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Discussion in 'Events' started by SkiMask, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. SkiMask

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    The rebound reboot time is 8 fold longer on CA too. I don't usually disconnect once, I dunno, am "firmly connected" but lately getting that first set of rooms to "stick" has been a challenge on both games.

    Combined Assault shit disappears FAST on me though and S2 just has seemingly random hiccups (I still havent hard wired yet so that should say magnitudes). Hell I'll give them both 30 minutes tops though once I get booted now. No more 4 hour power hours trying and retrying. And nothing deflating than seeing only 6 people on CA after trying to connect for 25 minutes.
  2. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    One of those times was you selecting 'Online' instead of 'LAN'
  3. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Oh man. I remember that. Shit, happens to the best of us. Didn't he call in for tech support that night too?
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  4. eVo7

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    He did!!! lmao.
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  5. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    From strictly a gameplay standpoint what makes Socom 2 superior to Socom 3/CA? So if you take 8v8 in both games what makes Socom 2 better? Not including maps, just gameplay?


    Personally, I feel S2 has a more consistent pace as far as movement with the lack of encumberance. Some people say that they prefer the recoil feel of S2 guns over CA, and I understand that, but I appreciate both. Unfortunately for me, both games have unique ways that they make grenades annoying as hell. S2 lets you have 9 of them, and CA lets you huck them across the map in movement. Visually, CA either has a lot less anti-aliasing, or a lower resolution or something, because I can barely ever see shit more than 60m out. This can significantly affect gameplay when engagement distances are extended, as they usually are in CA.

    I don't think you can exactly divorce gameplay from map design when it comes to CA. The maps have a significant effect on the flow of gameplay, especially when a UCRR makes bad picks. 4v4 Waterworks Large for example, is the kind of fucking nightmare that S2 wouldn't let you do to yourself.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Its hard to describe exactly. I think it has something to do with the "weight" of your player and how he moves. CA looked the same, moved the same, but it just didnt "feel" the same. The best comparison I can think of is if you look at a fake Rolex, even a good one, sitting next to a real Rolex from 10 feet away, they would appear almost identical.

    But were you to handle both, you would immediately "feel" the difference. The real one would jump out to anyone who knows the first thing about watches. Its heavier, the second hand sweeps rather than ticking, it just "feels" different than the fake one.

    Same thing happens to me when I play CA. Its like playing a facsimile that just feels like a cheap knockoff.
  8. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I've already debunked all of this multiple times in this thread, Chicken.

    1) Harry himself has said that the patch isn't 100% fullproof in preventing cheating and that it's impossible to know for certain whether or not a person is cheating.

    2) Having commentators doesn't mean anything because cheating doesn't have to be something overtly obvious that a commentator could easily spot like infinite health of flying around the map. It can be something subtle and nearly impossibly to legitimately detect such as e-tags or one shot kills.

    3) Random people playing together actually incentivizes cheating even more, it doesn't lessen the chance.

    If someone is using e-tags or one shot kills, it's literally impossibly to legitimately prove they're cheating unless you have actual evidence, such as a screenshot of their screen on their end or a video of them uploading a one shot kill code or something. The best anyone could do is claim someone is cheating, but they could never conclusively prove it.

    Again, I'm not saying there is cheating going on. I'm simply saying that cheating is absolutely 100% a possibility, and it's something that E-Seals is going to have to pay close attention to and watch out for because it WILL become a problem at some point. There's no debate about that whatsoever.
  9. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    This is all facts. Add to the mix the possibility of people jokering these codes on and off at the press of a button so they can look semi legit when they are under a microscope and it's nearly impossible to say.
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  10. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I don't have an ego.
  11. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I'M not saying that. Harry himself said that. Harry, the guy that made the patch himself, has stated that there's no way the patch can be 100% fullproof and that it's impossible to know for certain if someone is cheating or not. I've stated that multiple times now.
  12. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    We only voted you out because we were trying to get a friend in the room.
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  13. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    And what does that have to do with what I'm discussing in here? They're two completely and totally different topics that aren't related to each other.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    This is a lie.
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  15. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    I didn't say cheating isn't possible. It is essentially impossible.

    No one is cheating in eSEALs.
  16. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    1) You don't know that for certain.

    2) You don't know that for certain.
  17. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    The same could be said of your point of view. Seeing as the burden of proof typically lies with the person(s) saying something is likely to happen or is currently happening, you would be the one who needs to provide evidence to back up your claim here, not the people running or participating in the league.

    Do you have any such proof?
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  18. MattyB

    MattyB Devil's Road

    1) You don’t know if he does for certain.

    2) You don’t know if he does for certain.
  19. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    I don't subscribe to the whole "burden of proof" non-sense. It makes no difference who's making a claim. If two people are going to provide a stance, both people are obligated to back up what they say, not just one of them.

    Having said that, sure, here's mine:


    Now, before someone yells, "SEE, HE SAID THERE'S NO WAY TO TELL UNLESS THEY'RE IN A PATCHED GAME!" He's not saying that the patch is bulletproof in a patched game. He's saying that the only way to know for sure if someone has the patch at all is if the game itself is patched. However, as Harry himself stated, the patch is not bullet proof.

    My second piece of evidence is this:


    SOCOM has a rampant, notorious history of cheating and cheaters. It's ingrained into the franchise. Every game has been ruined by it. If people honestly think that even the possibility that cheating could happen on a 14 year old game using a third party software isn't an issue, then that person or persons is being extremely naive. Given the history of the franchise and the type of players that play it, it should always be assumed that cheating is either going on or will happen sometime in the future.
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  20. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    Throughout the history of time there have been both clans and players that have come and gone in the Socom series that were really good that could of been cheating or could not have but at that time we used common sense in those situations and for the most part found those outliers and didn't allow or them to reap any benefit from it other than stomping clan wars.

    It's 2017 and if anything people are even more receptive to cheating and noticing it as it is ingrained in every facet of online gaming. Between the players/clans, the commentators, the refs and everybody else associated with eSeals I believe we should have the upmost faith that they will be able to keep this league as legit as possible.

    Yes there might be cheaters that pop up the same as people who get found for using steroids in mainstream sports, you continue your checks and balances and remove the cheater and continue the efforts into keeping the league legit.

    As dedicated as these guys are to even get people to be this competitive about a 15yr old game should be proof enough to say that they also will be vigilant in spotting cheaters
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