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    Welcome Project Confrontation Community!!

    Thank you for joining us in Devblog #17, lots to do and so much to work on. Although we have been a little quit lately, we are definitely back into the swing of things. There is a handful of followers that want to come test, participate and simply G^! We understand and truly understand its hard to wait, shoot I dislike waiting for new builds and I see majority of them being built day in and day out…lol!

    We are definitely looking into adding testers, old and new back into the builds once register, log in and database development is further along. We would also want to get a game mode in before as well, you can only test for so long and a game mode would benefit us and keep testers coming back and playing. In the mean time, what we did decide on and you can read up on it below in Misc…Along with what our developers have been working on as well!

    Continue to follow and participate in blogs, social media and spread the word!! We truly appreciate everyone for there support!




    Past few weeks I have been pretty engrossed in setting up our client to server communications. This is the stuff that will let us register users, store stats, clans, ranks, etc. The database is pretty standard, however we are using PDO for security reasons. Deadly and I have also made strides to get more of the UI hooked up, this included map selection, room presets, and room properties.

    Aside from the technical parts of the project, we have been discussing as a team how we might be able to get better at serving you guys content, and just improving the overall quality of our content in general (devblogs especially). It should not be some sort of run around for you to have communication with the devs on the team, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as we can be, while still respecting the private lives of our team. One of the options we discussed was doing a stream after each devblog where the devs all hop on the game together, and have some fun. This can be a time for the community to better get to know us, and ask questions about development, or just shoot the shit with us.

    see and vote in poll at


    Hello again everyone! Been working on many things the last to weeks. Airplane parts, buildings, characters, and much more!

    First some airplane stuff for Rangers map. It’s still a work in progress, but as you can see I added some wreckage to the plane. Damaged seats from the plane are scattered all over the wreck site.


    Couple characters I’ve been working on with more on the way. They will have multiple skins to choose from.
    see GIF at

    We put a 4K moon in the sky over Foxhole. Looks really GOOD!


    Here is a sneak peek SS of “Geronimo”, Bin Ladens Compound. (Early W.I.P.) you have seen the second SS of one of the rooms in one of our previous blogs, more to come next Devblog!




    Most of what we did to Foxhole since the last time is…

    -Added more bushes foliage(different styles), tents, skids, boxes, plane seats, sandbags etc. some of these were to get ready for game modes and some were just to help fill in some open spots..

    -Spent some time working on lighting and graphics and cleaning up the map this will be a ongoing thing until the day we feel its ready.

    – Added razor wire on fence that took forever glad its Done!


    2D Art/Networking

    Hello everyone Welcome to Devblog #17. I have been working on the UI getting bugs out and adding new sliders for volume changing and gamma changing. I added where you adjust the volume or any option it will now save automatically.

    I have been working on the networking side as well. Sourpatch has been showing me the networking side as we come closer to adding ranking, player info, and much more that can be stored in Databases. Yes, Database info can be boring but it plays a big part so people can have saved ranks, clan ranks, friends and much more. As time ticks and days become closer to Alpha I will be working hard to make user experience easy, to apply things on the UI and in game settings. Below are images what Ive been working on.

    I have been working on the login area of our game. Here is a picture of the login / Register Screen.

    Read up on more development at
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    Keep up the good work guys. Those skins look great so far.
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    That Moon is huge .

    Good luck with the database. Stats we always a fun part to socom
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    That looks awesome. Is this coming to PS4?
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  5. geebs122

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    So impressive what you guys have achieved so far! Im even more excited too try this out! any idea what the PC spec requirements will be like so i can get my pc's shit together for this.

    thanks for the hard work!
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  6. NovaXQ

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    Who do you have working on audio and what sort of progress is being made on that front? I do know some things that may be of some use to you.
  7. HarryDanglers

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    We are focused to make the game playable anywhere from basic graphics to fantastic. I5 with a 650 graphics card or better would be more than enough to play on fantastic.
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    That's no moon...

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    Looks good. It's great to see map 2 being worked on! I have one question.

    Could it be possible to see some gameplay footage available that we could see climbing in action in a room with players?
    I also want to see a player looking at another player climb if possible.

    This is just to see how far you have made progress with the mechanic :)
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