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    The Mindless Ramblings section of the TRS forums is intended to create a place for our members to share topics unrelated to the world of gaming. In the past we have tried to minimize the moderation of threads here, but recent events in the real world have sparked some heavy debates from the general public. I personally will always be a strong advocate of free speech, but I think efforts of that nature should take place at the proper podiums. To me, a gaming-related fansite is just not the place to do so. If you want to strengthen the causes you support with social media, then use open stages like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Always stand up for what you believe in, but also know where to draw the line when needed.

    I have moved several topics from recent months into our mod forum, so they have not been deleted. If there are posts you would like to keep to use elsewhere, then private message me and I will send them over to you. Sometimes we write things on forums that could have sentimental value to a poster, or could be a source of information you would like to retain. I do not want to delete those writings permanently for those of your out there that may fall into one of the categories I listed above.

    In the future, let's keep this forum free of violence-related topics and political debates, etc. I come here to see entertaining videos, hear great music, learn something new about science, tech, or life in general, or to have a good laugh. All future threads will be moderated at the discretion of our staff, per our forum rules. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or requests. Happy posting.
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