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    To be fair, @S_L_I_C_K wasnt commenting on the story mode. He gave detailed thoughts on the gameplay and leveling up issues.

    Based in his thoughts and those of others Im definitely going to be thinking about taking a pass on this game unless everyone of my friends from TRS are playing it and I would play it just to hang out with them.
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    id get it if you looks at all interesting to you. ill be playing it for the foreseeable future but i also enjoyed destiny 1 a bit once you get past all the grinding. the raids are the best part of the game and they dont come out till next week.

    the game definitely has issues though so im gonna be real curious to see what its metacritic is. i see it in the high 7s-low 8s.
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    Agreed, Mack. I would say definitely get it. I also loved playing D1, so while my first impressions of D2 are that the gameplay is nearly exactly the same as the first one, I am completely fine with that. Like @Animal-_- I got exactly what I wanted so far. The story is cool so far (don't kill the cutscenes and you get a good story), gameplay is fun, and I like the way they recategorized weapons.

    I created a new toon, but I may just use one of my old ones. I stopped at a point in the game where I haven't invested much yet, so I wouldn't be losing a lot of time...
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    If this new job goes through I'll be picking this up in the next couple weeks, I'll be behind some of yall but if it's a day shift thing I'll have plenty of time to play because it's rotating 12s. the 4 10s job didn't work out.
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    basically you run up to any enemy that is not considered a boss, stand 1 foot from them and hold down your trigger until they die, rotate 30 degrees and do it again, rotate 30 degrees and do it again, then fly strait up, recover health, drop down and repeat. for the "bosses" you stand slightly behind anything and they cant hit you, you have a clear line of sight to them to shoot at will but they are to stupid to adjust and just fire into the rock or beam or whatever you are standing ever so slightly behind. once you kill them all you run past several enemies and battles on your way to the next fight and which point you just start the cycle over. you do this for several hours in a row, real exciting stuff, this game is a real thinker!

    Dying is something you almost have to work at doing. i died a few times last night though, twice was from a teammate pushing me off a cliff, 2 or 3 times i died trying to jump to an area that was not meant to be accessed, probably 3 or 4 deaths while i was in my menu, and i died from actual enemies maybe 4 times, once was when i stuck a rocket launcher against an enemies stomach and shot it and the other times was when i was just standing in the middle of the "battle" reviving people. we had a guy in our party last night and it was his first time playing, he made it to level 12 by himself without a single death.
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    Also, as you know, the vast majority of the enjoyment I get from online gaming is being able to ruin the experience for the people Im playing against (and playing with sometimes). Is there something comparable to teamkilling or shooting rockets and grenade launchers at people while insulting them and their families?
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    Sounds like the first game. I remember playing it and laughing at the AI. It was like playing the equivalent to training levels on other games ad nauseam. No clue why this game sells or is popular.
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    you can dance at them...

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    What about "NO GAME HERE" room lock downs?
  11. S_L_I_C_K

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    its exactly like the first game, in fact if i you loaded either destiny 1 or 2 and didnt tell me which and just handed me the controls i wouldnt have a clue which game i was playing. i do get a kick out of looking at the guns in the game though, that kind of keeps it interesting. the developers are so unoriginal they cant even come up with their own designs for their fake guns. like the gun i have been using for the past 2 nights is a left handed ak-47. the took an ak model and put the charge handle and ejection port on the left side of the gun and painted it teal and yellow and gave it some ridiculous name. which is not surprising since 90% of the game is a rip off from other games. the base of the game is a rip off of defiance, the speeder bikes are a rip off of star wars, the tower is a rip off of playstation home, (vollyball and dancing included) the pvp is a rip off of halo (but i suppose that is legal since they own it) and to top it off, some of the ships are x wing fighters.

    oh and the "public events" are another strait rip off of defiance, i dont think they even changed the name..
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    no, when you are playing you are in a public area. and you cant do anything to other players.
  13. S_L_I_C_K

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    and for anyone who likes destiny, please feel free to point out where anything i said is remotely false.
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    So its basically COD in space with aliens and completely linear gameplay and objectives that consist of grinding out the same activity over and over again until your current weapons are powerful enough to kill the boss of the level you are on in the exact same manner as you did to the previous boss?

    Can I at least purchase really cool character skins and gun colors?
  15. S_L_I_C_K

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    uh no, cod is a much better game.
    as far as the linear part goes, that is kind of a tough one. when you start out you have to play the first couple missions by yourself before they allow you to play with anyone. so i just starting running down the most obvious path i could find. i dont know if there were actual other ways to go or if there was something that showed me where to go or not, i just ran in what i thought was the right direction and right path and i buzzed right though the missions in next to no time. so that screams linear, but when you are playing the rest of the game its kind of open world, you pick the mission from your map and just run in that direction. this is the part where you run by (or through) several other fights and battles. them battles are none of your concern at that point, so you just skip that shit. you can explore but so far we have done a pretty good amount of exploring and found pretty much nothing. which is fucking stupid because there are so many hidden away areas that you can access and once you get there...nothing, not a fucking thing. now there are loot chests "hidden" around the map, you can usually find them right in the middle of everything, basically if you miss a loot chest you are blind as a bat. the loot chest contain a bunch of shit you dont want so thats always nice.

