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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by SkiMask, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. SkiMask

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    Anyone hyped for this at all? I played the absolute fuck ton out of 5 and I am not sure I have it in me to go another round with this series. Seems they are finally adding in a decent MP experience, but I am afraid it might be too late? This might be the last game I purchase on the PS4. What a total flop of a generation in my opinion.

    See them tracks are still lifeless as ever. Gorgeous, but lifeless all the same. I wonder if they still put in the paper people?

    BUT, you cannot argue the amount of extras they tucked in from 5 and 6. Although, I wish it was all in there 5 years ago. Looks like Poly finally got a decent amount of space to work with, but I bet they wanted another TB worth...
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  2. XtErmin8

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    I will be getting this. Got my wheel setup already to go. I told a friend of mine the same thing the other day about being disappointed with the console gen, and that GT Sport and BF1 would probably be the last games I buy on PS4 and stick to PC going forward. If you don't have a PC, take a look at Assetto Corsa when it drops for PS4 also.
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    Yeah my kid is over the moon with Hot Wheels right now and he is 3 so I am pretty sure I will have to get it. He picks out cool ones when we drive about the city. "Hey Dad, there goes a GTR!" which is pretty awesome that he not only SAW one before me, but was able to pick it out casually and say that all nonchalantly.

    Yeah, I will be getting this.

    Thanks for the mention of Assetto Corsa. Haven't heard one thing about it, but when I sought it out, it looked dope.

    Thrustmaster make a good wheel? What would some of you recommend for a mid-priced wheel with pedals? Something that can be stuck on a table and can stay competitive at the lowest price would be what I'm in to.
  4. Animal-_-

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    Finally a fucking livery editor!

    It looks great as GT always does but the the lack of cars and tracks at release is worrisome when compared to other games in the series. For a full priced game they'd better have a solid plan to release new cars and tracks in a fairly quick manner and I don't want to see the same old bullshit of 10 different versions of the MX-5 or GT-R so they can claim some big number of useless rides I'll never drive. And no minivans or other cars no one would ever put on a race track either. I need to see 140 unique, modern cars that most people would actually want to drive fast, and that number needs to consistently grow. Also, the absence of the other mechanical upgrade and tuning features in the trailer is troubling. Those are a staple of any decent racing sim IMO, and I would hope they're on par with the other games in the franchise. There's only so much you can fit into a few minutes of video so maybe they'll talk about that later.

    The $60 price tag is also suspect because Polyphony has released these scaled down type of games before a full GT game several times now and if they expect people to pay full price for GT Sport only to stop supporting it in a year or so when they announce GT7 there's gonna be a lot of salty fans, and this franchise needs to step it up a notch because it's been getting quite stale over the last couple games while it's competitors has been consistently improving by leaps and bounds. I'm not paying $60 for this and then paying another $60 in a year and a half for what, if history tells us anything, will be another game with the same exact physics and graphics with just a few more tracks and a whole lot more cars (most of which will be filler garbage).

    I like how it looks and some of the new features seem really great (we've been screaming at them for a livery editor for fucking ever now), and GT almost always has the physics down solid. Their plan to support this game in the long term beyond being a glorified demo for GT7 will be the deciding factor for me personally.
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  5. XtErmin8

    XtErmin8 Rah-he-lah!

    I own the Thrusmaster T150 (their mid-tier wheel) and I love it. My prior wheel was the old Logitech Driving Force Pro from PS2 lol. I ended up getting the Thrustmaster TPA pedals and the TH8A shifter. I was going to buy the T300, but I convinced myself not to spend that much on a wheel. My wife surprised me, when I came home from work, with a wheel stand that she built. I was like a kid all over again lol.

    Onto Assetto Corsa, it's a true sim, and is one of the most popular PC racing sims to date. Check out It's my go to for information on racing games and hardware. You'll be able to find reviews on the various wheels to help you with your decision on what to get.
  6. SkiMask

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    Really appreciate it man. I forgot about GTPlanet since I stepped away from GT a few years ago. Will head back there and dive in to them reviews come fall. Might even just start a $20 a week fund to save for something special. Been finding success with that savings method. Started doing that when I quit smoking cigarettes a few years ago. Works great.

    You'd be surprised what you can save when you just physically set SOMETHING aside weekly and watch it stack.
  7. Laziness

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    The best part of GT will be the huge tournaments and things of that nature that SONY and the FIA are going to put on, and that's the only reason and time I'll play it. With Assetto Corsa coming to PS4, GT is just too late.

    GT will not even come close to AC, which is pretty much the best sim out there right now short of iRacing. Definitely buy Assetto Corsa when it comes out if you liked GT.

    GT still sounds like absolute garbage and its pathetic that after all of these years they still think the sound of someone vacuuming a room could be acceptable for a race car.

    Dude, the first day I got my T300 I felt the exact same way. Racing around in PCars laughing and giggling like a madman. SO MUCH FUN!
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  8. Animal-_-

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    Delayed until next year.
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  9. SkiMask

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    Shucks. When you go to the comments there are several things that I never heard like "Trinity" and "Please add career mode" so I guess it is probably for the best?

    The no details response:
    Posted by Kazunori Yamauchi on Aug 30, 2016 // Founder of Polyphony Digital, Creator of Gran Turismo

    "Hello GT Community — I am sharing some news today that we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of Gran Turismo Sport to 2017. GT Sport is Polyphony’s foremost competitive gaming title, with high expectations from both the fans and from within our team.

    From the start this title has been one of our most ambitious undertakings by using the latest technologies, such as physics-based rendering and sound simulations, and Scapes photo mode. In combining these features with a new Sport mode, we are offering a competitive gaming experience to truly reinvent what it means to be a racing game. We’ve been excited and humbled by the response each time that we’ve shared new gameplay with everyone.

