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    This game, much like the SP, pretty much demands that you have a squad of 4 friends to enjoy it. Siege, I can have some fun with by myself, but I don't think that'll happen here.

    The amount of teamwork required is impressive. Pacing wise, it reminds me of TLoU: Factions. Shooting is kind of awkward, and movement encourages medium to long-range engagements from what I've seen. Players have a fairly high HP, and generally take a few bullets to go down, but headshots are impactful. The beta's weapon selection is sparse, and most guns feel inaccurate to me. The ACR and the G28 are solid weapons, at least.

    Drones are very important in-game. The Scout's drone spots from way too far away, and on top of that, has too long a range. Marking enemies lasts way too long, and I don't think there's any cooldown on it. The mortar drone telegraphs its impact zone to the enemy, making it almost solely useful for flushing enemies out rather than kills. Thankfully, only two of the unlockable classes have drones, but the Recruit class also has one, meaning all four players could potentially have drones, albeit at a disadvantage.

    The beta currently has games set as best-of-3. Rounds can potentially last 8 minutes. I personally wish there were 5 or 7 rounds with a shorter round timer, but the match length is still fine.

    Map design so far seems kind of homogenous. Most maps have a single, small village or outpost, and large stretches of forest or desert surrounding it. There are 5 maps from what I've heard, and I've only played 3 or 4. I got to play Lumber Mill about 5 times in a row. The maps are okay, but I hope for some more urban settings, as well as maps in larger complexes like the mortar base or training camp in Montuyoc, or the mine for that matter. Perhaps the mansion in La Cruz? Oh, and the oil refinery in Koani.

    I haven't played enough for a full verdict, but I am optimistic that the game will be fairly fun with a good team.
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    This does have a last of us feel to it in the sense it's very cat and mouse style. You bait, you kill and you swarm or it's a revive and reset the chessboard. The games are identical in that regard.

    Right now the biggest issue is map design. On a game like TLOU you have true medium engagements and sightlines. Once you bait and kill the swarming part can be rapid. Maybe they get the revive off but now it's a showdown for both sides to end it. Here? It's extreme distance enagements. The swarming is slow and the result is an easy and frequent chessboard reset without much risk or worry.

    The classes play fine to my surprise and everything I knit picked earlier was essentially wrong. I judged the book by its cover incorrectly. Maps are too big, classes make sense, spotting mechanics are needed and the stupid stuff like air strikes fits in.

    Instead after playing I found an extreme hate for the controls and again the map design ruins everything from taking that next step.

    If you didn't like or understand TLOU you won't like this. I don't know if or how competitive this can be long term but it had potential. It's not SOCOM or even my favorite round based shooter on PS4 but it's a pretty good option
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    I played, and liked it. As i was spotting enemies in the brush, calling out their position to my team while taking pop shots at them. It honestly feels like rb6s with 3rd person view and outdoor setting. Which i always wanted from rb6s. Been waiting since the release of the main game to play pvp. But steam charts show only 323 players MAX currently.. maybe it's higher for ps4 and xb1? Pretty low and sad number. When i played last night there were only 45-50 people online :/
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    I'm hoping the low numbers are cause this shit was advertised terribly. I was just looking through ps store and got lucky I found it. There was only like 123 people on the PS4 last night. It is possible that they waited to long to release it though.
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    Yeah it did take way too long and was advertised terribly. I literally googled for updates on pvp mode weekly since game release lmaooo and i dont even own the base game! I cant get into co op stuff at all.
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    Yeah I don't own the game either. I looked it up a couple times a month to see when the pvp would release. I'll buy it when ghost war releases. Twitch doesn't help either cause most people probably think there just streaming the campain
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    Still crossing fingers and hoping for a few more changes, additions and options! :)
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    I wonder where theyre getting their beta feedback from. Are there forums? Hopefully theres some mature minds giving feedback. Not 12 year olds asking for faster health regen lol
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    Thankfully you can turn off the crutches (except drones) but its still Wildlands. And I agree with whomever above asked for another tick out in the view department. DOA is a but much, but I did low crawl my first match and valued life so there was that. At least until I happily laid on my own grenade up on a conveyor belt after "drone wars" began.
    Nope this is a stress test. All the info is in data sent to them. We are the sheep in this scenario.
    I didn't even find it in the "hot section" or whatever PS calls it. That was fucking odd.

