DUST 514: [. E .] Elements Of Death Recruiting Vets & Newbs w/ Dedication to be Elite

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    Our philosophy here is simple; brotherhood and unwavering drive to succeed. Being able to adapt, with a focus on teamwork, and competitive mindset, in a well organized (regular operations) & highly communicative corp- enable us to be one of the best in gaming.

    Core Philosophy
    • Dedication to the Win
    • Brotherhood
    • Adaptability
    • No egos- what makes you elite is great skill combined with teamwork & strategy.
    • Competitive Drive
    • Communication & Team work (mic required as well)
    • Regular practice of strategy & tactics every Tues, Thurs & Sun.

    History of EOD
    [EOD] Elements of Death, is a Clan / Corp, operational since Aug 27, 2002, which specializes in competitive gaming on PSN, now focused on EVE / DUST. We decided on 256 players to maintain a large enough concurrent online presence to effectively operate, but not be to large to lose team comradery and vision. Should the need arise in the future we will scale to meet the competitive requirements. As a founding member of the [OC] Omega Commission Alliance, we strive to best in New Eden.

    [EOD] clan is filled willed with veteran gamers, playing online competitively since SOCOM invented "console" online play. During our SOCOM 1 & 2 rein we were undefeated in over 500 matches spanning 3yrs of play, during Resistance we were one of the top clans and placed 3rd in the GGL Resistance Tourney. While competing in COD4 we consistently ranked in the top 25 GB clans every season and won multiple tournaments. Made a run up the KZ2 Clan Ladder (Top 5). In MAG we dominated with a 99% win ratio during our reign. Considered to be the best clan on MAG ultimately merging to become [VE] Valor Elite.

    We are a clan with a long history, with some of the best players in the world. We are moving now onto Eve / Dust operations to shake up the world of New Eden. Currently we are recruiting for Eve and Dust, post in this thread if your interested with the below info, or apply online in Dust or Eve.

    Howto Apply
    In Game- DUST: Search for Elements Of Death Elite (PVP, PVE, Dust)
    In Game- Eve: Search for Elements 0f Death (note the Zero in 0F). - (Industrial Corp)

    Post in this thread with the following info:
    EOD Hangouts
    Eve / Dust Chat: -EOD Pub
    Website: www.EODclan.org
    EOD's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elementsofdeath
    EOD's Twitter: @elementsofdeath https://twitter.com/ElementsOfDeath
    EOD's YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ElementsOfDeathClan
    EOD's TeamSpeak: eodclan.org
    EOD's Android App- Search Google Play: EOD Clan
    We'll of course, also be playing H-Hour when it arrives (supposedly July 2014). Or any other SOCOM that comes out and we still hop on Confrontation & S4.
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    Hey man I literally just got a new ps3 after not playing for quite some time but I'm really interested in starting to play confrontation again but I hear there's a lot of hackers or whatever so hopefully I can find a clan to play with. It'll take me some getting used to again before I get back to my best but shouldn't take too long. My PSN is Verittaz, I'd add you but I can't tell if your PSN is DUST 514 or if dust.

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