    However, as we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, which we’ve already dedicated so much effort towards since announcing the title. We do not want to compromise the experience in any way. While we cannot confirm a new release date at this time, we are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date.

    GT Sport will continue to be shown at several gaming events around the world. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience first-hand the yet-to-be revealed cutting edge experiences that will be achieved by GT Sport.
    Thank you for all your continued support."
  10. Laziness

    Laziness Free Pizza

    Assetto Corsa is out on PS4. If you want to a racing game that's all you need. Check it out.
  11. SkiMask

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    So here we are and here I still am. Persistence paid dividends for me with access to the Closed Beta. Finally.

    Congratulations, SkiMask-!
    You've been selected for Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta. Race competitively against others online daily from
    5:00pm to 8:00pm Pacific Time
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  12. HTK

    HTK nos·tal·gia

    This is one of my most anticipated games this year. I love the GT franchise and I'm looking forward to this one. I wish I had the beta but oh well.
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  13. NumbLeg

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    Yes I will be getting this and really looking forward to it. The first Gran Turismo I played was GT5 at least that I can remember, I don't ever remember playing GT before and saw it on sale at Walmart for real cheap after I think black friday or some holiday and I asked the guy there is this new because it was so cheap, and he said yes there just left over from the sale. I played it at my friends house then saw it on sale for real cheap later on and really felt like playing it, it was a blast trying to figure out how to drift when I would see the other people drifting buy. I hate that store though and am officially done supporting it.

    So yeah I can't wait for GT Sport and am really looking forward to playing it.
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  14. SkiMask

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    They held back quite a bit and I am gonna just play it and try and not edit anything. Feel free to skip around from time to time when I post some of the stuff. Menus, stats, etc are always being looked at and you can peep that. They blocked a bunch of the info in the beginning I just saw from when I streamed. There were online events already.

    They never specified how long though and that concerns me, but also excites.

    I sort of like the "Miles Driven" for prize cars, but I bet they will also unlock the same as previous titles.

    I really want to LOVE it, but I gotta be honest, it feels arcade right now. Not sure if that's just me though. Little more life in the environments, but still that ultra-sterile tracks, and now they got guys waiving flags all over the place. Green ones, yellow ones and fuck now I am on a rant, not sure about that new "driving line" thing comprised of green arrows that don't change color. Like WTF? Wondering if they only indicate the apex of the beginning of the turn? Not sure, gonna have to check the digital manual.
    I loved 5 with the passion. The 2nd only "Collectors Edition" of anything I've ever purchased. Still have the key ring. I Unlocked every car, traded for ones I needed, and had a great experience with the ad-hoc community that banded together over at whatever "GTplanet" site they have now. I vaguely remember there being a website that tracked the cars and stuff for both Europe and US. Prolly was GTPlanet, but I think not. I think that was just the forums.
    Nerd Alert: I even ran Yahoo Widgets to grind my B-Spec while I slept and went to college.
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  15. NumbLeg

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    Yeah I don't like when people edit videos. Also they weren't even going to do a beta, I was going to sign up for the beta but didn't finish the process, also I was thinking I wouldn't be picked. I like using betas for shooters so I can make sure you can disable aim assist and that the game doesn't feel bogus on the controller like PAYDAY, Metro etc..

    I saw the green arrows also and figured it had something to do with the driving line and just researched it and it is saying it's better than a driving line because players end up driving on the line and never actually learn the track which I agree with. I always turn that stuff off though except in the tutorial obviously where it shows you the basics. I loved GT5 to and am glad that I played it and need to hook my PS3 back up to play it again.

    That key ring isn't worn out that's just the back right? I remember going on GTPlanet when I was trying to learn more about the game with settings on the vehicle and such. The first thing I was trying to learn after the basics obviously was drifting, I just couldn't figure out how they were swinging it sideways and drifting, so I asked some players in the game lobby and learned I had the wrong tires on for it and that made a huge difference. It was fun learning and finally getting it then joining in on actual races drift races and non drift races which were really tense and winning. I can't wait for GT Sport.

    That Yahoo widget thing I researched and that is crazy stuff.
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  16. SkiMask

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    I loved that you got into the online like that and busted out that swang. My buds always did funky stuff like that and I was always on that collectors grind and of course, fully customizing and upgrading all 1018 whatevers and never even learned the tire thing. Amazing. I could only guess. I always used what's his putz's car and faked that funk.

    Yeah the key ring is that worn out as you can just barely see up close the laser engraved logo. I thought twice of taking a picture of that model car. Maybe when I get around to retrieving Organ-Donor's images off my PS3, I will take that pic.

    And I mean talk about passion and Community.
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    I completely forgot to sign up for this beta and now I feel like an idiot. Used to play a ton of GT3, fell off until GT5 and payed a few hours of that. Gotta get back in at some point.
  18. Laziness

    Laziness Free Pizza

    I'd like to see your steering inputs somewhere on the hud*, wanna know if the cars are super twitchy or if it's you slapping the sticks, would love to try it with my wheel.
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  19. SkiMask

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    Me slapping the sticks, but it was twitchy. I was super flustered i spent 30 minutes at 2am with the thing and didn't record my first run through and the first 3 races that I actually performed.

    So deflating.

    Then when I went to do it all again I didn't have that same magic. I mean, I was drafting through the bunch unscathed and shit, ultra smoove and then when I double clicked the Share button to stop, it started recording. It was one of them drop the controller moments. I tried, but said fuck it; had to be up for work in 2 hours.

    Gonna run at it again tonight. Will post it up here afterwards. @MR.BLONDE You and me Recon Ricky tonight too?
  20. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Here is a link to a live cutscene where it mashes up the car inventory with landscapes of the various. Eating lunch and will post the video after the stream and then might give it a go or two.

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