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    TheRealSOCOM Forum Rules


    Do not spam, advertise, or solicit on these forums. (publicly or privately) If you have a website, project, or an event you are interested in promoting/advertising, then contact a member of our staff for clearance. Violators will be banned immediately.


    Treat others how you want to be treated. Flame wars will be tolerated within reason, but do not take our generosity for granted or else Chuck Norris and his ban hammer will pay you a visit.



    Please be careful about what you post. This site is aimed at an 18+ crowd, but this does not mean we want a link to your favorite porn video or pictures. NO NUDITY ALLOWED. Please keep all "adult content" within reason and of good taste. Some foul language in content from time to time is acceptable (I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!), but please use your better judgement when posting.


    Threads and posts on highly contested subjects such as, but not limited to; gun control, violence, religion, conspiracy theories, politics and wars will be prohibited due to the nature of the subject. In the past such subjects were allowed and permitted under moderator discretion. It has come to our notice that these threads can become overly divisive and distract from the purpose of this site. However, threads and posts discussing real world weaponry, personal collections and weapon videos will still be permitted as long as the discussion remains civil.


    Do not create forum names and accounts that impersonate a real life entity, or another forum user, or post content on behalf of someone else leveraging a real life entity other than yourself. Examples include but are not limited to: game developers, gaming professionals, politicians, athletes, claiming you are a real life chicken that can type, actors/actresses, and other well known entities/brands within the gaming community. Another example would be if you aren't SukMyTurban aka BlackWido88, then do not replicate his username/handle/brand in any form or fashion by creating an account in his likeness or by posting content on his behalf. Any gray areas not covered above, or any other related incidents of this matter will be resolved by the discretion of the TRS staff on an individual basis.


    Signature size is limited to 500x200 pixels and Youtube videos will no longer be allowed as signatures in the interest of keeping page loading times down for those with slow connections and the current website's proclivity towards instability. Links to personal YouTube pages will still be permitted and the other content rules apply to signatures as well.


    All rules will be regulated and enforced by our admins and moderators. Any gray areas not covered will be addressed under our discretion. If you have any questions about these rules, or any other issues in general, please contact one of our staff members by following the link below:


    Edit from @Animal-_- :
    Until further notice the restrictions on topics like politics and social issues have been lifted within reason. They must be contained to their own topic (clearly titled) or evolve naturally from similar ones and only in the Mindless Ramblings section of the forums. This measure is being taken specifically to contain derailments on other parts of the site while providing members a chance to discuss these topics freely.

    As such, further controversial or toxic derailments in the other sections of the forums will now be dealt with in a much swifter and harsher fashion than before. Depending on context that means removing posts and possibly involuntary vacations from TRS. As always it remains the staff's discretion to judge what's appropriate.
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