Fortnite just beat PUBG to console

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    Here is mine.
    power cord
    flip up screen
    headphone jack
    built in mouse thingy
    various important input holes on the side and back
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    Since @1UP is Jelly, that must make you Peanut Butter?

    Thats why I dont like revealing my specs to the plebs. It causes too much envy and bitterness.
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    Input holes...gig..GIG..GigitTT..GIGGITY!!!
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    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

  6. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    Fortnite BattleRoyale goes free to play September 26th and will be a open download for all platforms. If you happened to purchase the game just for BR since the beta started, you're eligible for a full refund.

    They'll also be adding squads come public release. Games about to blow up in a big way. If you been waiting for BR on console, this is it. I'd highly recommend a download especially for free.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

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    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    It could have happened to anyone so nothing special done on my part, all I did was bring the issue to light. I will admit it was pretty cool having my gamertag blown around pretty much everywhere gaming related for a day or two.

    This video below covering the news really gave me a good laugh as they have a pretty good bit with my gamertag

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    Thats awesome bro. You should have plugged Socom though. "Well I noticed there was a space in his name, just like we used to be able to do on Socom 2, the greatest game ever made....."

    Something like that.

    The real question is, how are you going to parlay this newfound celebrity into getting laid?
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    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    By not mentioning this to any woman for the rest of my life I should be able to convert this opportunity into a significant increase in my sex life
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    This game is really great. Enjoying myself
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    Introduce yourself as pre underscore hyphen cision hypen underscore and watch them panties drop!
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    Here's some gameplay pretty much showcasing why I like FNBR better than PUBG. My friend and were playing with randoms and got the win. 20min of commentary, might do more of these in the future it was fun. Anyone from TRS playing and want to team on squads?

  14. Organ-Donor

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    I downloaded the game yesterday but haven't played yet. So Battle Royal is Free, but I didn't even see the main game listed when searching "Fortnite" in the PS Store.
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    Just downloaded it
  16. Organ-Donor

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    If you don't mind the cartoon graphics it's actually pretty fun, especially being free to play. Mind you I haven't played PUBG. But it's a refreshing game on consoles. The building aspect during combat reminds me somewhat of Starhawk.

    I've only played 2 matches in solo so far so I'm still learning controls for the game. I've been surprised by an enemy and accidentally pulled out my blueprints mid fight.

    My first game I placed like 80th because I landed right next to someone who snatched a pistol right away and killed me instantly while I only had an axe. Second game I placed 9th as I'm learning as I go. A shooting range would be nice so you could test weapons beforehand, I learned the hard way how much range the shotgun has.

    So if you can deal with the cartoon style graphics this is pretty fun game in my opinion. Again I haven't played PUBG, H1z1, or DayZ so I can't compare. So far I've only played solo, none of my friends that have it are online so squads with friends would be even more fun. Some sort of vehicle would be welcomed, and the building aspect adds another element to Battle Royale (good or bad depending on how you look at it). Custom characters would be nice, and I think some gun tweaks need to be made, shotgun is pretty powerful and has a very long range.

    Sometimes you can look in 5 different houses/buildings and not 1 single weapon or item, but 1 house or building can have like 4 or 5 powerful weapons to fill your entire inventory which is too much in my opinion. I get it's random, but just seems stupid that by pure luck you can become the Terminator by entering just one single house or building. Also it would be nice to find a few more low level weapons like a pistol in some deserted areas or forests because if you don't land in one of the main popular areas in which about 10 other players are landing at the same time, you are left running around with nothing but an axe. I might just have to explore the map more. One more thing is the stupid cloud of dust by your feet when you run, you can see this from very far away giving away your position.

    So this might be a shitty Disney version of PUBG for those that play PC and play BR type games. But for me personally I'm having a lot of fun with it.
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  17. Organ-Donor

    Organ-Donor Butterdick

    I won in my 3rd game. Most of the other players took eachother out towards the remaining 10 left as I couldn't find anyone except one guy (the area was a complex multilevel compound with a ton of shipping containers). Then the zone shrunk again to just forrest. I think I only had like 8 or 9 kills when it was just me and the last guy left. He was camping behind a tree, we both knew where eachother were. I said fuck it, rushed him and right when he popped out to shoot me I capped him in the dome with the purple burst rifle. My umbrella that I can parachute down with at the beginning of the match so I look like Marry Poppins.

    Edit - are there no in game mics?
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    Can't believe I played this for hours and hours. The more I played the more I liked the game. And interesting enough this was the highest broadcast game streamed Live from PlayStation, even beating out Destiny 2. PS_Messages_20170928_183622.jpg


    I've been playing some of this myself. Did some solos and never did very well, but me and a friend squadded up as a duo and took on teams of 4. Definitely feel the disadvantage, but taking out a full team is all the more satisfying because of it. The game is indeed very fun, but I have some gripes.

    The shooting itself feels somewhat inconsistent. I've onetapped people with a revolver from around 100 yards away, and had to hit people two or three times with a sniper rifle. TTK ranges from way too quick to glacial depending on circumstance. This will surely be tweaked soon, though.

    I get that the closing storm is a new staple of BR games, but I feel it closes too fast, and makes most of the locations on the map death traps if they happen to be too far away from the first circle. If there were vehicles, like PUBG, I feel it'd be more manageable, but at this time, a lot of rounds end up being us jogging on the edge of the circle, hoping to hell we don't run into anyone after it stops, because then we'll just be doing the same thing again.
  20. Organ-Donor

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    So I've only done squads with randoms because my friends haven't been on yet. It always puts me in a 4 player squad. So if me and 1 other friend join up together in a squad it won't assign 2 more randoms to our squad to make it a full 4 player squad?

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