"GameBattles, Clan Ladders, Tournaments Oh My!" Thread

Discussion in 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs' started by SkiMask, May 22, 2017.


Would you participate in SOCOM league?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. dizee

    dizee Crunchlord

    not really anymore. most of the people who cheated would use alternate name anyways. acidbomb never hid shit either, he gave 0 shits like i did.
  2. Harry62

    Harry62 Computer Room Technician

    I recognize that name. Checked my image archives and found an old leaderboard shot: http://i.imgur.com/57Gpn1s.jpg
  3. dizee

    dizee Crunchlord

    lol thats funny. i remember vividly in one clan war on abandoned as seals. after watching the other team rush the left tunnel/ramp over and over, acidbomb and i grenaded that tunnel for the entire 5 or 6 minute round.

    other team didnt say a word.
  4. 1UP

    1UP Grenade Spammer

    Business as usual amirite?
  5. Harry62

    Harry62 Computer Room Technician

    I miss the unknown aspect of the code scene. Constant rumors of new codes that blew away the current ones. I remember during the early days when infinite health was rare, and when there were rumors of a code that could flood your screen with votes.
  6. 1UP

    1UP Grenade Spammer

    Didn't that become a thing though at least in s2? I swear idot had it in a video and I think you did too.


    Nevermind, I found the video and it was robby
  7. Harry62

    Harry62 Computer Room Technician

    Yea, uni-terror made the original vote flood. I remade it in s2 for the robby video.
  8. dizee

    dizee Crunchlord

    one of my favorite codes was the one that let you hear the other team mic and talk to them instead. funny as shit to listen to the other team when a cheater skywalking across the map happens.

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