eSEALS future season players or commentate/content producers

Discussion in 'Clans' started by hexum, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    Going into our third season in a few fews, we will potentially be looking for additional players, as well as, commentator and content providers. If interested please post your discord name and twitter/youtube here. Looking for fresh ideas to help spread the good word of SOCOM.

    Any questions please message me at hexum#5554 on discord.
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    Being a competitive league, would you be looking strictly for... you know, GOOD players? If not, I'd be willing to join a Washington Generals-esque team.
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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    I still want to shoutcast before I start my next gig and can't do this stuff anymore. Let's chat soon!
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  4. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    for sure!
  5. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    We've talked about some sort of matches where we could get prominent SOCOM community members with special guests involved as a bonus during off times or between seasons.

    Who wants to captain against Team Animal with a school yard draft right before the match?
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  6. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Yup. Yup. Yup.

    Pick up Captanism against Moderation? Oh hell yeah!

    Who gonna be a taker? I'll play under any ya'll, any day. If only you don't mind an absolute mope squirrel styling around the map like an utter asshole flinging smokes and shit?

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    You guys have to let me get a piece of the action as well! A community spectacle tourney just for fun with esports type of casting over the hilarious gameplay will be gold!
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  8. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    HAHA. im looking forward to ideas that ive heard. @Animal-_- in a 1v1 round 11...5-5 score. If he wins it....HE WILL BE REMEMBERED FOREVER..if he one would be shocked amiright?
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  9. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Honestly, I think doing some kind of coming together night where the main people from E-Seals and the main people from here get together and play is actually a really great idea. That would be a great way to unify things in a positive way and move forward from all the bullshit that's happened recently.


    With some quality shoutcasting, spectator cams, and shit, we can do some serious Pros vs. Joes shit here
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  11. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Sans memory card or...would this be one of them times we would be required to use the patch? We could still multitwitch the teams and split the Discords and the Spectator(s) could still utilize all cams, correct?

    Interested either way seeing as I'm still not completely clear on its execution. Two memory cards then?

    When I was trying to think of different angles to patched vs non-patched I was reminded that guns were taken out the current version. Not sure this event would be quite the same without them whack ass dubs and 14s.
  12. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    I'd like to see the regular TRS guys get into eSEALs. Let them have their own squad and play together through the entire season. Obviously that would require the patch, though.
  13. Eminem

    Eminem Devil's Road

    Had a ton of shit going on but i should be set up to be back online in the next week or two i'd love to get back into it ill hit u up when i start playing again hex
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  14. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    u know how to get ahold of me man......cant wait!
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