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Discussion in 'Digital Media Exchange' started by Sikkamore, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    Well, I gave my friend who I'm starting a web/graphic design and computer building/repair business with a general idea of what I wanted as a logo for my YouTube/ etc. He designed something up really quick and showed me today.

    Considering A LOT, if not ALL, of my YouTube videos I'll be making will be gaming related (most to start will be SOCOM for sure with the servers dying) I wanted to get some of my fellow SOCOM brethren to critique the logo and maybe suggest possible tweaks.

    Little background on my name: It originates from the song "You're Nobody (Till Somebody Kills You)" by the Notorious B.I.G. A catchy song that I fell in love with as soon as I heard it at the age of 6. The lyric is "With my sycamore style, more sicker than yours."

    Also note that the final logo will be made into a tattoo that will span along the side of my thigh all the way to underneath my armpit!

    Any ways, I hope you can view it (can't remember my photobucket password lol) and you'll let me know what you think :)


    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Needs some color. I would accent some of the leaves and your name with something that will stand out more. Cool concept though.
  3. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    Thanks for the input Luke. Really appreciated! I'll look into doing all that. Looks like this is just the first draft then haha
  4. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Here's my input Sikkamore...
    I try to do really clean and simple designs for logos. I like your idea and actually reminds me of something similar I did a few years back. I think the font gets lost in the roots though. I think you could simplify the root system and pick a more readable font that the roots go into. Make sense?

    Check out some of my designs here...

    This was for my girl's yoga studio we own. We did tee shirts and promotional stuff with it. LOL People still ask for prints of the monkey tree print.

  5. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    I see what you mean War. We couldn't find a text that relates to roots. So we used a tree one we found lol maybe we'll have to just create our own custom font.

    And nice site man. Is that all yours? Those are some simple and nice looking designs you have!
  6. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Yeah, those are just a few I threw up for clients to see. I've been at this for over 20 years now. LOL Check out this site for fonts...

    I wouldn't necessarily say you need a font to "match" the roots as much as maybe just compliment them? You know what I mean? Try a more subtle approach. If I have time this week, I'll throw something up for you to ponder.
  7. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    Sounds good. Thanks for the tips :D
  8. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    ]Here are a couple of ideas... Hope you don't think I'm being over reaching with putting these out there. I won't take offense at all if you don't like. I just threw these together pretty quickly.

    I know it's not the roots going down into the name, just thought I'd put something else out there in the way of ideas. Again, maybe if I have a little more time I can do the tree root thing. Orange might not be the color, but like Luke said, you should have some kind of color maybe. Let me know what you think, and we can talk more this week while playing some Socom!


  9. WRX_

    WRX_ Too many sheep on this site

    For a tattoo I think something close to your first one is ideal (I am not a big fan of color in tattoos). Since it is spanning from your thigh to your armpit you might think about making the lettering vertical and stretching the tree a bit. For the sig/video use I think something similar to warpigs first one (not the yoga studio one) that he put together looks pretty nice.
  10. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    Looks good man. You probably whipped those up really quick haha we will definitely talk about this come Saturday! I bought an HD capture card so I'll record it all to keep it as records.

    I actually thought of an idea last night while laying in bed. Couldn't sleep because my mind was racing about the logo. Color, more definition on the tree bark/leaves, etc... Then I thought of something cool that I could not only use as a logo but get tatted and animate as well for YouTube. I can run you by it for suggestions if you're cool with that!

    I wanna do a combo of both really. Have my logo tatted on me because, well, gaming is a huge part (or was until SOCOM went to crap) of my life and that's what tattoos should be about - YOU and your LIFE.

    I really appreciate the input though WRX :) thank you!
  11. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    This is still a rough draft, but to give you an idea of where I was taking it. Thoughts? I need to clean up the roots and viens and whatnot. Let me know. I should be able to make the heart beat for an intro video type logo treatment. Just let me know this is ok so far?

  12. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    LOVE IT so far piggy. My only suggestion would to be to add blue veins as well as your heart/your body has both bluish and red veins :D can't wait to see the cleaned up version dude! Lots of props for your skills.

    And thanks again for doing this. I'm not very artistic at all. I owe you a shot of vodka ;) haha
  13. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings


    So here it is Sikk. I put a lit background so you can see what I was thinking for the video treatment. I was going to have a flickering back light and have the heart beating. This is what I can do for you right now. I hope it's what you envisioned. This is done in Adobe Illustrator so your logo is a vector image meaning you can make it as big as you want or as small as you want and you won't lose resolution ever.

    I could spend more hour with the intricate roots and veins but I just don't have that much time on my hands. LOL This is what I can give right now buddy. The price is right though. LOL ;)
  14. Xx_ICE-PICK_xX

    Xx_ICE-PICK_xX Boob Connoisseur

    thats freaking bad ass war. Nice work.
  15. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    My thoughts EXACTLY.

    Piggy, you're AWESOME. This looks fucking incredible. And I totally understand what you meant by the intro now and I think it'd look good like that. You're getting a big ass shout out on my youtube, twitter, facebook, (when I get it going) and anywhere else I can think of! Give me the link to your website so I can reference viewers to it. It's the least I can do :) thanks a bunch dude. Vodka shots on me!
  16. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Thanks man. I'm used to doing logos that are much more simpler and clean so this was a challenge for me. LOL A lot of intricate stuff. I'll knock at the intro this weekend. Gonna make it simple and about 4 or 5 seconds so you can put it at the beginning of all your vids. Anything else you want it to say? Like "Productions" or "Design Studios" or something?

    My website is

    Here's the intro I did for my stuff... (mines really too long. LOL)

  17. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    Lol yeah I always envisioned my logo and it always looked that way... Whether it was a tattoo or displayed on YouTube!

    The only requests I have for the intro is it be at least 7 seconds because I remember I cut the audio track that I want in the intro and it was 7 seconds. Also, if you can have it flip from "Unboxings" "Reviews" and then "Gaming" that'd be cool.

    I'm gonna tweet/post on FB your site and everything now. I really also like that video intro! The puzzle idea is different and neat mane
  18. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings



    Here's two different tree tops. You decide??? I like the first one of these two the most, but I do like the one we already have with the full tree too? Decisions, decisions... LOL Let me know and I'll email you the files so you have the native files... the PDF, PNG and JPG. Then I'll get to work on the animation.
  19. Sikkamore

    Sikkamore Claymore Jumper

    To be honest I like the full tree better. It seems like the photo is more "filled up" at the top. :D Let's go with the full tree <3
  20. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    sikkamore, do you play hockey?
    I played 2 seasons of ice hockey in high school. and street hockey about everyday in the summers.
    I met my wife at a Utah grizzly game ( IHL), she was a 3 year season ticket holder, got my jersey and stick signed by the whole 1999/2000 team at their private dinners
    . we got married and havent been to a game since.. pretty lame huh. when we were dating we argued about the team and their performance when they got ahead they would get sloppy and start losing, I started yelling at and booing them with my battery operated loudspeaker. wow she got pissed at me, we have not had arguements that bad since we got married though :)

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