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  11. Eagle_F15

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    They are listening...
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    I love the idea but i'd switch the control. In the heat of battle, you'd dump a mag simulating a tap to dump. and holding it would be more control of unloading and placing in a puch and reloading with the next mag. With that have the option to re-pick up that dumped magazine. All this and with caliber specific ammo so picking up enemy ammunition is possible.
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    I've played until 3am the last two night's. I still don't think it's the best game ever made but it's sure fun as hell and scratches my TLOU itch. We've had some amazing socom like replacements hit during the ps4 era. I'm going to buy a used copy of this game whenever the mode drops
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    ok autospot has proved extremely annoying. escially the one where you shoot and a yellow marker shows yourself. so much for stealth. also, 3 days in and still only 60 players online.
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  15. sars

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    That's how many people are searching for a game. If someone's in a game they won't show up on that counter.
  16. dtodt13

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    ok checked steam charts, 700+ playing currently


    Played some more of this last night. More feedback, mainly about classes.

    Sniper is certainly a rewarding class if your aim is on. The MSR pretty well kills everyone in one hit except for the Tank, who I'll get to later. Even so, I think a headshot might still do him in. Map design definitely favors using the Sniper in most rounds from what I can see. There is no crosshair when unscoped, which pretty well fucked up my occasional attempts at a panic noscope. I like it that way, to be honest, but I can see why it would be annoying to some. Should mention, this class will obliterate enemy drones before they can do diddly dick if you're quick. The bullet magnetism when aiming at drones is extreme, allowing for easy destruction.

    Tank has +115% health, which is fucking crazy to me. Paired with Athletic Sprinter, Tank could potentially be a monster rusher class, especially when more weapons become available. The current weapon, the Stoner LMG, is wildly innacurate in OTS view, but improves significantly in FPV. Still, it kicks like a mule, so you'd better be in close or have the drop on them. The Tank's active ability allows you to instantly unmark your teammates, at the cost of you being marked yourself. Think of the Aggro system from the Army of Two games, almost. I have yet to find a use for it, but it sounds okay on paper?

    Pointman is similar to Tank, but with only +20% health. However, the ACR is a much more accurate and deadly weapon, at longer ranges especially. Safety First, the Assault perk that automatically highlights enemy traps or devices within 20 feet, or metres, I don't remember, seems situational to me compared to Sprinter. Also, this class, and I believe the Tank as well, are immune to the effects of flashbangs. Keep in mind. I think running both a Pointman and a Tank would be a dynamic duo for rushing, but it remains to be seen.

    Enforcer, to me, seems like it might just be a shitty version of the Tank. His LMG is even more inaccurate, in my hands at least, and he has standard health, no stun immunity. However, he is part of the Marksman tree alongside the Sniper (I dunno why, I couldn't hit my ass with both hands using this class) and has access to the Severe Wounds perk, which increases the revival timer of all enemies you down by 5 seconds. I could see this being pretty useful if you manage to stay within close range of your kills. I think the Enforcer also suppresses enemies faster, which reduces their accuracy and blurs their vision.

    Artillery and Scout both are drone-centric classes with SMGs, and I covered my first impressions on drones earlier. Despite their range, a well-hidden team can certainly avoid detection from drones in the outer hills of most maps. I suggest waiting until a minute or two into the round when they've presumably moved into the hotspot of the map, especially if playing Artillery.

    The Mortar Drone, as I stated earlier, telegraphs its impact a moment beforehand, allowing players to attempt to dodge. It seems to take about three mortar hits to kill a player at full health, which I think may need to be buffed later on to make this class viable. Cooldown is quite long, which is good, because I don't want drone guys to be holed up in the hills the whole match churning out drones like clockwork. I didn't really play much Scout yet, so no real info on that, sorry.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, since automarking came up in this thread, I will weigh in with my highly important opinion. I personally screwed my own shot up once or twice by marking a player before I was ready to take said shot. I'll have to learn to aim slightly off-kilter until 'm settled in, perhaps. I did notice quite a few times where I was marked, rushed to cover, looked around for a drone, and found nothing. I concluded that either they deactivated the drone right afterwards, or an enemy marked me without shooting me, accidental or otherwise. I can imagine this screwing people over a fair bit early into the game's lifespan, so I would prefer a TLoU-style mark where you click in R3 to manually spot. Or R1, or whatever, doesn't matter to me. While we're at it, let's go ahead and shorten the spot a fair bit. You could even toss buffs to Marksman/Drone classes by having their spots last a touch longer or something.
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    On sale on uplay for $30 right now
  19. Ditch

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    Every time I try to register for their forms it says invalid parameters before I can enter anything

    I would ask them to give us a mode where we have the option to turn off tagging grenade icon and blast radius icons and drones holy shit I dodge more droneS than bullets, also a classless mode where you can pick whatever weapon you want
  20. dtodt13

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    yup seen that, might have to get it. i had a bootleg of the base game but the multiplayer turns out to be pretty fun. i just want to wait and see what the player count will be like.

    so is the pvp launched offically now? i cant really find anything on it. beta is closed.
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