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  1. When you go to create a game look at the list of the maps and go down to the bottom. If the maps loaded you should see them at the bottom of the list.
  2. LAN , Playlist , last four I see say Storm Front .. Fault .. Waterworks .. Blackwoods
  3. You probably do not have the SOCOM 3 patch. On SOCOM3 you need the patch to play map packs. Lucky CA the patch is not require for the map packs.
  4. Ahh , where is the SOCOM3 patch ? I will fire up CA now too and see the DLC maps

    EDIT: Beautiful , saw IGN article that says it's ten maps , plus their names , I see they've all loaded in my SOCOMCA !
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  5. There no easy way to get the patch. It require being able to run homebrew to get it.
  6. I've been installed the softmod exploit to memory card , FreeBoot

    Pray tell
  7. If you have a Phat PS2 v7, or under you can change your PS2 link id to match the patch. A qucik way to tell if you have a v7, or less is if you see the firewire prot beside your USBs you got a v7, or under and you can install the patch using the method above.

    Let me know if you have v7, or under I will send you what you need.
  8. When I got this fat I went for the model # 39001 , yes it's got the firewire port =}
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    please, how can i add the socom CA map packs to pcsx2?
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