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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Stealth, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt



    I would just do the normal link, stuff, but I wanted this up and being constantly watched for specific reasons, extrapolate what you will/can with your minds from this game play footage and imagine it from a past SOCOM game, and imagine a future one.

    More on this tomorrow night.
  2. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    Both games looked great... I may get them both.
  3. xStartThMachinex

    xStartThMachinex Rah-he-lah!

    For me, The Division and Dead Rising 3 were the best things shown yesterday.
  4. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    Spot on man!

    As a socomer, watching E3, those are the two games that really got me pumped up. Just the potential alone in those two titles...

    Yeah, there will be a handful of other mindblowing games, but those two look mint.
  5. Eminem

    Eminem Devil's Road

    The division looks awesome
  6. Bush_Wacker1

    Bush_Wacker1 Rah-he-lah!

    Both games look pretty fun. The Division has potential.
  7. VanilaGorila

    VanilaGorila Claymore Jumper

    The Division is a day one buy, never could get into the MG series for some reason.
  8. Blindfire

    Blindfire Butterstick

    The Division looks awesome. An RPG open world third-person shooter game just sounds (and now looks) like it could be a lot of fun. I'll definitely stay in tuned for more information on this game. Excited to see what else they bring.

    MG looks pretty cool. I think the multiplayer gameplay will decide for me whether I buy it or not.
  9. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    i tried to get into the mg series twice. back in the ps2 days i bought one and i bought the one for the ps3. i think combined i had 20 minutes into them. well, 20 minutes playing, 2 hours watching movies....
  10. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I told my friend last night we went from having zero games to play to having too many
  11. Spkr4TheDead

    Spkr4TheDead Butterstick

    I'm not trusting anything made by Ubisoft. They lost me as a customer due to Vegas 1 and 2. Some of the worst games I've played. Campaigns were lame and short, too.

    I'll be glossing over The Division. Remote healing? No thanks

    CHILECANO Green Up

    I dont know if you guys know but

    PS4 will REQUIRE PS+ for ONLINE

    Just passing on the news, not gonna even comment about how disgusting I think it is....oh wait, I just did :p
  13. xStartThMachinex

    xStartThMachinex Rah-he-lah!

    We have the PS Plus news in multiple threads.

    xPREDICTIONx Requiem

    $50 a year to play online with PS+ and free games every month with betas, demos, indie game discounts that bring me back to my childhood with stellar graphics and smooth as ice PC gameplay? Take my bank account.


    MGS is definitely an acquired taste lol. I love the series but I have to be in the mood for it cause on top of all the slow stealth action there's a shit ton of cutscenes to sit through. It can be tedious at times.

    Maybe with this new "open world" or sandbox type formula they are talking about they might have more gameplay and less cutscenes but given the history of the franchise I doubt it.
  16. rev

    rev picard is lord

    100% buying this game...

    Online open world? take my goddamn money Ubisoft...

    So many games to look forward to on the PS4 -

    The Division
    Drive Club
    The Witness

    The list goes on and on, tons of indie goodness as well...
  17. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    This is not socom related. Lukenbacher needs to move this thread to general gaming.
  18. zAssassino

    zAssassino Guest

    Games look good
  19. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    About time someone said it, I know of quite a few Zipper employees who've gone off to Bungie and a decent amount over to Ubisoft, at the end of the video, that was the first thing out of my mouth.... "it's a next-gen MAG in the city."

    Which is cool, but that 3rd Person Camera captured you all for a moment didn't it?

    MGS5, my god, I was personally as a long time day one MGS fan, really disappointed with MGS4, but whoa, MGS5 is finally panning out to encumber some really nice Stealth action.

    Typical MGS, but like it was advertised, their "new breed of stealth" definitely shows. At least to a seasoned MGS fan.
    Watchdogs, Ubisoft has really impressed in recent years, I've always kinda looked down upon them, I'll flat out say it now, I don't think for a second FC3 deserved the praise it got, game looked hideous, voice acting & actual narrative was piss poor.

    Far Cry 2 was cool to see Jungle in a different way, instead of tropical it was African. But didn't really do a proper job blowing minds like Crysis did.

    The failed RB6 and Ghost Recon franchises, splinter cell was cool, but it's been slowly reviving itself for a long time now just barely getting it's neck above water.

    Though what I have to point out is, we've got a really nice looking camera on for TPS with the Division, and then MGS.

    Now what game has that same kind of panning of camera angles but a faster pace and more fluid animation system? Uncharted 2.


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