Focuzed's Task Force Tester Recruitment Thread Pt. 2

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by Animal-_-, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I read about half your post and watched the h-hour video before i realized what the difference between socom and all other shooters is. socom feels like a front steering vehicle and everything else feels like a rear steering vehicle. on socom when you turn you lead with your gun and upper body, on everything else you lead with your ass and your upper body just goes along for the ride. forklift vs golf cart.
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    I believe so.
    Not really. It just didn't look like this:

    And even this doesn't capture how fucking odd HHour's character swivels completely and then turns back to shoot. Look WHY they cut the scene at the knees. You can almost witness the goofy. HHours's character's waist doesn't twist with the torso barely AT ALL.

    Almost as goofy as this "Sneak Peek"
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    I liked our movement in Project C, a few more tweeks and it cold hit that sweet spot. Ranger has a tool that measures all these twist and turns at every angle. He tried posting and giving it to HHOUR a while back, but you know how that goes.

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    Holy hell, how did I not see this video? Watching them sidebyside really puts it in perspective.

    I will say, I like the fog pockets rolling through, that's a neat effect that sort of serves the purpose of the fog of war, inhibiting long sight lines, but in a way that looks better. The animations themselves, I feel, are kind of choppy, which is fair for such an early product.

    Not to pick on you, I swear, but ProjC, TF, these games all seem to have a forward sprinting animation where the character has the gun low, swinging it around in a wide arc, kind of like the sprint in COD4. This is major nitpicking, but I personally really prefer the look of SOCOM's sprint where the gun is high up, you can see the movement of the arms a lot more. It's almost like they're wading through a river at 20 mph.
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    Nitpicking with Eagle would be to point out the pitchman's usage of "their" and "there" and "they're" when presenting.

    Your example was sound and spot on. I too, liked that part of SOCOM's "realism". Cause you WOULD run like that even if you weren't wading through a trench with water moccasins actively slithering into the drink to KILL YOU.

    Condoms on the tip would round it out, actually.
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    Nit picking? No way, let us have it! I will say this, its on the list as to what to change animation wise. I dislike the weapon down low.

    1:20 mark is my style, walking with it low, sprinting with it high.



    That reminds me, are you guys going to be posting devblogs again, or are you still on hold for now?
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    Still on hold. In talks on our next steps. Most likely will go away with devblogs for the time being if and when we start up again and focus purely on development only.
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    Can't test and can't even join there steam group? They want support but deny access to there game? Dude has changed? Maybe I should stream?

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