eSEALS Season 2 Rosters, Schedule, Maps

Discussion in 'Events' started by hexum, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Tawok

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    I just talked to Hexum about that last night. The first season winners were sent out SCUF controllers and customized dog tags. I don't think any reward for season 2 is set in stone, and season 3 has a $500 pot.

    Why is it hard to take the league seriously? Have you watched the streams or anything like that? They take it very seriously and commentate on it like a pro game. It's very fun to watch and gets crazy amounts of viewers for a SOCOM stream.

    The end goal is to foster a competitive environment for the players that still want that kind of play. is the new SOCOMbattles and there are a shit ton of people interested in this. Anything to get more activity and more people playing SOCOM is cool by me. The whiffle ball league is starting in a few weeks on Sundays, for the players that want to eSeal but a little less seriously. eSEALs will be the NFL of SOCOM XLINK, Sunday will be the Arena/Lingerie League, and the pubs will effectively be the backyard.

    I don't personally have interest in playing anything other than some good ol' backyard SOCOM, but if other dudes wanna take it seriously, more power to 'em.
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  2. eVo7

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    I am assuming that if there is going to be noteworthy prizes like the 500 dollars that playing on eSeals would require the Harry patch to mitigate cheaters right? I mean there are still nerds out there that cheat because they still think it's 2003 and who care about their SOCOM e-rep of being "good", could you imagine if they found out they were playing for actual money????
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    *mark ass bustas

    Your early 90's ebo needs some work, Loc...
  4. Tawok

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    The patch is required for all eSEALs participants.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Take yo crab ass back to da west side u smurf azz bitch.
  6. hexum

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    Tawok said it perfectly....Patch is required not only to deter cheaters...which i wouldnt think any of these guys are cheaters, but more so for the limited kill cams (added because of eseals), the spectator options (added because of the eseals), and the plethora of additional maps.

    Prizes for season 1 were modded controllers created by corrupt. The controller adds different buttons for select fire and reload...basically socom scuf controllers.

    the controllers were for co-league mvps and finals MVP. winning team also received a personalized dog tag calling out the season 1 championship.

    Season 2 there isnt a prize for a specific reason. Season 3 there will be.
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  7. MattyB

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    Yeah I watched most of season 1 and have been sporadic on season 2. I wasn't trying to knock what they have done as it's impressive regardless of what side you stand on. My main point was in season 1 there were times where the quality would drop due to one or two guys coming in and doing dumb things like I noted above. Hex has always kept it professional and I believe he would tell you that I have shown my support for the league. You make some valid call outs and some good points on the structure, though.
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  8. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    @MattyB is actually 100% accurate. its something ive tried to police but couldnt manage to do. just googled how to make vip chats so that wont happen again!!!
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  9. SkiMask

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    Any Finals highlights or videos of it yet? I heard there was a draft or something for Season 3, can anyone elaborate on it and anything else about the beer league and whether that might still be a thing? Interested to hear more about some of the inner goings on if possible. Brackets, drafts, coverage, rosters, etc.

    Be cool to see how its set up and whats to come if its know yet.

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