to show. I can PM people on there but they can't message back. My metrics reads reachable but does not show my PS2.

    I have spent quite a lot of money trying to get this to work. Initial cost of the PS2 slim, memory cards and the latest was a 100 foot ethernet at $31 bones. Really the cost I could give two shits, I just want it to work! I have Parallels on my MaC but really don't feel that's the issue. To me, it seems like it's some dumb setting that's not clicked or something.

    I have watched that video three times now and done exactly what the guys says in there. I've read the forums post although it makes no sense after step 8 as I have a Mac. I just really want to get this shit rolling. I have just one step away from just going and buying a stupid laptop to get it rolling but am holding off cause I know this shit is right and very close. Help again please... anyone. Anyone with Mac desktop... Xfinity?
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    Orbs and packets, my friend. Orbs and packets. Rest assured, we got you.
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    I have my Metrics showing as "reachable" and my PS2 is showing up. WTF!!!! LOL
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    Sounds like you are waiting on a refresh? Same with the orbs. You see if your connected to Team XLink HQ? This would be the time where @Modios steps in and is all like "Dude I got you, lets set this up tonight"...

    Cause you just KNOW WE BRINGING THAT HEAT TONIGHT ON SOCOM II for the Community and we need a War Pig representing. Patience is key though.
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    I actually messaged him shortly after that post, still waiting to see if he was able to get it going.

    I think his problem might be that he is trying to route his ps2 through his modem/router instead of running it directly to his pc, but I'm not sure if that would even be an issue or not. It shouldn't be.

    I just always connected my ps2 to my Mac directly
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