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  1. dizee

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    does that one you have cook evenly and how many years have you had it and has it started to rust yet?

    those are the 2 most important things im looking for. I know weber grills last a long time but they are really expensive.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Here's my setup.

    my grill.jpg

    I like having the fridge out there to keep the ketchup nice and cold for when we make hotdogs.......
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  3. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    I've had it for two years, and I also bought the corresponding grill cover. The cover is fantastic adn stands up great to Midwest weather.

    The good thing about this grill is that the bottom can easily be slid out, removed and scraped, which should help with the rusting. I know two years is too little of a timeframe to tell you it doesn't rust, but I use this grill A LOT (5 days a week / 3 days in a Chicago winter), and it has been very reliable so far.

    EDIT: Missed answering a question. Yes, mine cooks evenly front to back and consistently gets up to 650 degrees two years later....
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    Yeah I'm not a grilling master by any means. My work buddies swear by them, so I wanted to try them cast grates. I can't honestly say that the taste or sear is any huge difference for me personally. I will say though that once properly seasoned. They seem like they could last forever. Compared to the shitty stainless I've had in the past.

    I've tried the infrared grates and hated them. Never tried porcelain grates. I'm in the upper Midwest and the brutal weather can chew up grills in no time.

    So far the 3 years with this grill. It's the best one I've ever had. Only issue I've had is it being flipped by high winds on several occasions, and that grill is heavy. Finally remedied that by putting to heavy cinder blocks in the bottom.
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    The one Jung posted was pretty unassuming for less than a couple hundo. Not bad, actually.

    My "Sunbeam" still kicking and I cant bring myself to replace it (just keep replacing them shitty stainless racks and replace the universal burner every other year or so) I am also up in the Midwest and it makes me smile knowing the rest of you fools cook like I do outside in the snow like REAL men.

    I'm gonna consider the upgrade and also jumping into charcoal at some point. I saw that "snake" style briquette smoke thingy before and wanted to try that too.

    Sorry, but that "MRE style" or "Cauliflower cheese in a bag" over boiling water and gastro joints had me rolling.

    No doubt tasty and juicy though. Just funny is all. And that dropping it into a hot spring would be bad muthafucking ass. Make a video of it all "Game to table" style using that with a fresh kill please! Pretty please with the shot cam kill in there too! I'm telling ya, condense to 5 min and I'd hit it...
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    @dizee, brought to you by myself and the DynaGlo 3 burner I linked you to. Double cut chop, grilled corn and a pepper and onion mixture I do:

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