Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta sign-up

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Smokey_Run, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Well they got a three week window so I imagine we will be getting it soon. Some folks got to play it already as their systems updated the closed beta with the extra content apparently. If you still have the closed, don't delete it. It will update and you'll be good to go is the word on the streets.

    Now who got that timeline?
  2. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Gonna assume it will be the weekend before launch like For Honor.
  3. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I heard grumblings of the 24th, we shall see.
  4. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    You were right. 23-27th.
  5. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Still sort of surprised they didn't take advantage of the holiday, but looks like they went Thursday to Monday morning again. I'm glad I kept my download and am looking forward to finishing the missions this time versus screwing around.

    And if "Vehicle controls" is the worst so far, I am pretty damn happy about it. Co-op gonna be a ton of fun, but may get old...Still interested in the PvP.
  6. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    I cooled off on the game quite a bit after playing it. Too many little things that bug the shit out of me. More or less a budget title in the summer when others in my crew are looking for something to do. Right now we're all gonna be busy with Horizon and Mass Effect and other stuff.
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  7. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    Open beta is up for download on PS4 store. About 22gb.
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  8. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Yeah I was kinda upset seeing it re-download completely when the dev said it would just update the closed.

    Oh well, it did download on it's own though a day or two ago and so that feature worked...
    I sort of have too, but there isn't anything I will be playing over the next couple months unless I stumble across something. Since a couple of my good buddies went in with For Honor, I am pretty much alone on this one for a bit.

    Which is fine.

    It's cool though, still plenty of screwing around and laughing how dumb their A.I. is. Pretty sure you can't fix stupid in any amount of time when it comes to these computer controlled teammates, but at least they can walk through a soccer field undetected by at least a dozen mercs guarding a helo. So there is that...

    Edit: Just realized I didn't even pick up on the fact today is Thursday and the first day we can play it. JESUS I need to get more sleep during the week when going out on these SOCrack benders. Also just demonstrated my level of excitement for it despite actually wanting to give it another legitimate go around to play the missions. Not the best sign, but I am a casual so you'd expect that.
  9. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Wait, you have to re-download it even if you hung onto the closed beta? Fuck that.

    As for the the reply to me, I've got Horizon in a couple days, Mass Effect in month, and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion (which is the size of other games) to fill my time. Plus if Destiny does right by their Spring Update, that'll give me a couple things to do for a week or two.
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  10. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    i like the tactical elements of the game. the problem is the coop is generic and so is the open world. i almost fell asleep playing the beta tonight with friends, same thing that happened during the division.

    this is a pass for me.
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  11. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    Was gonna try this but the reviews are shit.
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  12. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    I downloaded the Beta thinking it'll have PvP and it does not, so I'll be deleting it.
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  13. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    What is different about the Division and Wild lands?
  14. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    the division is a grind fest and reminds me of destiny
    wild lands reminds me of a gta/far cry hybrid.

    oh and 7 magazines = a kill of the division where 2-3 rounds = a kill on wild lands.
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  15. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Division was good and Wildlands is ass.
  16. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    That right there is what really turned me off about the division
  17. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    The Division was a looter shooter. Don't understand why people expected different.
  18. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    I would have tried but their last game I played (Future Soldier) turned into a fagfest after about a week, once everyone could see through walls and the drones with grenade launchers started showing up. Not gonna waste my time if the reviews are already garbage. Tired of shitty game developers... In other news I just got Sniper Elite 4 and i'm gonna rock some coop campaign mode. In this case the last game of theirs I played was good and it has very positive reviews.


    Me and Ski played a pretty decently long session last night, and... well, this game tries hard to fail sometimes. There are enjoyable elements, and definitely some concepts I want to see expanded upon, but the fear that they won't is what's going to keep me from buying this game at full price. As far as co-op goes, it's got its moments, but the game always seems either way too easy or prone to fucking you around with random bouts of enemy omnipotence.

    In order to plug my channel and make dat PewDiePie money BigFry bucks, I'll post up my video of the session shortly, and I plan on doing a short impressions video after the beta concludes.

    EDIT: Here's the first

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  20. neilp4453

    neilp4453 Navy SEAL

    I got the open beta installed yesterday and played part of the first mission. The single player isn't my cup of tea but 4-player co-op might be interesting.

    I was really intrigued by the gameplay so I had to check it out myself. For an OTS shooter, it isn't too bad. The hip-fire seems lacking, ADS is boring, but the OTS zoom is fun. I'd like to see how PvP might work..but the character movement seems too goofy...but who knows, I only played around with it for 10-15 minutes.

    At this point, I'm going to tag it as a Far Cry experience. A lot of promotion early on and then nothing. I'm still not sure what to expect from this game. A single player experience with co-op, a faster The Division type mmo, or focus on multiplayer aspects. What type of fans are they after here?
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