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    Thanks Dom. Look forward to playing with you all! I had a blast on S2 over the weekend. You guys usually play on Friday and/or Saturday nights?
  2. Normally a group of CA players playing around 8 PM EST daily.
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  3. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

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    i have them if u still need the SCII maps for install =_)
  4. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN iDub Scrub

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    Is there any way to get these maps installed onto my PS3 HDD instead of having to use a flash drive? Im a little paranoid but anything to reduce any potential heat on my fat PS3 is worth it.
  6. Not really any simple way to do so as it will require homebrew the way I know of. You be better off just using a flash drive.
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  7. dizee

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    thought so, thanks.
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    I have a question about loading map packs onto the flash drive. After downloading the map pack to my laptop will the "extract all" to my removable disk (E:) unzip the files and i also have a question about the file path way, would my file pathway be E:\socomca\run.zarfiles11 or is there spaces between run and .zar and .zar and files and files and 11. When i perform the "extract all" i also get a "confirm encryption loss" message "do you want to copy this folder without encryption" "a problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted"
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    I find this to be fool proof. It automatically puts the folders and files in the right place. Thanks Dom.
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  10. Salutations ! So from what I gather .. those lil SOCOM2 DLC maps actually demanded a official HDD ? I didn't even know there's an official HDD ..?

    SOCOM3 wised up and allowed for flash drive , for USB right ? Last night there was SOCOMCA room I could not get into and Discord guy told me about picking up the DLCs

    Where is SOCOM3's DLC ? And how hard is it er not to have SOCOM2's DLC ? I've authentics all four SOCOM , I have a 500gig SATA HDD , though don't know if I'm willing to yank it out again

    Cheers much !!!
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    in order to use socom 2 hdd maps, you need to have gotten the last patch pushed by zipper when the servers were live. thus, hardly anyone plays them on xlink now since the patch can only be used on the system it was downloaded on.

    the CA maps are at

    unzip it and put it on a usb flash drive. put flash drive into your console and boot up combined assault. should be able to join and create games with the dlc maps
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  12. I've got SOCOMCA maps

    How about SOCOM3 maps ?
  13. dizee

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    im not sure about those and i dont think anyone plays S3 anyways since its inferior to CA. CA is basically S3 and a expansion pack.
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  15. You sire are the truth ! Thank ye !!!

    Do I have to see ingame options ? Will the games just automatically read SOCOM3 and SOCOMCA directories ?
  16. It will automatic detect the map packs. Only SOCOM 2 you need to go in options screen. SOCOM3/CA both auto detect. If using a USB Mass Device (flash drive and etc) you can plug it in anytime and it will detect them.
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  17. Welp apparently SOCOM2 DLC was only avail tied to PS2 unit , so I'm far too late for that party
  18. Not sure what you mean. SOCOM 2 DLC can easy be installed on any PS2 HDD. The only issue is needing the patch to play which there different methods tat can be use to get it if you don't have it.
  19. Surely sign me up ! What am I getting into , would I have to stick my SOCOM2 in my PC and 'digitize it' (ImgBurn it) and apply patch on iso ?
  20. Also I've popped in SOCOM3 soon to be CA too to confirm they're reading the SOCOM3 and SOCOMCA directories

    I am in LAN Create Game , how do I know what are the new additions ?
  21. texaco

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    Looking to fire CA back up and looking for any advice ..

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