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    Welcome to Devblog #18

    Thank you for joining us for this weeks Devblog! The ProjectCDevTeam has some work to show you below, good stuff as always! First, I would like to shed some light and show some love in this weeks community news for our SOCOM/ProjectC community. The boys from TRS have made some strides as of late with xlink and of course showing there support for Project C. Yes the waiting game in development of a full game, especially for us Socom hungry gamers, is a daunting task to remain patient and continue the grind in hopes of a next gen SOCOM! The spotlight this week is “XLINK”, this is our safe haven for that SOCOM fix as development continues.

    As we prepare Project Confrontation for streaming and get ready to G^ so that you can see first hand live what we have been working on and/or just running around shooting each other in the face in our streams, there is a lot going on around the community in driving our first joy ride “SOCOM” and showcasing to the world how great it was, still is and how Project Confrontation is trying to capture that excitement again!

    As we try and capture the essence of this once great series SOCOM in Project Confrontation, there is plenty going on within the community. The remaster and xlink push has gained some momentum as of late due to some great community members! Go out and support SOCOM and make sure to let the world know that third person shooters like SOCOM are here to stay and will come alive!!

    Get your xlink hook ups and deals on where to get the loadout you need to hook up xlink at The Real SOCOM website here

    Follow/Thanks to SkiMask, MR. BLONDE, Tawok, AMAZNblue, JakePlier, SOCOMOLOGIST on twitch and see some SOCOM streams, there are probably a few more I missed sorry about that, just follow the guys and or The Real SOCOM website for more info.


    Visit our devblog for the latest in development at
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    Took a while for me to check it out since you didn't post the content here.

    Love the jump to climb, exploding door animation, the map, chat in lobby.
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    Sorry brotha! I couldn't get Harrys sketchfab models to work in this post so I decided to just leave the rest of the blog out and direct everyone to our devblog. Since the community section was for the xlink push I just posted that section in here!
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    Go visit our devblog for development info at

    We are making some changes, stay tuned for our next devblog next Friday!!
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