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    Tense is the perfect word.

    Nice find.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

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    If there was any era to be stuck in it would be the early-mid 2000's for online gaming for me. Everything under the sun was out then. Star Wars Battlefront, Madden, NBA/NFL Street, Battlefield Modern Combat, Delta Force, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Timesplitters and of course SOCOM. That era in gaming will never be matched again.
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    Could this simply be lack of exposure though? Looking at my personal experience, I've simply lost the time to enjoy games, read gaming magazine, and websites leaves me not knowing certain games out there exist.

    There was a video game on the PS2 called Summoner that i fkin loved and missed. On a random black Friday, I purchased Dragon Age on a complete whim. Never heard anything about it and all of a sudden the memories of Summoner rushed back. The combat system, story, and structure were completely different but I enjoyed the small similarities for what it was and got sucked into the series to where I own the novels.

    I was a big fan of MGS but never purchased MGS5. I never had the time to follow the hype train on that game or see any E3 videos during the promotion of that game. It was a completely different experience to MGS4 where I spent all sorts of hours on it's online component. I even have the Ga-Ko limited production run clock from the game! not my video but that's what it is.

    Could you simply be out of touch with the video games out there? Same goes for music trends. There's a whole group of kids that love these younger singer/song writers or performs that make us think "why?" Maybe we're just out of touch.
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    Not bad, coming from Vice.
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