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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by PRE_-CISION-_, May 4, 2017.

  1. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I don't like desktops. Something about being stuck glued to one spot doesn't float my boat. I've never owned a gaming latop before so I need some help. My old non gaming laptop died and I gotta get a replacement and figured why not go hardcore.

    Games I'm looking into running include csgo, insurgency, player unknowns battlegrounds, h1z1, hhour (sike), battlefield 1, conan exiles and ect.

    I have no clue which of these would be the best choice. All the stats and such are written in another language to me. Which would be the biggest bang for my buck? Which can I get the most long term performance out of? I'm only interested in purchasing off Amazon and am not wiling to drop more than $900



  2. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    The second one is probably going to be the best choice. They are all very similar, in fact they all have the same graphics card GTX 960M.

    The second one has a little better processor, which is why I say its probably the best choice.

    FWIW, the best bang for your buck is always going to be a desktop PC.
  3. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    2nd one.

    i7 vs the 1st with an i5.
    Fuck Lenovo.
  4. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    Is there a big performance leap in i5 vs i7? How do these specs hold up vs modern day gaming? Can it hold its own for a few years?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Good luck trying to bring your desktop into bed with you so you can jerk off to midget porn and use the waterproof military grade shock casing as a splash guard.

    You didnt actually believe @PRE_-CISION-_ when he said he needed a laptop for "Gaming" purposes, did you?

    PRE is well known as the biggest pervert in the Socom community right behind @rev
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  6. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

    If you're looking at just pure gaming, i5 will do you good.
    For me? I always shoot for i7 if I can afford it just for that bump. Your drawback in these laptops are the Graphics cards
    960M are mobile cards, and in most modern Gaming Laptops, they are putting fully fleshed out gaming GPUs like 1070s and 1080s but those are expensive af
  7. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    How much are you trying to spend?
  8. Bigfry

    Bigfry Cancer-Free

  9. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    $900 won't get you a decent gaming laptop so I see it as a waste of money. $900 would go a long way on a desktop but if you're hell bent on a laptop I would wait and save up and get an appropriate gaming laptop with desktop capabilities.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Dude, you don't know what youre talking about.

    I picked this up for 15 bucks on Ebay and its been a great gaming laptop for me:

    old laptop.jpg

    I can play Zork and Oregon Trail with absolutely no framerate issues.
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  11. xSneak

    xSneak Chopsticks

    All those monitors have 60hz screens. Unless your plan is to use the hdmi out to connect to a 144hz monitor (not sure if u can get 144hz with that), all these are a waste of $900. You will never do better than mediocre with a 60hz screen on any shooting game.
  12. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I went with laptop #2. You guys aren't the only ones who've told me to go with a desktop for better performance and smart spending. Problem is my old laptop shit the bed and I needed a new one regardless. I'm not looking for a world beater. I did my rsearch as far as games go and at ultra settings games like gta 5 hit 30-40fps on it and apparently I can add an extra 8gb of ram if I need it. Personally graphics aren't shit so I don't mind tuning down the bells and whistles. For someone who just wants to dabble around and see if PC gaming is all that with a few friends, I think I'll be okay at entry level. And of course @MACK IS GOD is on point with the mobile porn hot spot benefits.
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  13. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    You will be fine and it will play the games your looking into with little problem. Plus you get a mobile spank machine.
  14. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    i'm gonna need one of these soon too. Would like to spend sub $750 and don't matter if used. Need 3 USB ports (2.0+) At least a card to run all the best games and memory for days. Is it achievable? Oh head mini and regular HDMI and ethernet. Bluetooth built in. I picked up a laptop that had all that sub $600 10 years ago. Achievable in 17" monitor?
  15. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    Looking back the only mistake I made with my purchase was the gtx 960m graphics card. I wouldn't recommend anything under it that's for sure. To get anything better tho you will have to spend more... a lot more, at least new. Do you really want someones jizzy keyboard btw? Maybe the extra $200 or so would of been worth it in hindsight for an upgrade on the gfx card. Probally not. Totally don't settle for less tho.

    Laptop gaming is hit or miss I've learned. For me I'm running most games on low - medium settings. No complaints 90% of the time. I really haven't had any issues on anything outside of battlegrounds which runs god awful but its cuz h1z1 runs flawless.

    Overall I'm very happy with my choice. I wanted something to run those unique games that don't hit console. Regular performance is outstanding with this laptop. Superb tbh. If you're looking at mine in particular it doesn't have a thirs USB port and I could be wrong I haven't seen an ethernet port which means my socom days might be officially ended. Edit, it has an ethernet!
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  16. Eagle_F15

    Eagle_F15 Fish Market Janitor

    I love my laptop, first PC gaming machine! Thanks to HHOUR I dived into PC gaming, amazing how it opened my eyes to a whole new gaming world! Even though HHOUR hasnt lived up to the hype, im glad I tried!

    With that said, I will never buy a laptop for PC gaming again, lol! I desperately want a desktop for PC gaming. My laptop let's me test the waters but can not be competitive. Yes there are better laptops for performance but after this short journey into PC gaming and the little I have learned from it and others, desktop is the way to go! I'm trying to invest, soon lol!

    Good to see Socomers give PC a try and dive into the banks to experience the PC world of gaming because I am surely glad I did. The experience you gain not just from playing games, but development as well, is priceless!

    Have you played PUBG, Metro, Squad, Insurgency to name a few? So many great games and you can get them at great prices too!!

    Add me brotha, Eagle_F15_
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  17. PRE_-CISION-_

    PRE_-CISION-_ Banned for jumping on the mattress

    I have played PUBG however it can't run that well on my laptop. I hit about 30-60fps but on very low settings with extra tweaks in the config file. It looks like a PS1 game but it runs. I got my first win last night actually despite all odds being against me LOL. I am hoping they optimize more and I get lucky because the game is awesome.

    Some other games I've dabbled into without framerate issues are...
    - H1Z1 King of the Kill
    - Insurgency & Day of Infamy
    - Verdun
    - Counter Strike Global Offensive (still trying to learn the shooting mechanics)
    - GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (holy fuck google this mod)
    - Fishing Planet
    - Left for Dead 2
    - The Forest / Rust / Minecraft / Terraria
    - Americas Army Proving Grounds

    I like PC gaming but I am not going to build a rig for it until the next console cycle if I do. The games that are multi-platform I rather play on my PS4/Xbox any day of the week. I don't enjoy sitting at a desk, table, or whatever all too much wiggling around my hand. Aiming is still a bitch for me as well but I am getting better gradually. I also am surprised by how toxic the PC community is. Any game with a mic you hear the N word thrown around by grown ass adults like crazy. I really can't stand voice chat on pc.

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