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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Whos kissing Swills ass?

    You dont get to accuse him of making "subtle and unnoticed insults" towards you and then do the exact same thing in the next sentence you type. Nobody is trying to "Push you out" and what you percieve as "insults" were valid points brought up in a rational manner which you responded to with vulgarity and insults.

    Its hard to take any of this seriously when you cant even bring yourself to acknowledge that MAYBE 30+ teamkills a night is a little bit excessive and that there might be some way we could address the issue. In your mind its everybody elses fault and anyone who has an issue with it is out to get you.

    I like to use the M79 every time I play Nightstalker. But I dont use it against my friends when I play them because it fucks up the game and is a dick move. Yes I sometimes bust it out for a round or 2 after we have been getting our asses kicked, but by then the game has already been decided. I dont just use it every time I play and when someone asks me to put it away tell them "I play however I want" and to go fuck themselves and accuse them of "trying to push me out".

    Also at least 80% of the teamkills listed were strictly PMN mines, probably more. I might even go back and watch it later to get the exact amount because I dont like arguing ambiguous stats.
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  2. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    Pig I agree that not all of those 34 were purely mines but dude you got to put this into perspective. Nobody else even CAME CLOSE to hitting 34. I had one TK from a called in airstrike on sandstorm and that was it. I killed 2 hostages across the map on DG by shooting blindly into the hostage room door from the ruins on the seals right side and that was it. That puts me at 3. Nobody else even comes into the same ballpark as that 34 and to blame it all on a ticker is dumb. Mack even called it out last week and said he will be at about 35, it had nothing to do with the ticker. The ticker was added as a way to confirm the total numbers.

    Honestly if you go back and watch fish hook, Pig could have had atleast another 3 off of me alone. I watched the entire map this morning and I ran by a few more of them without knowing it multiple times, including a few rounds when I was running the vips around.
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  3. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Just let him do whatever he wants. The point's been made, he knows where we're coming from, and if he has any shred of common sense or awareness, he'll change things going forward. He probably won't, but it is what it is.

    I'll be on tonight if anyone wants to play.
  4. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    Yea, Goldberg likes to use the M79 on Night Stalker and there isn't a thing we can do about it.
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  5. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Amram Finkelstein lol.
  6. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

  7. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    Actually, the nade was behind you and to your right. It exploded mid-air. Watch the replay and listen for where the explosion is. And @eVo7 was near you: he was just inside the first leg of that skinny alley. Again, watch it and notice when you pan over to his fading name-tag. The nade went off between you and Evo, at the right spot to frag you both.

    Near the end of the match, I hit you with another barrage of mid-air nades at the middle gate. Afterwards, you said the killer one didn't explode, but it did. Watch again in slow-mo: you'll see the actual M67 flying at you before it explodes above you. (The 1st nade seemed to be too far away to take half your health like it did, but the 2nd one was right above you and properly deadly.)

    These mid-air nade blasts are typical on Sujo. I can demonstrate them if you want.
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  8. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

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  9. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    I love the PMN mines, but I also have very little patience for players who:
    -- are able call out mines, but don't call them out, and end up TKing me or others
    -- don't have a mic, but lay mines anyway

    Friday night, I died on a War Pig mine which he did not call out. He usually calls them out, but I guess he was half-asleep at the time. I was vocally pissed because the game was in the balance. (Btw, @WAR_PIG , I was wrong: the mine was on your dead body, not a SEAL's. Madden had killed you while you were planting it.) But get this: I hardly ever step on his mines after he calls them out. Why is that? Hmm, who knows. But when I do, it's my own damn fault!

