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Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by Tawok, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Tawok

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    What's up fellow Xlink astronauts.

    I'm starting a thread here where we can post some sweet eBay deals for anybody looking to get back into the fold. I'll only be posting "Buy It Now" listings, as I'm not trying to get you guys wrapped up in any bidding wars.

    ALWAYS AVAILABLE: This is a great deal. This guy is a refurbisher/professional game store so this bundle is always available. $89.99 + shipping gets you a PS2 Slim, Controller, Memory Card, and your choice of 8 games (including all the SOCOMs).

    Keep it rolling boys. If you scout eBay and you see a damn fine deal on a working kit, post it up.

    If you scope this thread and the links are busted and you're on the hunt let me know. I'd be happy to help you find your kit.

    "The Kit"

    -Memory Card

    Note: Most kits don't include the mic or component cables (crucial if you're using an HDTV). Make sure you pick those up if you need them.
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  3. SkiMask

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    Yeah don't make one of the mistakes I did and forget back then there were douchebags that made controllers sans pressure sensitivity. Nothing worse in SOCOM than not being able to creep.

    So try and find one that is at least made by Playstation unless you have a go to retro one that is worthy of mentioning.
  4. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    They feel cheap, but I've always had good luck with GameStop brand controllers. Never had any issue with pressure sensitivity, I've had GS brand PS3, GameCube, and Wii controllers. I'd always recommend full blood OG brand if you can help it, but GameStop is a solid knock off. MadCatz? Fuck them.
  5. I got one of those controllers with the pressure sensitivity, but lucky it did not effect me on Combined Assault since I was using the commander controller preset.

    There also are these cheap controllers that come in a box that look similar to the original Dualshock 2 controllers. The analog on those are horrible. You be moving and then keep stopping in place.
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  6. Tawok

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    $58 gets you the console, cords, memory card, controller, and some shitty games. Worth it.
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  7. xCaZx-

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  8. Tawok

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    $60 + $12 shipping gets you the full kit + Vice City. All you need is a copy of SOCOM and you're rocking.
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  9. Cypress

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    Hey Tawok, I really appreciate you posting these deals of the day as I've been looking to get a PS2 and get on XLink.

    I noticed this particular PS2 is listed as "Region Code: NTSC-J (Japan)". I was wondering if the region code would impact XLink in any way? I don't know much about the XLink process so thank you for your help.
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  10. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Woah, good catch dude. I don't think it will affect XLINK, as NTSC plays with NTSC. @Dominator94 would have to let us know for sure. In the meantime, there are plenty of non -J PS2s too choose from, so let's find you something...

    $43 + $10 shipping gets you the full kit.

    $62 + $18 shipping (Hollywood) full kit + Guitar Hero 1/2. I like this one because it's presented much nicer than the $43 bundle. SOLD

    If you decide to scoop one of these up, let me know so I can remove it from the post. Hope to see you online soon Cypress!
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  11. Cypress

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    I went for the $62 one, thanks a lot again for your help! I also picked up a mic and SOCOM 2. Now it's just waiting for delivery :(
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  12. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Niiiiiice. See you soon buddy, hopefully the shipping doesn't get buggered with all this ice rolling through the midwest.
  13. Tawok

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  14. Tawok

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  15. Tawok

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    This is one of the best deals you can find. These companies buy up shitty PS2s and fix them up. They're flying out of here at $43 with free shipping. Still need a memory card, a copy of SOCOM, and a mic.

    Ebay refurbs can be the best deal you can find on an out of production console. These guys buy replacement parts and gut the shit. I have an ebay refurb PS2 and it runs like new. That's my anecdotal story though, not the rule, so buyer beware. Always check seller rating, which in this case is about as sound as it gets.
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  16. Drum

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    This may be a great deal if you don't mind buying the network adapter separately: Fat PS2 Black Console with Extra Controller. A fat PS2! With two AUTHENTIC Sony controllers! (Yes, it's an auction item. But it starts at $39, there's still no bid, and God knows what the buying price will be.) Get on it!
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  17. 1UP

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  18. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    This seller lowered the price on their fat PS2 to $26.40 because it's unknown whether the network adapter works. Also, the controller and memcard are for PS1. But the seller says the unit has been tested and that it works. I wouldn't normally share such an item, but $26.40 is a heckuva bargain for a working fat PS2 with cables.
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  19. Tawok

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    Holy shit is that ever a good deal. A working PS2 is easily worth $50-$60 lately.

    I kind of like this deal. $99 with free shipping gets you the console, cords, controller, and twenty games (including SOCOM). Just doesn't have a memory card or mic. Great deal if you want all of those classic games for a good deal.

    Love love love this deal. $89 with free shipping get's you damn near "the complete kit". Only thing you need to get back into the action is a mic.
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  20. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

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