"GameBattles, Clan Ladders, Tournaments Oh My!" Thread

Discussion in 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs' started by SkiMask, May 22, 2017.


Would you participate in SOCOM league?

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  1. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    Yes that's the same dizee. He's made amends though. Cool in my book.
  2. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    oh thank god. i was worried for a second you didnt pardon him..lol
  3. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    It's a video game you don't pardon people in a digital world.
  4. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]


    i guess ill add the /sarcasm hashtag next time
  5. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    Yes we have already discussed that. Like I said in another thread, anyone who pretends they were clean on S1 is a liar. Was like baseball in the 90s. The only difference is I never tried to hide my cheats on s1 because flying around the maps was alot more fun than using jokered garbage like nerds on xlink still do with code9.

  6. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    i didnt see that topic so sorry about that. not sure i agree with the s1 "everyone cheated" argument but its not a big issue today.

    i was just asking if that was you. thats it.
  7. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    I'd be curious to know who you think cheats on Xlink.

    I've said it a million times. There is a huge disparity of knowledge of SOCOM on XLink. Mostly tier 5-10 players with a couple tier 3 players that people either think they cheat or are really good. In reality, it is just some tier 3 players beating up on the lower tier guys and thinking they are special. You cheated before so you probably have that mentality where everyone cheats to you because no one can be above average. There are a lot of those people on Xlink.
  8. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    whatever helps you sleep at night. you cant bullshit a bullshitter buddy.
  9. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    Not sure how what I said is bullshitting. It is the clear cut truth. Anyone with a brain knows exactly what I am talking about in terms of the disparity of knowledge in SOCOM on Xlink.

    Who do you think cheats? You said it. People cheat on Xlink. So who now?
  10. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Hey Celerity how come I haven't heard the grifting of the ladders story from you yet? I asked specifically for folks to speak on this tough topic and would like to get the story from your mouth in your own words.

    Please explain from your POV what the situation is with these ladder efforts. SOCOM seems to be poppin off from the clan matches as evidenced to the dismal representation Bigfry put up the night prior even with his legion of subs.

    Also, where all them views coming from and what's THAT all about?
  11. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    Are you that butthurt about how I streamed Xlink and it was a lag filled mess?

    Typical H-Hour mindset. Support you all the way until you talk about something a little close to home, then you hate me. Fuck off.
  12. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    What grifting are you talking about? Maybe you're using that word in a way I'm not familiar with. Plus, what purpose are you serving by calling out Fry like that when aside from streaming the game, he has nothing to do with any sort of clan activity or ladders on Xlink? It comes off like you're just looking for any reason to stir up an argument.
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  13. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    It's ok Fry, I still HEART you and sub and follow on all the channels regardless of your actions. See with ME its not all or nothing all the damn time BECAUSE my feelings DONT get hurt so easily. Sounds like the inverse, actually.
    Because I was. I wanted to know why those who played in a clan ladder event for 45 minutes outshined someone with a shit ton of followers playing the previous night. And the grift is referring to Celerity building a website and him running all around asking WTF happened and why others were subverting his efforts by making two other sites. There is a poll on the FB group that is quite prominent and I wanted to hear his side of the story--here.

    And Hexum's if he is one of the other creators. But sure, I can stay in the dark about them...

    No difference to me other than I saw a ton of exposure and it came from something EVERYONE here basically said was bad for the game. So those who wish to debate can and I hope you allow it. Thanks in advance.

    Oh and it sounds like the SOCOMonline one is having some integrity issues or something...
  14. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    You don't get to do that. You have been subtly calling me out in multiple posts since my xlink stream. Get over it.
  15. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    not sure what you are looking for. i have responded to this thread. Im not in charge and have no created a site.

    ive already said which one im using as well..=)
  16. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Did you know any other cheaters/hackers?
  17. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    Ofcourse. I knew people who played in my clan that used cheats. Anyone who says they played clean may have not cheated themselves but I can guarantee you 100% they had clan members who did. Anyone who denies it is extremely naive, blind or just a liar.

    I had a old v1 codebreaker and most of the codes that eventually came out had to be in Hex form before for whatever reason its the only way it would work. Jokered codes were unstoppable and impossible to detect unless you made it REALLY obvious (remember, S1 showed how many hits you took in the post round stat screen. Thus if you took a shitton of hits in a round in a clan war with jokered codes on, you would quit before the round ended).
  18. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    If your clan was worth anything you HAD to have at least a couple of guys who knew their way around all cheats and code shit. Our clan had a couple of guys and thought it was funny as shit in a war if we saw hookie shit going on we call on them to even shit out and by the end of the war it was always silence from their side cause our guys inevitable could do it better than them. haha! Sucks but it was a part of the game.
  19. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Any names you remember?
  20. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]


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