Dishes are done man. What you eating?

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    Wow. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. A few questions....

    Are you using a 20 gauge?
    Are the loads standard birdshot?
    When you prep the carcasses, is it a pain in the ass removing the shots? I would assume they are taking multiple pellets, does that effect the quality of the cuts on such a small bird if they are grouped in meaty area?
    They look to be about the size of a Cornish Game Hen, is that a good comparison as far as flavor and texture?
    Is that a natural habitat for them? They exist out there without being stocked? Whats their diet? Insects and such?
    I noticed telephone poles in your footage. Are you right off the side of the road bagging these guys?

    And last, do you really expect us to believe you dropped 2 birds with 1 shot just when you conveniently turned the camera off? :p

    Sorry for all the questions. I just think its awesome the way you are able to bag your own protein and like to get all the info I can on such subjects.
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    I'm using a friends 12 gauge here as I left my 20 gauge with his dad to fit the stock better. But normally I'd prefer to use a 20 for quail because it's lighter and guns get heavy after around with them all day.

    I was using steel #6 shot. Normally I'd of used lead #7.5 but the laws are changing here.

    Not really. The shot usually passes though and then stops between the meat and the skin, easy to remove. Goes all the way though. Or hits bone and stops on the bottom of what you'd be eating. If it's easy to get the pellets you do if not just leave them and bite softly at first. There usually is not shot in what your eating. Each shot is different. Sometimes if the bird is close and you hit it good it can be torn up a bit while other birds may just catch one out of the pattern in the head and they'll be perfect looking when prepared.

    To me they are a smaller more flavorful cornish game hen where a cornish game hen is that to a chicken in my opinion.

    That is their natural habitat. Couple of the habitats they can be found in anyways. The normal california/valley quail are found all over from oaks, chaparral, scrub brush, desertish areas, pines. The gambels I had pictures of at the end with the red heads are only in the desert. And then there are mountain quail too which are bigger. The mountain quail are harder to get imo they will be in the same general area as valley quail often but just in steeper more fucked places and usually are in smaller groups too.
    No stocked birds. The one time I hunted stocked birds I thought they were fucking retarded by comparison. I even caught a pheasant by hand and kept it. I couldn't shoot something that was that clueless. Fucking thing hurt it's foot later and got all infected had to ax it's head off later anyways. Different that way.
    Right now in the spring they probably eat a lot of grass and insects. In the fall when I hunt them it's mostly seeds of different sorts.

    I am next to a road at one point. Here when using a shotgun you can legally hunt right up to the road and even shoot over if done in a safe manner... whatever interpretation that leaves you subject to. I don't though. I always try to stay 50 yards or so away from a normal paved road that has decent amount of use as I think it's in bad taste and too many people that are ignorant and stupid to guns around here. Some idiot that drives by at 60 will think I'm shooting baby eagles with a high capacity assault pump or something ridiculous.

    And I really did get 2 for 1 there. My friend got 3 dove with one shoot once and I as like no way how did you manage that? He said well they were on the ground... LOL. I said fuck you that doesn't count if you ground sluiced into a group of them sitting still.