    WarPig, I know these things aren't new to you. I've seen you put most of them into practice, with varying frequency. Maybe just work a little harder on this part of your game.
    --Call out every location, every time, loudly and clearly (as you do the vast majority of times), even if you're placing them in the same spots in every round.
    -- After calling out the less-obvious mines (e.g., the ones on Fish Hook), say: "Avoid the Boat House courtyard!"/"Stay out of the Red Room!"/etc.
    -- Repeat the call-out, a minute or so later in the round, to be sure.
    -- If we can't split channels, then mine only the most-common and most-predictable locations, or don't carry mines at all.
    -- Make custom team-messages: "PMN Mines in the base!"/"PMN Mines in doors and stairs!"/"PMN Mines in the bushes!"/etc.
    -- In the pre-game lobby, use team text to make a general call-out: "I'm mining the base" etc.

    If your teammates in a certain room keep running into your more-risky mines, no matter how well you've been calling them out, then yeah: it's probably time to stop planting those mines. (It doesn't necessarily mean you did something wrong. More often than not, in said situation, your teammates are just ignorant, careless, forgetful, whatever.) Otherwise, no: I wouldn't change your game.
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    Man you guys are so toxic. Warpig accidentally kills like 2 or 176 guys on his team and you all start spewing molten toxicity all over everyone like a toxic volcano.
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  11. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

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  12. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Hey heres that pizza we were talking about last night.

    buffalo chicken pizza.PNG

    The whole pie has over 2 pounds of chicken on it. You can see the size of the chunks well in the lower left hand corner. They put big glops of bleu cheese all around the pie after it comes out of the oven and it slowly melts and gets more viscous and mixes with the hot sauce while its in the box.

    I looks like the delivery guy might have taken some sharp left turns on his way to my house because it seems the liquidy bleu cheese slid over to the right a bit. It didnt make a difference though. It just made one side a bit hotter and one side a bit creamier.

    Absolutely delicious.


    Aren't you a bigot for assuming? What if that as
    Oh, you're one of those people who calls pizza "pie", what a pretentious asshole.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Really? Is that even a thing? Is it regional? What do you guys say up there?


    We just call it pizza lol. But I know New Yorkers and Jersey types call it a pie, and or course New Yorkers and Jersey people tend to be Yankees fans so I had to troll the comment by default. It's standard protocol for Redsox fans/ Bostonians to troll anything related to New York by default with extreme prejudice and unwarranted hatred.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    We have different names for different pizzas. For example, the "Tomato Pie" which originated in Trenton is always called "Tomato Pie", but when I ordered the Buffalo Chicken pie I said "Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza" to the guy I ordered from. I'm pretty sure I say "Pizza" when ordering "I'd like a Large Pepperoni Pizza, please", but then when I talk about it, I call it a "Pie".

    Also I think the term "Pie" is used more for standard plain pizzas. Like if describing a pizzeria i would say "They have really good pies there" or "I dont like their pies".

    But for pizzas with toppings or gourmet pizzas, I think I call them "Pizzas".

    What Chicago's stance on this @JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz ?


    All places have their quirks on what they call things. Like here we have clamboils and we refer to the soft shell oval clams as just clams but the more rounded hard shell clams with nothing to peel we call Quahogs. I'm not sure what they call them elsewhere, like if they just call them hard shell clams or whatever but when we ask people who aren't from like southern New England if they want to try some Quahogs most don't know what the hell we are talking about lol.
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  19. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    We don't call them pies out here. That's an East Coast thing, like New Haven calling a pizza Abeets or however you spell that. We just call them pizzas. The only differentiation we use is when referring to deep dish. It's just a "deep dish pizza". We don't even call a thin crust pizza "thin crust", because it's just a normal pizza. There are certain places you go to where you know you are getting a deep dish. Like if someone says, Let's go to Pequod's, Giordano's, Uno's or Due, Lou Malnati's, or Geno's East, it's for a deep dish. Otherwise it's could be either or.

    People outside of Chicago routinely think our deep dish pizza is the norm here, when the "thin crust" is our normal everyday pizza. Deep dish is more of a once in a while type thing because it's not really something you can eat a ton of unless you want to be carrying a ton of weight...and diabeetus.

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