    as far as the grinding part, i dont grind. at least not on purpose, but this game has found a way to trick you into grinding. so far i have been to the same area to fight the same people for different reasons several times. for the sake of argument, lets say your mission is to go down to the corner store and kill the bad guys because they high jacked your hotdog delivery truck. you run down there and take care of business, now you are ready for mission 2. mission 2 is you need to go down to the docks and kill the bad guys because they stole your keys. ok, done deal, mission 3. go down to the corner store and kill the bad guys because they have copies of your stolen keys. mission 4 go down to the docks and kill the bad guys because they lied about giving copies of your stolen keys to the docks guys. its basically like that but with a few other missions thrown in there and the bad guys get slightly harder to kill each time, but! but your weapons slightly improve each time, so you really never see a difference unless you do it like i do where i just wait until the end of the night to add all my upgrades. then you see a slight difference in the difficulty of the enemies.

    character skins are basically given to you every 30 seconds or so. as you kill peole and open those ever so hard to find loot chests you get truck loads of helmets, boots, gloves, shit like that. and the shit is absolutely ridiculous looking, red, pink, teal, and yellow seem to be the games favorite cammo colors, and the helmets have horns and wings and spoilers and shit on them, or sometimes your helmet looks like a white brain inside a cage with a bunch of push pins sticking out of it with string connecting them. the look of the gear doesnt matter though, you are looking for how much horsepower each piece gives you. you might have a cool looking helmet but its power is only a 113 so you opt to use the helmet shaped like a dildo because it has a power rating of 119. now dont get confuse with the power ratings though, you might have a green batman helmet with a power rating of 145, but is isnt as good as the blue dildo helmet with a power rating of 112 because that dildo hat also makes you fly longer...

    again, anyone who sees me posting false info, please point that shit out!
  16. Animal-_-

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    I'm not gonna say they're false, but the things you are taking issue with are mostly things you could say about pretty much any open world game with mmorpg type elements. Can you name some games that are loot based open world games that you couldn't say exactly the same things about that you're criticizing Destiny for? I think you might just not like the style, that's not the same thing as the game being bad.
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    the thing that is inexcusable for a "sequel" that is 3 yrs in the making is not having a single new enemy type. that shit just screams lazy to me. even the taken king had new enemy types and that was a 40 buck expansion.

    the grind is the same old same old. just grind public events till 260, then do rep turn ins to 265. then do nightfall and other things till the raid comes out.
  18. S_L_I_C_K

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    well, the division was a far better game for one. the enemies on the division actually tried to kill you, i never agreed with the way they made them bullet sponges, but aside from that, they were just much harder to deal with. if you tried to play the division the same way you play destiny, you wouldnt make it 20 feet into the map. you had to go into those missions carefully, you had to take your time and use cover and you had to work as a team. on destiny 1 person can run though and wipe out everyone without the slightest hint of a scratch coming out of it. the above mentioned defiance (the game destiny ripped off) was also a much better game.

    i am an average video game player, i am not some gb/e sports player that spends all my time practicing games and trying to be the best. i get online and play games for fun, dont even care if i win or lose most of the time, i dont care if i have the best guns in the game or the best armor. but this game is insanely easy, the entire game is based around how much time you want to invest in it rather than being any good at it. you could take a 3 fingered half blind man, hand him a controller, and he would be just as good as me or you at it. where is the fun in that? shouldnt the game be challenging? how is a game geared towards toddlers fun? and why do so many people find it fun?

    i just like challenging games, games that make you think, games that make you fail until you figure out how to not fail, that was the biggest thing that drew me to socom. when you went into a game on socom you were not guaranteed kills or a win or anything, you had no idea what to expect and you had to adapt to the game or lose. on destiny you just have to point and click and boom, you win! now do it again! seriously, tonight when you are playing, just stop and think about how easy it is. after your 79th kill without a death look back and try to remember which kill was a hard one.
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    the final raid boss is the Baby from The Dinosaurs, smh


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    Surprised to see such negative things about Destiny and I thought maybe since this is a SOCOM site we would at least be talking about the PvP side of the game. Destiny 2 is a lot different then Destiny 1... and I played the shit out of Destiny 1 and was a top 1% player. If you barely played SOCOM 2 then jumped into SOCOM 3 you would probably say they were the same thing too especially if it wasn't your personal cup of tea(we know they were completely different). Destiny 2 relies heavily on team shooting and with the new competitive game modes you need more strategy then Destiny 1 where if you were highly skilled you could pretty much carry the team. The times to kill in this game are different and if you just rush out you will get melted almost instantly. There have been a lot of amazing players on PC Beta from all sorts of games Including Counter Strike who tried out destiny and had nothing but great things to say about its PvP. The future is bright especially for this game on PC. Sure PvE is very similar to Destiny 1 but you can't say they didn't add new mobs.. that's just flat out not an accurate review of the game and ultimately not true. The first two nightfalls have NOT been easy and raid is NOT easy. Have you even gotten this far before giving an opinion on it? Sure the lower levels are easy what do you expect when your level 1-5? This isn't Dark Souls. Not saying this is the best game ever but damn... it's a very well done game. (That obviously isn't for everyone)

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