eSEALS Season 2 Rosters, Schedule, Maps

Discussion in 'Events' started by hexum, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.55.01 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.55.23 AM.png
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  2. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    So I have a question, whoever wins this whole season thing do they get like a trophy, a cookie, ice cream cone, a candy bar, or something? Or do they just get e-cred in a relatively dead community?
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  3. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Great question! What would YOU like to see? Gaming headsets, cash, gift cards, capture cards, er what?

    Maybe after Season 2 and just before Season 3 you or some other clever chaps around here can come up with some ideas for prizes and/or pools and such? One thing my mommy always taught me was when I was to criticize something it was always best done with a solution or at the very least a couple ideas for improvement up the sleeve.

    That way you don't look like a huge fucking dick talking shit.

    Got any of them ideas Evo or just stopping by to look down your nose today because you're infatuated with the Hex?
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  4. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    I'm actually looking into some 3D printing companies that make dolls and characters for anyone from a drawing and seeing about doing all Socom characters. Maybe we could create a trophy like deal with the characters? That would be awesome. eh?

    But yeah.... good call it. LOL
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  5. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    Let's be honest here... there would have to be some sort of monetary value in order for this to really take off. I don't play in the league but I believe the boys play in it just to get their competitive juices flowing. I see people all the time flaunt their old clan records and awards like some sort of high school letterman jacket, so there will always be a competitive scene. Wager matches would be fun to watch but with the state of how inconsistent XLink can be i could see that causing some serious issues.
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  6. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    But a 3D printout of a socom seal would be kinda cool in a completely dorky way, but I think that would be a fun paper weight or gadget.
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  7. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Exactly. Like, I'm probably going to do this anyway. LOL How freaking cool would it be to have the Gordons FF dude or the Chef DT character sitting at your desk? ha! Seriously looking into this. Cost is really reasonable now on this stuff too.
  8. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    I think it would be pretty sweet. I mean if we are crazy enough to go thru that we do to play socom still, what's wrong with having a cool reminder of the good ole days?
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  9. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Sorry about the date mixup. I think that's great you putting it back out into the fray and giving your subs a higher chance to win some cash.

    So along the likes of which Evo was criticizing the idea of something to give folks (ice cream and shit?!?) and you liking the slam (it is funny, btw) then so what would you propose then? One hand you laugh that there is nothing to be given to the folks who showed up for SOCOM week in and week out with friends (playing, streaming, getting the word out, recruiting etc etc etc) and on the other you say any monetary support is futile.

    So what are some of the ideas you have then? This looks to be a fun little league of like minded folks similar to that of a bowling league. Is there not something that could make it fun, incentivize folks to play, and wouldn't damage the integrity? Your returning of the money to the stream is a great idea.

    Hoping you have a few more?

    I think growing the league is important and a good look for SOCOM, TRS and the wider movement of retaining and picking up new memberships. What say you?
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    None of this stuff matters. Gamebattles is the only true arena where the greats competed.

    Only the best played on Gamebattles.
  11. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    What's the end goal here? To me this feels like a backyard whiffle ball league that a bunch of good friends put together. I don't doubt the amount of time that has been put into this and you can see the hard work paying off, but it is hard to take this league seriously. Don't get me wrong, I could come nowhere close to what they have put together so I'm not criticizing. If this is meant to be a league and have a good number of followers you have to give the viewers consistency. A set time and date for matches (I know it's hard with schedules but it's a must), set match numbers (3v3 one night and 4v4 the next), and set broadcast team (don't have rando players come in and smoke weed on your stream). Loved the draft they did, like the spectating mode that was added, and like the use of discord to go into the players mindset. If you are going for just a fun league that doesn't take itself seriously than I think you have nailed it and should be happy with where you are at. i think @1UP has some cool ideas that could enhance Eseals as well.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I challenge any team in that league to play me on Nightstalker.

    Bet you none of them mark ass lames even think about trying me on some Nightstalker.
  13. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    I'll take you on Nightstalker but I call Terrorists.
  14. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    It's the little things that can make something that much better. I mean even something like that as a trophy could be neat. This league thing doesn't have to matter really to anyone other than the people who enjoy doing it.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Sides will be chosen at random. By a coinflip I make live on Discord to ensure integrity.
  16. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    You're really wrong on all accounts I was actually being serious.

    BUT, I guess insane rants that make 0 sense are the Skimask way so I am not in the least bit surprised.
  17. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    Ro Sham Bo best 2 out of 3 on discord?
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  18. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I think the best thing to do is, if you're not going to actually play in the league, not come in here and comment on it, because all it's going to do is stir up unnecessary shit. Evo was obviously joking, and Ski has already pounced with one of his patented bi-polar, duel personality responses. But, it could be avoided by just not posting where people know their comment is just going to cause drama.
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  19. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    I'm taking Ali's assholes to take it all this season! Good job Hex on this and keep it going bro.
  20. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    If we want to have a discussion about the pros and cons of prizes in the eSEALs league then we should do it separately from this thread for sure.
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